Helpful Ideas For Getting Your Life Together This Year

After the past few years that we have all collectively had it’s definitely fair to say most of us could use a bit of getting our lives in order time. And the start of the new year is a wonderful opportunity to start that process and work on getting your life together. Which is why today we are talking about these helpful ideas for getting your life together this year!

Making small changes to your life is so important which is why most of these ideas are not too huge and time consuming. Because it’s a lot of those little changes that can add up to big changes in your life.

That being said, I do recommend gradually adding these ideas to your life this year. Rather than trying to add them all at once. Because that can be overwhelming and difficult to actually stick to. I do recommend going through these ideas and picking the 1-3 that stand out to you the most and you think will make the biggest difference in your life. Then from there once you have completed those ideas you can return to the list and do another few of the ideas.

So keep reading for these helpful ideas for getting your life together this year and pick the ones that you think will really help you get your life together!

Helpful Ideas For Getting Your Life Together This Year

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Helpful Ideas For Getting Your Life Together This Year

How to get your life in order this year:

Idea 1: Create a one year plan.

First up is a simple but helpful idea for getting your life together- sit down and make a plan for what you want the next 365 days to look like. This is essential for knowing what you want the rest of your life to look like so you can make it happen.

This plan should be both inspiring and push you to better yourself while also being logical and reasonable. So that you can use it to motivate yourself while also helping to keep you in line.

Idea 2: Do a productivity increasing challenge.

Making it a mission to improve your productivity can help you accomplish so much more! Try an activity of doing a productivity challenge- here’s my 7 day productivity challenge.

Being more productive is so helpful for getting your life in order and getting more done every day.

Idea 3: Keep a time log. 

This is something to do if you feel like your days are chaotic and super unorganized.

For a few days each day keep a log of what you do every hour. Then you can use that to see where the time in your day is going. And then from there you can re-evaluate your time and how you can re-arrange your days for improved organization and productivity. 

Idea 4: Evaluate your relationships.

Taking the time to evaluate if the relationships around you are healthy and good for you is so important for getting your life together. So you can make sure that you have the best influences around you. Rather than toxic ones!

This idea can be difficult but it can honestly be life changing to start surrounding yourself with the best possible relationships.

Idea 5: Make daily to do lists. 

This is the best way to ensure you know what tasks need to be done that day. And you can use this list for helping you organize the other parts of your day. In general I really recommend the importance of using a daily to do list. If you have ever read this site before you have probably heard me talk about the importance of daily to do lists before but that is because they are so helpful for getting your life together! Definitely something to start doing this year.

Idea 6: Use a planner

If you have been on here before you probably heard me talk before about the importance of using a planner many times!

Planners keep your whole life organized. I recommend having one at work and one for your home life if you find that just one gets too filled up.

If you have a planner but don’t use it every week like you need to do to stay organized then take a look at this 5 Reasons Your Planner Isn’t Working and figure out why and then follow the steps for what to do to start using it.

If you don’t currently have a planner I recommend checking out the Erin Condren Life Planner!

Idea 7: Start your day with a task.

Starting your day with a task that needs to get done can set your whole day up for organization and productivity.

You set the mood for the day and you can use that “just woke up” energy to help you get more done.

I also recommend setting up an organized morning routine as part of this habit. Here is a list of 13 ideas for organized morning routines.

Idea 8: Find a stress coping mechanism that works for you.

Everyone gets stressed out! But taking the time to find stress coping mechanisms that work for you is so essential for becoming the most amazing version of yourself. This is so helpful for helping you have a better life overall.

Idea 9: Try a new time management system.

This activity is so helpful! When you find a time management system that works the best for you then you will be able to get more done.

I have a post linked here talking about 9 ideas for time management systems to try!

Idea 10: Do a self confidence boosting challenge.

This is an awesome way to work on becoming more confident. I have a 25 day confidence challenge that you can follow here.

And boost confidence can help you be in the right mindset to start improving yourself and making your best life happen!

Idea 11: Learn to stop multitasking.

Multitasking decreases productivity and increases errors in whatever you are working on.

You aren’t actually multitasking. Your brain is just rapidly switching between two tasks which actually means there is down time. Ultimately it will take you more time to complete each task in total if you are multitasking compared to doing one task at a time. 

It will also keep you way more organized because you are fully finishing a task and never have confusion on what the task is.

Idea 12: Start keeping a habit journal.

Habit journals are one of the best ways to help you form new positive habits. Here is one of my favorite and simple habit journals! Tracking your habits helps you actually form the habits so you can start improving yourself.

Idea 13: Start waking up earlier in the morning.

Waking up early in the morning helps you be more productive and get more done. I have some tips for waking up earlier that you can read here!

Idea 14: Start planning your days in the morning.

Using a daily planner and planning out your days is so important for bettering your life. Having more successful days definitely means planning them out. So building this idea into your life is so important for having those more successful days!

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and love it so much for staying organized and productive

Idea 15: Start writing in a journal.

Journaling is a fantastic but still simple idea to start implementing into your life. It really helps you start to get in touch with your inner thoughts and emotions!

Get a journal (like this one from Target) and start following some prompts that are relevant to your life. Here are a few journal prompt lists that I have:

Idea 16: Make time for hobbies and interests.

Making time for your hobbies and interests is such definitely one of the most helpful ideas for a better and therefore successful life. It is a habit that you will be thankful you started!

When you commit time in your life to your hobbies, interests, and passions you will feel like you are in control of your life. Which can lead to an increased level of happiness in your life.

I know that you probably have a very busy life and struggle to make time for your hobbies so I have a whole guide on how to do this here: How To Make More Time For The Things You Love.


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