52 Journal Prompts For College Students

Journaling as a college student is a very underrated way to manage your stress and stay mindful when in college. But thinking of prompts that are the best for you can be difficult! So I am sharing a big list of 52 Journal Prompts For College Students.

I would also say most of these prompts would work really well for any young adults who want to work on journaling more often (or starting!).

So if you are interested in learning about what journal prompts for college students I recommend then keep reading! Also, check out my YouTube channel here for more tips and tricks for living your best life!

52 Journal Prompts For College Students

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52 Journal Prompts For College Students

  1. Where would you love to see yourself after college?
  2. When do you feel the most confident?
  3. What parts of college have you enjoyed the most?
  4. What was the biggest lesson you learned in high school?
  5. List things you wish you knew before your first day of college?
  6. What stress management techniques do you currently use?
  7. Talk about what are your favorite and least favorite classes so far?
  8. What is a goal you didn’t achieve?
  9. Who inspires you the most?
  10. What would you tell a college freshman who is scared about college?
  11. Are there any areas of your life stressing you out?
  12. What things are the most motivating to you?
  13. What part of college still scares you?
  14. How have you grown as a person since starting college?
  15. Do you use screen time to improve yourself?
  16. List out some bad habits you would like to break.
  17. Talk about your work ethic and any changes you want to work on.
  18. How do you spend your spare time?
  19. What would you classify as a productive day for a college student?
  20. What do you want to be your legacy?
  21. How are you doing self care while in college?
  22. What is your favorite relationships you have formed so far?
  23. Who do you admire in your career field?
  24. What parts of yourself are the most interesting?
  25. What made you truly decide on your major?
  26. Where do I see myself in 10 years from now?
  27. What activity makes you the happiest?
  28. Create a bucket list for the rest of this year.
  29. What things are you the most grateful?
  30. What things can I do outside of coursework to improve my career?
  31. How can I start to prioritize my mental health?
  32. How can I manage my money better?
  33. Use 10 words to describe yourself.
  34. What daily routines can I improve? and how?
  35. How do I define success in my life?
  36. Am I happy with my college experience so far?
  37. What are my current short term goals?
  38. How do I feel about the direction my life is going?
  39. What things would I like to do more of in college?
  40. What will I do this semester to get closer to my dreams?
  41. Which career would I want if money wasn’t an object?
  42. How to I speak about myself to myself?
  43. How can I get out of my comfort zone this year?
  44. What am I willing to sacrifice after college for my career?
  45. What unique trait do I admire the most about myself?
  46. How do I cope when things go wrong?
  47. If I could teach a skill to others what would it be?
  48. What is my favorite things to talk about?
  49. What things make me feel the most useful?
  50. List out things I see in others lives that I want for my own.
  51. If I were fearless for one day what would I try?
  52. What is the most important lesson I have learned recently?

Journaling in college is a great way to stay in touch with your emotions, thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and keep an eye on your mental health.

With so many great benefits I do hope you will consider starting a journey of daily journaling to help you stay in a better mental state! If you have any questions for me or tips for others make sure to share them in the comment section!


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