Learn How To Get Up Early Every Day

It’s been proven over and over that getting up earlier in the morning is better all around for you. Which is why today I am sharing about how to learn to get up early every day. So that you can experience all of the benefits of becoming an early riser. And maybe in the process you will even find yourself learning to become a morning person!

I’m being very serious that there is a lot of benefits of waking up early in the morning! Here are just a couple of the most important benefits to getting up early in the morning:

It’s healthier for your body.

It leads to more productive days.

It’s great for mental health.

Waking up earlier also allows you to really take control of the time in your day and help accomplish your goals. Starting your day on the right note is so important for a successful day and getting up and right out of bed bright and early is vital to that routine…

…But it probably doesn’t sound all that appealing, or easy. And it really isn’t but it is so absolutely possible for everyone. Which is why I am breaking down the 5 important keys to learning how to wake up early every day.

Learn To Get Up Early Every Day! Benefits of waking up earlier in the morning.

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Learn How To Get Up Early Every Day

{ How to start waking up earlier }

1. Consistency

Your body will not understand what you are trying if you only work towards getting up early 4-5 days a week.

Just like training your body to perform any other act, training it to become a natural feeling to get up early you need to perform the act over and over. You really need to practice consistency to accomplish this goal of waking up earlier.

And yes that includes waking up early on the weekend! It’s not fun but if you really want to learn how to get up early you have to commit to it on the weekend too.

Consistency breaks down to 2 parts- when you get up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night.

When you get upthe time needs to be within a 30 minute window every day. So for your days off of work or school if you wanted to “sleep in” 30 extra minutes that’s fine but the more consistent the easier and quicker it’ll be for your body to adjust. I wake up between 5:45am-6:15am every day and at this point I wake up by 6:15am even without an alarm!

When you go to sleep– to get consistent hours of sleep you also have to be consistent about when you go to bed. I consider a 1 hour window perfectly fine but the smaller the window you can realistically achieve the better. For me I go to bed between 10:30pm-11:00pm every night unless there are unique circumstances.

Remember that…

guide to waking up earlier

2) Never snooze

Alarms are super important for training your body to wake up early.

But the big, tempting SNOOZE button can hurt this process.

You have to practice self-discipline and know that by snoozing the alarm you are hurting this process. If you are an alarm on the phone person than it is even more tempting and easy for you so if you can’t get past that easy snooze button then I recommend getting an actual alarm clock and putting it across the room.

By putting a physical alarm clock across the room you force yourself to get out of bed to turn the annoying beeping or ringing off.

I’ll be honest- you will hate it at first but it will help train your body to get up as soon as the alarm goes off.

Eventually your body will start to set “natural alarms” and waking up will become increasingly easy and you will start to feel all of the awesome benefits of waking up earlier.

3) Wake up your body

Your brain might be woke up by the BEEP BEEP BEEP in your ear but your body won’t be.

You need to wake your body up as part of learning to wake up earlier. The best way to do this is light stretching or light yoga. This doesn’t need to be a full yoga session! And if you’re someone who really doesn’t like yoga that is totally fine! Just take 5 minutes to stretch out your muscles and get the blood flowing.

Wake up and stretch

Get yourself a fun yoga mat that makes you happy and just take those 5 minutes to stretch out or do some “wake me up” yoga moves.

If you absolutely do not want to /don’t like stretching then take a lap around your home while your coffee is brewing or even better take the dog on a quick 10 minute walk.

Anything that gets your body moving will quickly snap your body awake and make your productivity time window start a lot earlier.

4) Remember your motivation

This sounds obvious but it’s so important when you roll over and see your alarm going off at 5:45am to remember why you’re doing this. To remember that you have goals that you are trying to achieve.

Whether those are health goals, career goals, academic goals, parental goals, WHATEVER is motivating you to read this article right now. That goal is what you need to have in mind to truly motivate yourself to keep pushing towards success.

On those extra tough mornings where you really just want to throw the alarm clock across the room say your motivation out loud. Repeat it over and over if necessary. But remember WHY you are getting up early and WHY you are using this increased time is so important for succeeding at training your body for these early mornings.

motivation to get up earlier

5) Hydration & Caffine-ation

Water helps with basically everything physical including your sleep. Staying hydrated can help keep your body asleep during the night and keep you more awake during the morning.

There are definitely people way healthier than me that cringe at this part- but coffee helps!

A big part of this is to have easily accessible caffeine in the morning. Either a coffee maker in your kitchen of a couple bottles of cold-brew that you can start consuming within 10-15 minutes of waking up will not only help you become more alert for the day but it also helps keep you sane when you see some early times come across your alarm screen. Find a cute coffee (or tea) mug for these early mornings that will put you in a good mood right away.

Remember that learning how to wake up early is all about balance just like every other area of self improvement!

coffee morning get up early

I know that figuring out how to get up early every day isn’t always fun! But sticking to it can really benefit your life and maybe even help you become a morning person!

Be patient with yourself- any area of self development and improvement takes time and there can be slip ups. But just remember why you are wanting to get up early and what the benefits to you are!


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