75 Self Improvement Journal Prompts: how journaling leads to self improvement.

Self improvement is a journey not a destination. It is something that you focus on and work towards constantly in your life and you can always grow and improve no matter your age or stage in life. So we are going to talk about how journaling leads to self improvement and then the 75 self improvement journal prompts.

Working on improving yourself so that you can live a happier life and work towards your goals and dreams.

So how does journaling help improve yourself?

  • Journaling helps to organize your thoughts.
  • Journaling gets your brain working and getting creative which can lead to new ideas.
  • Journaling can help you visualize your dreams.
  • Journaling can reduce your stress and anxiety.
75 self improvement journal prompts. The ultimate guide to how journaling leads to self improvement.
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If you are just starting to journal then I do recommend getting a journal that will hold up like this one and pens that won’t bleed through like these!

Having the right supplies is definitely important for successfully continuing to journal and enjoying it.

 75 Self Improvement Journal Prompts:

  1. I am happiest when ____?

  2. What could I do to be healthier?

  3. What character traits do I admire the most in others?

  4. When do I feel the most confident?

  5. What 5 parts of your life would make you happy to improve?

  6. What habit do you need to stop doing?

  7. What do you need to learn to let go of?

  8. What do you want to do more of in your life?

  9. Where do I see myself in 6 months?

  10. What are some goals you did NOT achieve? 6EFBC90D-AB39-4AD9-A655-BAC1B4D194EE

  11. What parts of my life would improve/change if I was more confident?

  12. What inspires me?

  13. How can I make my life more meaningful?

  14. What is my biggest failure in life?

  15. What thing do I consider my biggest accomplishment?

  16. If I could tell my younger self one thing what would it be?

  17. Am I living my life to the absolute fullest right now?

  18. If not, what can I do to live my life to the fullest?

  19. Am I settling for less than I deserve?

  20. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 66B186C8-7194-4127-8E3B-C2292AB1EDFA

  21. What motivates me to keep going?

  22. How have I grown from past mistakes?

  23. What am I afraid of doing?

  24. What am I passionate about?

  25. What 5 things challenge me in life?

  26. How would I describe my work ethic?

  27. How do I spend my spare time?

  28. Do I use screen time to better myself? How could I if I don’t?

  29. What does my perfect day look like?

  30. Do I focus on being busy or being productive? 7DA0BADC-95F8-4CFE-95BE-55D6507E68C9

  31. What am I using my energy on?

  32. What do you want your legacy to be?

  33. How do I take care of myself?

  34. What emotions do I prioritize?

  35. What’s one thing I could improve about myself this week?

  36. What is the most interesting part of me?

  37. What does my morning routine look like?

  38. Where do I see myself in 10 years from now?

  39. If I could tell my future self one thing what would it be?

  40. How did I better myself last year?                  A25270F2-7E0A-4DA8-B9FB-F3279DA6F386

  41. What do I want to look back at this year and think?

  42. What good habits could I add to my life?

  43. What is a new skill I want to learn this year?

  44. How could I manage my money better?

  45. What could I do to further my knowledge/education this year?

  46. What does my healthiest self look like?

  47. How can I start prioritizing my mental health?

  48. If I could easily switch to a new career what would it  be?

  49. If I only had one year left to live what would I do?

  50. How do I define success in my life?       C219E6BA-3CBD-4223-BE59-CF0743D9F9A8

  51. What is a short term goal I believe I can achieve?

  52. How do I overcome daunting obstacles?

  53. What things can I start saying no to, to make myself happier?

  54. What makes someone else successful?

  55. Am I happy with the direction my life is going?

  56. How hard am I willing to work for my dreams?

  57. What am I going to do this month to get closer to my dreams?

  58. What does a day in my dream job look like?

  59. What would I do if I had unlimited money?

  60. Who is my biggest role model and why? 685F82D2-593E-418C-A5A1-2667A587393C

  61. What does my inner thoughts say about me? Do I like what they say?

  62. How do I want to feel about myself?

  63. How can I get out of my comfort zone this year?

  64. What is a unique trait that I admire about myself?

  65. What am I in control of in my life and what am I not in control of?

  66. How can I grow from my past?

  67. What are my coping strategies?

  68. What is the best thing that happened to me this week?

  69. What are of my life do I feel the best about and what are the worst?

  70. If you could teach a skill to others what would it be? 94669619-F303-4674-9076-7A0697F5AB85

  71. What is your favorite topic to talk about?

  72. If you were guaranteed success what would you do with your life?

  73. If you were fearless for one day what would you try?

  74. What is the most important lesson I have learned recently?

  75. If someone wrote a book about me how would I want to be described?

Journaling is a great way to improve yourself and get clarity on your hopes and dreams. Keep going and have fun!

If you have any questions about how journaling lead to self improvement or about these self improvement journal prompts please let me know.


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