The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

Wedding trends can get out of hand quickly. With the wedding industry trying to differentiate the trends each year they can quickly spiral out of control. But every year there are some wonderful ones that will add a fun and trendy touch to your wedding. Which is why today we are going over the best 2022 wedding trends that brides should actually consider!

Of course, if there are trends on here that you don’t love then don’t at all feel like you need to use them. And if there are trends not listed on here that you like then of course feel free to use them. Never let me or anyone else tell you what you should do with your wedding! But I found while planning my wedding for it to be helpful to read about trends because often they are new ideas that are fun and more relatable than other things online that were from previous years. So I hope this list helps give you some insight and ideas about 2022 wedding trends that you may want to incorporate into your wedding.

So let’s get into this list!

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The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

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Fun 2022 wedding ideas to check out:

Trend 1: Smaller guest lists

This is a trend that started from the 2020 weddings and is carrying into 2022 and we love it! A smaller, more personalized guest list allows you to spend more of your budget on the things you want. And to spend your wedding day with the people that mean the most to you.

This can be a challenging trend if you have a lot of involvement from other people on your guest list but if this is something important to you then stand your ground! This is your wedding day and if you want a smaller guest list filled with the people that you love then do that and you won’t regret it when you get to spend the whole day with your most loved family and friends.

Trend 2: Unique seating charts

This trend is so much fun! And it is a fantastic way to add some fun personality to your wedding and give some insight into what you and your fiancé are like as a couple. Any opportunity to personalize your wedding is definitely one that you should take!

Here are a few ideas for fun and unique seating charts to inspire you or maybe even one is what you want for your wedding:

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

Photo board seating chart – JulieHananDesign

Ceramic hand painted seating chart – BeachStudio7

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

Mirror acrylic seating chart – TheConfettiHome

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

Acrylic cube seating chart – LaceAndSage

Trend 3: Fun personal entertainment

This is one of the most fun trends I have been seeing and it is definitely one that your guests will remember!

Do you and your partner love to go to comedy clubs? Then have a comedian perform during cocktail hour. It’s a great way to keep your guests entertained while you are taking pictures. Especially if you are doing all your pictures after the ceremony!

Another idea- if you love to do crosswords get a giant interactive wedding crossword puzzle for your guests to play.

Here’s one you could get:

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

Shop it here!

But the key is to find personal entertainment that reflect you as a couple!

Trend 4: Earthy tones

A trend that will fare well over time is all of the earthy tones we are seeing in 2022 weddings.

You can incorporate this into your signs like this:

The Best 2022 Wedding Trends That Brides Should Actually Consider

RosemaryLines shop – link here!

Or your napkins like this:

RPlinen – link here!

Or even your candles like this:

LunaLitesCandles – link here!

Regardless of how you want to add this trend if it’s one you like it will look so gorgeous to bring in some earthy tones to your weddings aesthetic!

Trend 5: Including your pet

If you have a pet then this trend is for you!

Incorporating your pet into your wedding is so cute. You can really commit to this trend and have your pet included in your actual wedding party. Especially if you have someone in your bridal party that is great with handling your pet! Or you can hire a service to bring and handle your pet at your wedding.

Or if you (like me!) aren’t allowed to bring your pet to your venue then you can incorporate them with their own signature drink like this:

WatercolorBabyPrints – link here!

Or include them on your table numbers like this:

HeyLittleWildThings – link here!

Any way you choose to include your pet will add some fun personalization to your wedding and of course some extra cuteness to your wedding as well!

Trend 6: Fun reception dress

Okay I could go on and on about how much I love this trend!

It’s been around for a while to change into a second dress at the reception. But now we are seeing a push towards way more fun and unique reception dresses that reflect the personality of the bride. Which is so much fun and I highly recommend considering this trend for your wedding.

You could do a fun short dress like this:

HaveDressStore – link here!

Or a jumpsuit like this:

UniqueDressClub – link here!

Or add a little color like this one:

DelizaBridal – link here!

Trend 7: Exciting cake flavors

This trend is definitely a reflection of the swing back towards wedding cakes. For a while couples were often opting for cake alternatives like cupcakes and donuts. But now we are starting to see more of a push again towards wedding cakes but with exciting and fun flavors.

Do you and your partner love margaritas? What about making a tier of the cake a boozy margarita flavor! Or if you love that and your partner loves bourbon you could do a rich bourbon tier. Don’t be afraid to ask your baker to try something exciting and fun!

Trend 8: Splashes of color

This is the final of the best 2022 wedding trends that I want to talk about today!

Neutral is gorgeous but there is something so fun about incorporating in some splashes of color in your wedding palette.

You could do some colorful florals on your tables or add some fun napkins. Or include your splash color on your signage and details throughout your decor.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate this trend it is such a fun one to consider adding to your wedding.


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