Personal Development Topics To Learn About For Personal Growth

Personal development is such a large idea yet it is so different for every single person. But there are universal elements of personal development that can be implemented into most plans to help you grow and become the person you are wanting to be. Which is why I am sharing these personal development topics to learn about for helping your personal growth plan.

Let’s quickly break down personal development topics and personal growth:

Personal development topics: these are different areas of personal development that fall under larger umbrellas. They have shared ideas but there are a lot of different actionable steps that you can take within each personal development topic.

Personal growth: this is any area of your life that you are improving on. That can be your habits, thoughts, actions, etc. And a personal growth plan is the actionable steps you are wanting to take to improve those areas of yourself.

So now that you know what those mean in reference to this post let’s quickly chat about how they correlate.

I want to really help you understand how personal development topics can correlate directly to your personal growth plan. When you focus on the personal development topics that are areas of your life that you want to improve on you are directly working on growing as a person. And then when you implement those personal development topics into your life you are also making actionable steps for personal growth. Basically the two go hand in hand.

Now let’s quickly chat about why they are so important!

The importance of Personal Development:

  • It betters your existing and skills to help you improve your skills in life. 
  • Helps push you out of your comfort zone (for ideas on leaving your comfort zone check out this article). 
  • Makes you more self aware of your actions and decisions and how they impact your life. 
  • It helps improve your personal and professional relationships. 
  • Helps you make decisions better and more efficiently so you can avoid decision fatigue.
  • Improves your chances of reaching personal and professional goals in all areas of your life.

So now let’s jump into the post so we can chat about some major personal development topics that if you start focusing on them can be so helpful for your personal growth plan.

Personal Development Topics To Learn About For Personal Growth

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Personal Development Topics To Learn About For Personal Growth

Personal development and growth areas to focus on:


The first topic that is important to talk about is motivation.

Inner motivation is a key part of living your best life and becoming who you want to be. Finding motivation from within yourself is truly the best way to motivate yourself to work hard and make your dreams come true.

Which is why motivation is a key personal development topic. There are a lot of different ways that you can work on your motivation as part of your personal growth plan. But if you specifically are looking for ways to find your inner motivation and act upon it I have a helpful blog post here.

Self Confidence

Next up is the topic of self confidence which is something I would venture to say most of us think about when we think about personal growth journeys.

Becoming the most confident version of yourself can open a lot of doors and opportunities in the long run of your life.

But what it means to be confident looks different for everyone and what it will take is a different experience for everyone. I do have a 25 day self confidence challenge here that might work for you! But remember, each and everyone persons growth journey will be different and the steps to be confident will absolutely be different.


Organization is one of my favorite personal development topics but it is also one that took me a long time to fully understand.

And I want to quickly add that you won’t just immediately grasp a personal development idea even if you are really interested and passionate about it. Some things take time. Sometimes even years! And that is completely normal and completely find. Just be patient with yourself as you are working on your topics.

But back to the idea of organization. Organizing yourself and your life is a major part of this topic but it can also be the mental element. Making changes to be more organized with your thoughts and generally on top of things better is an area of personal development that I made an essential part of my personal growth journey. And if you feel like you have lot’s of room for improvement in your organization strategies then I recommend making it a priority for you too!


Positivity may be a bit on the specific side but it seems like the best word to encompass this topic of positivity, mindset, optimism, etc.

Regardless of what we should call this, this personal development topic is more light hearted but still one that can really help you feel your best and live your best life.

There are so many different areas within this topic that you can focus on and actionable steps you can do. Two ideas within it that I want to share are journaling and productivity.

For productivity head over to this post where I talk about the link between productivity and positivity.

And for journaling check out these posts with journal prompts and I also chat in most about the importance of journaling and how to journal every day:

Goals (setting and actions)

Goals are another large topic yet they are so important for really bettering yourself.

Let’s break this topic down into goal setting and goal actions.

Both setting goals and acting upon goal steps are necessary for growing and improving and are naturally going to be included in your personal growth plan.

But they are something that is often not actually practiced and valued. The better you can get at setting goals the better you can get in touch with your dreams and goals.

And the better you are at taking actionable steps the more likely you are to genuinely make those goals happen so you can be yours best self. Which is why I truly recommend adding some parts of goals (setting and/or actions) to your plan so you can really be your best you.


Living a balanced life is something generally know is important but don’t always make a priority.

Often we think that in order to work hard towards our dreams we have to sacrifice this topic and idea of balance in our lives. But that mentality can lead to burnout and feeling too overwhelmed to actually make progress on our dreams.

Which is why it is so important to add different steps for living a balanced life to your personal growth plan.


This of course is another larger topic that has so many different actionable steps under it and even sub topics. There are different areas of communication that different people want to improve on.

So it’s important for you to sit down and think about what areas of communication you want to put effort into improving. There may be things at work, in your personal life, for your business, etc. No matter what area and specific steps you want to take for improving communication you will probably be glad in the long run that you did!

Problem Solving

This is another topic that can really be life changing if you can master it.

Have you ever met someone who seems calm in the face of emergency and always seems to know the answer.

Chances are they don’t actually know everything (no one does right?) but they are probably just a skilled problem solver. And lucky for us that is something you can work on improving and become a skilled problem solver yourself.

There is a bunch of actionable steps you can take for improving your problem solving skills that you can add to your personal growth plan. I am working on a post all about those steps so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is something that is as limiting or as exciting as you make it.

You have the complete ability to control what is in and what’s out of your comfort zone. And what actions you take to expand it and to get outside of your comfort zone.

Having control over this is an incredible tool for growing yourself and developing as a person making it a critical personal growth element.

I have an entire YouTube video that you can watch here about tips for getting out of your comfort zone. I recommend watching it and taking notes of different ideas in it for your personal growth plan.

Personal development and growth truly go hand in hand so hopefully when discussing these personal development topics you have gotten some ideas of areas for your personal growth plan. I know it can feel overwhelming at times so just remember to implement changes in your life slowly. And always remember to be patient with yourself! Personal growth is exciting and fulfilling but it shouldn’t be causing you serious stress or anxiety. If it is then take a step back and make sure to re-evaluate your plan.

That being said, if you found this post to be helpful then make sure you keep scrolling so we can stay connected!


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