The Ultimate 25 Day Self Confidence Challenge: Become Confident!

Self confidence is something that if you don’t naturally have it can be overwhelming to work on improving. So taking it one day at a time and slowly adding in new habits and activities is an awesome way to ease into boosting your self confidence. And a great place to start doing that is this ultimate 25 day self confidence challenge!

But before we get into the actual challenge let’s talk quickly about why self confidence is so important and how this self confidence challenge works!

Why is boosting self confidence so important?

  • Self confidence helps you feel comfortable and confident going for your dreams.
  • People listen to you and respect you more if you are confident. You immediately send off vibes that you know what you are doing.
  • Feeling more confident helps you make decisions quicker and easier which also helps you avoid decision fatigue. It can also help you avoid burnout as well, both personal burnout and professional burnout.
  • Lastly, it also helps you feel generally better about yourself which is great for your mental health and mental wellness.

So now that we have chatted about why boosting self confidence is so important let’s quickly go over how this self confident challenge works so you can start to become confident and overcome your self doubt.

How does this self confidence challenge work?

There are 25 activities listed below that will each help you start improving your self confidence levels! But to make this challenge work and work for you I recommend these tips:

  • You don’t have to do these activities in this order. You can do each self confidence activity in the order that works the best for you.
  • Choose a month where you have some extra free time.
  • Once you start the self confidence boosting challenge make sure you are planning for 30-60 minutes a day for each activity.
  • Be patient with yourself! If you can’t do an activity from this self confidence challenge one day that’s okay. Don’t overwhelm yourself!
  • Log your progress. As you complete a self confidence challenge day- mark it off and jot down how you are feeling after each challenge item.
The ultimate 25 day self confidence challenge!

Now let’s get into the ultimate 25 day self confidence challenge so you can start feeling more confident and become the best version of yourself! Remember that you are totally capable of taking control of your life and getting past your self doubt feelings. Be patient and consistent with yourself and start with this self confidence challenge so you can become your most confident self.

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25 Day Self Confidence Challenge:

Do this challenge to help you become confident!

1) Create a vision board for the next 365 days.

2) Take yourself to a coffee shop (or lunch) all by yourself.

3) Make a list of your 10 greatest accomplishments in your life.

4) Work on learning to set daily goals to help achieve your dreams (here’s some tips for this).

5) Make a list of things you love about yourself.

6) Start doing daily affirmations- here’s a book that can help with this.

7) Rock your favorite outfit and post a picture in it!

8) Send some of your friends and family members compliments.

9) Do something today that you have never done before!

10) Make a bucket list for getting out of your comfort zone.

11) Delete apps that you use for editing yourself in pictures.

12) Have a mini spa night and take care of yourself for an evening!

How to improve your self confidence in just 25 days!

13) Write down any situations you have “failed” from in the past and how you learned from them.

14) Do a task that you have been putting off.

15) Write a love letter to yourself.

16) Do a social media detox (here’s some tips for staying off your phone!).

17) Try a new and fun type of exercise. This could end up being your new favorite exercise!

18) Find a new hobby you want to try and make a plan for learning/trying it.

19) Write a list of your most unique qualities.

20) Do a photo shoot and post at least one picture. Be confident about yourself and make it known!

21) Spend an evening decluttering your space (start with these 50 items).

22) Unfollow any accounts on social media that don’t bring you joy.

23) Write a letter (but don’t send) to someone who you want to stand up to.

24) Have a one person dance party and wear a fun outfit! Have a little one person dance party!

25) Treat yourself to an afternoon of doing things that make you feel special.

The ultimate challenge for becoming confident!

What to do after you completed the self confidence challenge!

Boosting your self confidence can be an overwhelming and often daunting task.

We all want to be our most confident and self assured self but it can seem impossible to actually do so. And I want to remind you that feeling like that is completely normal. But by committing to a self confidence challenge you are making it a priory to overcome your self doubt and become your most confident self.

For some of you just doing this 25 day challenge will be enough for you to get past your self doubt and really become your most confident self! But for others it may take more work and time. And again that is totally normal and will happen to a lot of people.

If after you completed this self confidence challenge you still find yourself struggling with a lack of confidence and still feel self doubt then this is what I recommend doing next.

Go back through the challenge and think about which days made you feel the most confident. Which tasks and items made you really feel the most confident and helped you truly feel self assured. Make a list of those tasks and then make them into a 3 month game plan.

For example, if the photoshoot and posting challenge item really helped boost your self confidence then I recommend doing that weekly. It doesn’t have to be a huge event but just taking a selfie or a self timer image once a week for 3 months and posting it could help you practice that confidence boosting activity enough that it starts to really help improve your confidence.

Sometimes it takes doing something multiple times before it really sticks in your mind and helps you become the confident person I know that you can become!

If you have any questions or need advice for a more long term self confidence improving plan make sure to let me know in the comments so I can help you out and together we can get past your self doubt and become a confident person.


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