14 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Self Love Today

Self love does not have to be an overwhelming thing. There are simple and fast self love tasks that you can do today that won’t take a lot of time but will still help you practice self love. So if you are in need of some self love today then keep reading for these 14 simple ways to show yourself self love today.

But before we get into these ideas let’s quickly cover the reasons self love is so important!

Why is self love important?

  • Helps you focus on your own dreams and goals. By practicing self love you are making a commitment to yourself!
  • It also helps to improve your image of yourself. When you are committing to loving yourself you can help your long term image of yourself which is an amazing benefit!
  • Keeps you thinking about what you want in life and what you don’t want. When you spend time thinking and caring about yourself it can really help align you with what you want in life.
  • Can really help boost your self confidence! When you put effort into loving yourself you can have this awesome benefit of boosting your self confidence.
  • Helps you become a more self assured person. Self love helps you really become a more self assured version of yourself. 
  • It also helps your relationships flourish. It’s a cliche but it is true that when you love yourself it helps your relationships feel more loving. Though little disclaimer- you don’t need to fully love yourself to be loved! Your loved ones should love you unconditionally! But when you practice self love you help yourself be in a more loving mindset that helps your relationships

Now that you understand why self love is so important (if you didn’t already!) let’s jump into these ideas for self love that you can do today.

14 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Self Love Today

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14 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Self Love Today

Ideas to do self love today:

Idea 1: Say 10 positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations are a great way to keep positivity and self love on your mind.

A few examples are:

  • “I am a confident person”
  • “I know that I can achieve my dreams”
  • “Today I will not let my mistakes define me”
  • “I believe great things are coming for me”
  • “I am a kind and caring person”

And if you want more ideas for affirmations to say today check out these posts:

If you liked doing this activity today I do highly recommend adding this as a regular part of your days. Positive affirmations have a lot of great benefits to your mental wellbeing and getting you into a positive mindset.

Idea 2: Start journaling about your day.

This idea is about starting a new self love habit that you can quickly start today.

Take today as a starting point and start to figure out what time of the day and how to incorporate daily journaling into your life.

Reflecting on your days are a great way to stay in touch with your true thoughts and emotions which is an important part of loving yourself- to know what you are genuinely feeling. Which is so important for your mental wellness!

Idea 3: Turn off social media for a bit.

Logging off of social media has a lot of benefits. It helps you be in the moment and gives you an opportunity to be present with those around you. And present with your own thoughts!

And social media can be harmful to your mental peace if you are not being careful with who you follow and what media you are consuming. So to take control of your peace today try this idea of turning off your social media apps for a bit today.

Idea 4: Make a feel good songs playlist.

This idea is definitely one of the most fun! Take 30 minutes to make a playlist of your favorite feel good songs. 

So that you can use this playlist in the future if you need to pick yourself up. Doing self love activities that help you in the future are some of the best you can do.

Idea 5: Make a vision board.

Vision boards are a great way to think about what you want to accomplish and what you can accomplish!

So take an afternoon and think about what you want your life to be like in the next few years for this self love activity. I also have a video (linked here) you can use as inspiration for your vision board.

Idea 6: Go on a solo coffee date.

Take yourself out for a quick coffee date!

Taking yourself out is a great activity to do and of course grabbing coffee is always a fun idea. You can also, of course, go and get any of your favorite beverage if you aren’t a coffee fan.

Idea 7: Pick your most confident outfit and wear it today.

This is an idea where you can look through your closet and find your favorite outfit that you feel the most confident in.

Don’t let what others think about you stop you from rocking what you feel the most confident in!

Idea 8: Take a bubble bath.

This may seem like an obvious idea but it is such a fun idea. Especially if you have the time to really pamper yourself. Add some bath bombs and light a candle and really embrace the experience and enjoy prioritizing yourself for a bit.

Idea 9: Clean up your bedroom.

Having a clean bedroom and resting area has a lot of mental and physical benefits.

And part of loving yourself is loving yourself enough to make sure you are getting good rest at night and happy with your sleep/living areas.

Idea 10: Write down 5 things you are optimistic about.

This is one of my personal favorite idea for doing self love. Writing down things you are optimistic about is an amazing way to put you into a better mood.

And practicing regular optimism can help you become a more optimistic person even if you aren’t naturally an optimistic person.

Idea 11: Buy yourself flowers or cookies.

Go out today and buy yourself flower, cookies, or something else small like this. 

Make yourself and your happiness a priority today- almost like you are dating yourself!

Idea 12: Organize your workspace/ study area.

Just like having a clean bedroom is important so is having a clean workspace. Or a clean study space if you are student.

If you need some help with this self love activity then head over to my how to keep your workspace organized post.

Idea 13:Write a love letter to yourself.

Writing a love letter to yourself is one of the simplest yet most incredible ways to practice self love.

And after you write it I recommend keeping this letter somewhere easily accessible so you can access it in the future for days you need a self love pick me up.

Idea 14: Treat yourself to an evening of things that make you feel special.

The final idea for a simple self love task for today is to commit the whole evening to doing the little things that make you feel special.

What that means for you will be different for everyone but make an effort to do activities and things that make you feel loved and special. But loved from within!


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