13 Things Organized People Do Before Noon

Becoming a more organized person is something that so many of us aspire to yet we don’t always know where to start! To me, one of the best ways to start is to ensure we are organizing and using organized habits right away in the day. Which is why we are going to talk about the 13 things organized people do before noon!

13 things organized people do before noon!

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13 Things Organized People Do Before Noon:

1: Make a daily to-do list

Daily to do lists are one of the most important keys to being a more organized person.

Writing a daily to do list is something that is actually not time consuming once you get used to it and makes a huge difference in staying organized throughout your day. By creating a daily to do list you also help yourself make sure you aren’t missing anything important that day.

2: Wake up early in the morning

A big part of being organized and productive at the beginning of your day is making sure you have plenty of time in your morning.

And the best way to do that is to make sure you are getting up early enough!

This can be a challenge especially if you are someone who really enjoys sleeping in and snoozing your alarm. But if you want to be organized you probably have to start getting up earlier!

I have a whole guide on this here that you can check out: Learn To Get Up Early Every Day.

3: Use a habit tracker

Habit trackers are a simple tool that will really help you become more organized.

We talk about the importance of creating efficient and positive habits on here a lot and my favorite go to way to actually create those habits are to use a habit tracker every day.

Here is my current favorite habit tracker!

4: Don’t immediately check their phone

Check your phone right away when you wake up is so tempting but it can really hurt your organization and productivity.

You can quickly get sucked into a social media hole and end up wasting a bunch of time that can also lead to you rushing out the door.

So set yourself up for success and get up and start your day before actually unlocking your phone.

5: Do a quick clean up

Quickly cleaning up your home before you actually start your day is one of the best ways to keep your house organized.

This doesn’t mean a full clean up! Just a quick 10-15 minute walk through of the areas you used this morning (like your coffee area!) will help keep your house cleaner and organized.

If you want more tips on maintaining a clean house check out: How To Always Keep Your Home Clean.

6: Set up a daily planner

I absolutely swear by using a planner. They are one of the best ways to make sure you stay organized throughout your day and you will have a hard time finding anyone who is organized who doesn’t use a paper or digital planner.

My favorite planners are the Happy Planners from MAMBI and the Life Planner from Erin Condren!

7: Have daily routines they stick to

The next thing every organized person does before noon is learn, create, and stick to routines. Creating routines that work for you and keep you organized and productive is one of the best things you can do to improve your days.

If you are wanting to make a more productive morning routine check this out: 12 Habits To Add For A Productive Morning Routine.

8: Make your bed

This is one of the easiest things you can do to feel and appear more organized but don’t write it off because it’s easy.

Starting your day by making your bed right away puts you in a good mindset and it’s a great bonus that you get to go to bed that night to a nicely made bed!

9: They keep their digital life organized

Digital organization is so important!

Digital organization may not be as visible to others but you can’t forget about it.

Starting your day by organizing your emails, phone calls, and digital files is one of the best ways to stay organized.

If the thought of doing this overwhelms you it’s probably because you need to do a digital declutter. For my full guide on digital declutters check this out: How To Perform a Digital Declutter.

10: Prioritize their day strategically

Prioritizing your day is so essential for being a more organized person.

We talk about routines, to do lists, and goals which are all actionable tasks but you also need to make sure within all of those you are prioritizing.

While you are learning to prioritize I recommend literally numbering your to do lists and routines. Number then in order of most to least important.

Eventually you will know how to prioritize as you write to do lists and set goals and the going backs and numbering step won’t be as important.

11: They don’t let things clutter up right away

Another organized people habit that applies more to your home is to not let clutter build up in the morning.

It’s easy to toss things around and let papers build up throughout the morning but that sets you up for a cluttered and chaotic afternoon.

So don’t hurt the rest of your day! Make sure you don’t let your space, emails, and workload get cluttered too quickly in the morning.

12: Meal plan or meal prep

Meal planning and prepping is so helpful for having organized days!

Ideally it is best to meal plan once a week but if you don’t have a meal plan for the day it’s okay to make one each morning!

This allows you to know if you need to get any food out to defrost and make a plan for your day so you can stay organized and productive throughout the day.

13: Set achievable daily goals

The final thing organized people do before noon is set daily goals. More specifically, they set achievable daily goals.

Being ambitious is important but if you want to stay truly organized and productive then you need to make sure you are being realistic!

So when you are setting your goals for the day make sure they are going to help you but also make sure they aren’t unattainable.

How to have a more organized day!

Thanks for reading about the 13 things organized people do before noon!

As you can see, being organized takes some time and effort but the benefits of being more organized are totally worth that commitment. If you want more organization tips then you should check out:


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