Productive Things To Do During Free Time And You’re Bored: 125 Ideas!

Being bored does not mean that you have to be unproductive and lazy. But it can be difficult to think about productive things to do once you are done with your daily to-do’s which is where this list comes into play. You can stay productive by doing some of these 125 productive things to do during free time!

Striving for living a more productive life is a great way to improve yourself and improve the quality of your life. But sometimes it can be hard to think of the ways you can be more productive which is why I created this list of things to do in your free time.

To help inspire you all to starting living a better and more productive lifestyle.

125 productive things to do during free time!

What to know about productivity first:

Why is it important to be productive?

You have goals and dreams right? Then you need to improve yourself and your life to work towards those dreams.

Unfortunately scrolling through Instagram and watching Netflix won’t help you with achieving your dreams but being productive during excess free time will help you become the person you want to be!

When is it important to be productive?

Being productive when you are bored is so important for becoming an improved version of yourself. However, you need to ensure you are not burning yourself out by always working and being productive.

These ideas are for when you are still feeling mentally well enough to be productive and want to better yourself. Remember to take care of yourself first before worrying about being productive. So keep that in mind while you are going through this list of things to do in your free time.

Productive things to do when you're bored! 125 productive things to do during free time.

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Now let’s get onto the-

125 Productive Things To Do During Free Time

Productive things to do when bored: things to do in free time!

Get Organized

1. Update your weekly planner (my favorite planner here!).

2. Write a master to-do list with everything you need to get done.

3. Set up your monthly calendar- try using a wall calendar if you don’t already.

4. Schedule all of your upcoming appointments for the next few months.

5. Clean up your digital files- here’s a whole guide on digital decluttering.

6. Organize your work space- make sure you are working in the best possible space to optimize productivity.

7. Develop your perfect, productive morning routine- here is a couple of helpful habits you can add to your morning routine.

8. Get your phone cleaned up- check out this guide on organizing your phone.

9. Get important documents organized- and scan them to get digital copies.

10. Get yourself ready for tomorrow- pick out your outfit, look at your work load, check out the weather, etc!

Clean Up

11. Clean up your entire kitchen- get yourself to zero dirty dishes and deep clean appliances.

12. Organize your fridge and freezer- and make sure you have the tools like this to do this successfully.

13. Get your under the sink areas cleaned up.

14. Get completely caught up on laundry- including matching up socks!

15. Declutter your home- start with these 50 items.

16. Change and wash all the bed sheets.

17. Purge your closet- sort into 4 piles: keep, throw away, sell, and donate.

18. Clean and organize your under bed storage- and invest in some great under bed storage tools.

19. Organize the garage- including tools and hardware.

20. Tackle your junk drawer.

21. Unsubscribe from newsletters, stores, and services you don’t use anymore.

22. Deep clean the bathrooms- don’t forget the tubs!

23. Organize your closets- don’t forget the coat and linen closets.

24. Get outside and weed your yard and garden!

How to be a more productive person! things to do in your free time

Inspire Yourself

25. Create a bucket list- here is some inspiration for your bucket list.

26. Create your dream vision board. This is one of the wonderful inspirational things to do in free time to inspire yourself!

27. Write a gratitude list of everything you are thankful for.

28. Watch a documentary that inspires and educates you.

29. Journal- here’s a list of 75 self improvement journal prompts.

30. Volunteer in your community- if you aren’t already involved try a nursing home they are often taking last minute volunteers to spend time with the residents.

31. Do a social media account audit and unfollow anyone who isn’t aspiring you.

32. Read an inspirational autobiography from someone you admire.

33. Create a master list of all the books you want to read!

34. Connect with an old friend that you miss- thank goodness for the Internet!

35. Create a 5 year plan including actionable steps.

36. Spread kindness- try one of these 51 random acts of kindness. Do acts of kindness is such a generous idea for things to do in free time.

Financial Success

37. Create budgets- focus on weekly, monthly, and annual.

38. Set up automatic payments on as many bills as possible.

39. Create a savings plan- aim for gradual increases in how much you save.

40. Make a debt payment plan- remember to focus on high interest loans first.

41. Create your own personal no spend challenge to save money.

42. Figure out what monthly paid subscriptions you have and determine if they are worth keeping.

43. Create an emergency fund- make sure to calculate your monthly expenses to ensure you are saving enough.

44. Learn how to make coffee at home that you love to save money.

45. Sell clothing and household items you don’t want online.

46. Make a budget for your next vacation and a plan for how to save for it.

47. Invest in yourself and your financial future by meeting with a financial planner.

Take Care Of Yourself

48. Go for a walk or a run- fresh air is essential.

49. Create a healthy grocery list and go get the groceries- here’s 100 ideas for healthy grocery list items.

50. Workout- go to the gym, take an exercise class, whatever you prefer to do for exercise!

51. Do a face mask- these are my favorites.

52. Make a DIY hair mask to freshen up your hair.

53. Start a fitness challenge- like the 5 week to 5k challenge.

54. Go for a bike ride and take in the scenery while getting a good workout.

55. Do a yoga routine- follow a free one on YouTube.

56. Do a quick self care routine- here is 10 self care routine ideas!

57. Make a meal plan for the week- try using a weekly meal planner.

58. Practice positive self affirmations daily- learn to speak positively to yourself!

59. Research how you can improve your sleep schedule- here is 5 tips for getting better sleep at night.

60. DIY a water bottle with hourly marks on it to start drinking more water.

61. Write down all of your health and fitness goals!

62. Relax your mind and body- here is 30 ways to relax.

63. Batch cook healthy snacks like protein bars or energy balls!

Ideas for spending your free time!

Self Improvement

64. Put together a productive before bed routine- check out what my before bed routine is.

65. Watch a Ted Talk- find some that focus on areas you want to improve and better about yourself.

66. Put together a Sunday routine plan- here is a list of ideas you can add to your Sunday routine.

67.Listen to a personal growth or self improvement podcast.

68. Work on breaking a bad habit – here is the steps you need to start this!

69. Learn to have more energy to improve your life- here is 10 tips.

70. Log your time today- if you don’t know how you spend your time you never really know how much free time you have.

71. Start a habit tracker to build positive habits. Creating and sticking to a habit tracker is one of the things to do in free time to really improve yourself.

72. Disconnect from the internet for an hour and turn off phone notifications.

73. Do some research and determine and purchase vitamins that are the best for you.

74. Take a personality test.

75. Create a total life binder!

76. Grab a notebook and spend 20 minutes reflecting on your favorite and least favorite parts of your life.

77. Meditate for 30 minutes- there are guided ones on YouTube for free.

78. Conduct a self evaluation- this basically means to evaluate what you think is the parts of yourself you can and should improve on.

Develop Your Hobbies

79. Practice or pick up an musical instrument.

80. Try out a new craft- always wanted to make a blanket? Try it!

81. Try your hand at gardening- could result in your home having some awesome landscaping.

82. Go on a little photo shoot around town- capture the beauty of your community and practice your photography skills.

83. Do some DIY beauty creations like face masks and bath bombs.

84. Upcycle your old clothes- great for the environment and your wardrobe.

85. Try brewing your own beer or wine!

86. Start a blog- it’s a great way to write about what you love.

87. Start a virtual book club to discuss your favorites with people who will also love them!

88. Compile a list of all of your favorite recipes.

89. Graphic design- learn how to do some graphic design, it helps in so many circumstances.

90. Start writing a book that you have always wanted to.

91. Teach your pet a new trick!

92. Practice your makeup looks and hairstyles- especially if you have an upcoming event.

Train Your Mind

93. Meditate for 30 minutes- search guided meditations on YouTube if this is new.

94. Brain puzzles- get a brain puzzle book or download an app! This is a wonderful one of the things to do in free time to keep your brain active.

95. Learn a new language- there are lots of free resources for this on the internet and apps.

96. Create a life long learning bucket list- check out this list to get inspired!

97. Take a free online course in something you are interested in.

98. Catch up on current events- keep yourself up to date and become well researched on what is going on around you.

99. Download a word of the day app to start expanding your vocabulary.

100. Research a topic that you want to know more about.

101. Do a total brain dump and then see if there is anything you wanna know or learn more about.

102. Learn about your learning style- take a test and start researching how you can learn better.

103. Play a word game- in person or on an app!

104. Read a non-fiction book as one of the great things to do in free time.

105. Create a list of challenging things for you and start tackling that list.

106. Share your knowledge- volunteer to teach or create online courses to spread knowledge of your areas of expertise.

Professional Development

107. Update your resume and CV- here is my 20 best resume tips.

108. Revamp your LinkedIn page- consider taking an updated professional head shot.

109. Create a website for yourself with your Resume, CV, and proof of your skills and projects.

110. Start getting a certification that will help advance your career.

111. Research and try learning a side job to bring in more income- look into digital ones you can do in the evening/weekends.

112. Create an interview questions cheat sheet so you can easily refresh yourself for the next time you are applying to jobs.

113. Ask a mentor to speak with you for a bit about how you can improve yourself and advance your career.

114. Create a master list of your professional accomplishments.

115. Make a 10 year career plan!

116. Network- spend some time on LinkedIn doing networking!

Lifestyle Improvement

117. Create a mood boosting playlist that you can listen to on sad days.

118. Send a handwritten note to an elderly loved one!

119. Delete any apps that are not bring you any joy.

120. Do some serious research and invest in skin care products that are right for you.

121. Write a letter to yourself in 5, 10, and 15 years from now.

123. Create a master password manager and set it up on all devices.

124. Backup your digital files and photographs!

125. Write down 25 reasons why you are AMAZING!

Stay productive! I hope this list of things to do in your free time can help you live your most productive life!


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