At Home Valentines Date Night Ideas For 2021

Staying at home for your date night this valentines day? But struggling with fun things to do to spice up and make your valentines extra special even if it’s at home? Then I have you covered! I am sharing at home valentines date night ideas for 2021 that you will actually want to do.

I know that doing your date nights at home isn’t nearly as fun but I hope that these ideas help give you some activities and inspiration for your at home valentines date night this year.

If you have any ideas or plans other than what I came up with then definitely share them in the comments to help others plan their at home valentines date!

I also have a video about at home valentines date night ideas you can watch here!

At Home Valentines Date Night Ideas For 2021

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At Home Valentines Date Night Ideas For 2021

{ Stay at home date night inspiration for Valentines Day 2021 }

Idea 1) Indoor camping night.

The first idea is one that I think is so fun and probably one you haven’t done yet!

The main parts to this are to either put up a tent in your home or if you don’t have one (like me!) to put together a little pillow fort. Or even keep it simple and just grab some blankets and pillows to set up a little sleepover in the living room.

And then you can either eat camping food like burgers and smores or of course you can order delivery for a fun night.

Idea 2) Do a “paint & sip” at home night.

These are such a fun date night idea! And to add an extra fun Valentines day touch you can paint a romantic image/graphic.

I did some shopping for you and found this wine heart paint by the numbers that would be so cute for Valentines day!

And then of course grab some of your favorite wine to make this a true paint n sip night.

Idea 3) Do an online dance lessons class.

The next date night idea is to do online dance classes!

There are a lot of studios around the world offering online classes but you can also just look up tutorials for the type of dancing you and your significant other like to do.

I really like this idea because it helps you get moving and have fun even while staying at home.

Idea 4) Try drinks around the world.

Drinks around the world is such a fun at home date night idea.

What this idea is, is that in each room of your home you set up a drink station or a pre-made drink with a country theme. And I like to add an appetizer for each!

For example, your living room could be France themed so you have wine and a cheese board set up. Then your dining room could be Mexico themed with margaritas and chip and dip. Since we can’t travel right now this is such a fun idea that is great for my 21+ readers.

Also, you could go above and beyond and decorate each room a bit too!

Idea 5) Have a baking challenge.

Having a baking challenge between you and your partner is a creative but a bit competitive date night.

And for valentines day you could add a twist of each dessert being love/valentines day themed. Think about things like heart shaped sugar cookies, anything red velvet, strawberry ice cream, etc.

Have you and your partner pick a recipe or two and then at the end you guys can decide who won or post the pics on Facebook and have people vote on which is cuter!

Idea 6) Make a dream board or bucket list together.

This is such a romantic date night especially if you and your partner know you are going to be together for a long time!

So grab some poster board and markers and make a bucket list or some old magazines and put together a dream board for your relationship. Think about places you want to go, things you want to experience together, etc.

Idea 7) Do an at home photo shoot.

The next at home valentines date night idea is to do a fun photo shoot.

With everything that happened in the past year chances are you don’t have very many nice photos with you and your significant other.

So either pick a simple wall in your home or grab a backdrop like this one and spend a few hours taking some nice and of course some fun photos together!

Idea 8) Have a chocolate tasting night.

This is definitely one of the most fun and one of my favorite at home date nights.

Having a chocolate tasting night is simple but super entertaining. Get a bunch of random chocolates including weirder ones (there are ones with cayenne in them- definitely recommend trying that!) and rate and chat about all of them.

It can lead to a lot of funny conversations and of course you get to enjoy some yummy chocolate.

Idea 9) Have a full indoor picnic.

Grab a traditional picnic blanket and make yourselves the same food you would make if you were going on a cute, spring, outside picnic.

Think about things like salad, crackers, sandwiches, and of course some fun cocktails. You could light some candles and play a nature soundtrack as well to really set the scene up!

Idea 10) Do a couples game night.

The final of my at home valentines date night ideas for 2021 is to have a couples game night.

It took myself and my significant other a while to find two person games that we liked so I want to share the ones we found to help you out for this date night idea:

At Home Valentines Date Night Ideas For 2021

I hope this list helped you find a date night idea for your at home valentines day 2021!


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