How To Break a Bad Habit in One Month

Tired of bad habits holding you back from achieving your dreams? Then you need to start taking the steps right away to break those habits. So I went ahead and broke down all the steps you need to take to break a bad habit one month.

There are so many different habits that can be “bad” that you want to break.

The way you implement these tips will be different based on the habits and based on your life but taking the time to create the plan and implement these steps can seriously change your life for the better.

But the majority of those habits can truly be broke in one month if you commit yourself to improving your life and believe in your own strength. So keep reading for how you can break a bad habit one month.

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Step 1) Acknowledge the bad habit

The first step to breaking a habit is truly acknowledging that you have the habit.

If you are reading this because you are researching how to break a bad habit then you probably have already achieved this step so congrats!

But if you stumbled on this article or someone sent it to you then you may need to take some time and think about what bad habit(s) you have that are holding you back.

Try admitting out loud what your bad habit is and why the habit is bad and negatively impacting your life.

Step 2) Determine your motivation for breaking the habit

The next step to breaking a bad habit in one month is to determine what your motivation for break this habit is.

If you don’t truly know WHY you want to break this habit and WHY breaking this habit will better your (or your loved ones) life you will never be able to successfully break this habit for good.

So to accomplish this step I recommend sitting down with actual pen and paper and writing down every reason you can think of for why you want to break this habit and then go back and prioritize them.

Then you will want to focus on the reason that you determined was the top priority but don’t forget about the other reasons! I recommend getting some poster board and writing that top reason on it.

Then hang that poster board somewhere you will see it regularly. If you don’t want it somewhere obvious to others than hang it in your closet or private bathroom.

Step 3) Write down what triggers & continues the habit

The next step for breaking a bad habit is to write down what triggers this bad habit and continues to feed it.

You will never be able to break a bad habit if you don’t know what continues to feed the habit. There are always a couple things (fear, toxic people, stress, etc) that has enabled a bad habit to continue this long.

Knowing what triggers the bad habit to happen means that you can identify those things and create a plan to either avoid or combat those triggers.

These triggers and situations that feed the bad habit are very helpful knowledge for the next step.

Step 4) Make a detailed game plan for breaking the habit

This is arguably the most important step!

You can know you’re habit, know what’s causing it, and know why you want to stop. But if you don’t create a plan to address the habit and the triggers than the habit will never be breakable.

There are 2 helpful parts for this detailed game plan:

Part 1: make a calendar for the next 30 days with things you will do (or NOT do) each day to combat the bad habit. For example, if you bad habit is snacking on junk food then on your calendar you may progress towards less and less snacks and list out all the healthy snacks you will have instead.

Part 2: the other part of this game plan needs to be ways to combat each trigger. For example, if stress is a trigger that makes you eat unhealthy food then in situations when you know you’ll be stressed then only bring with healthy snacks.

You need to face those triggers individually and head on in your game plan in order to break a bad habit.

Step 5) Tell others about it

The next step that is almost always applicable is to tell others about wanting to break your bad habit.

By telling others you not only are encouraging people to ask you about your progress but you also start to feel a social pressure to succeed. And that pressure isn’t always a bad thing! Sometimes social pressure can help you break a bad habit.

Note: some habits are too personal to tell anyone about and that’s okay! If that’s the case then just skip this step.

Step 6) Log your progress

Logging your progress each day is incredibly important for breaking the bad habit in one month.

Get a wall calendar and log little notes each day about what your progress was including noting any struggles that you had that day.

By realizing what struggles you have then you can address those better the next day and continue to stay on track l.

Step 7) Celebrate your successes

The final, and most fun, step is to celebrate your successes!

This is more than just the one month mark.

Celebrate your first day! Celebrate your first week! Of course celebrate the one month mark but also continue to celebrate after you continue to not have the bad habit.

Celebrating successes makes getting rid of a bad habit a little more enjoyable. If the whole process is focused on negativity it will be significantly harder to stay on track.

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