5 Simple Daily Habits For Better Productivity

Improving your productivity doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul of your entire life! It can actually just be small, simple, daily changes that help you become a more productive person. Which is why today we are talking about my favorite 5 simple daily habits for better productivity.

Remember that implementing new daily habits slowly into your life is one of the best ways to improve your life and work towards creating the version of yourself that you want to be.

And improving productivity is no exceptions! Bettering your productivity can help you accomplish so much more in your average day. And that leads to you accomplishing more things that can lead to you creating the life you are dreaming of. So if you want to learn how to be more productive through daily habits then keep reading!

Also, I have a video over on YouTube talking more in depth about these habits and giving some additional tips if you want to check it out! You can watch it here!

5 Simple Daily Habits For Better Productivity

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5 Simple Daily Habits For Better Productivity

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Habit 1) Make daily to do lists.

The first idea for a simple daily habit for better productivity is to make daily to do lists.

Honestly if you are only interested in adding one new habit into your life to be more productive then this is the one I really recommend.

If you don’t currently do daily to do lists then this is absolutely essential for being more productive. To do lists help you stay on track and actually accomplish all of the things you want (or need) to do every day.

If you are someone who prefers pen and paper then grab a cute to do list notepad (like this one) or you can use the notes app on your phone if you are a fan or digital to do lists. Either way- to do lists are so helpful for keeping you focused and on task throughout the day so you can be more productive each day.

Habit 2) Accomplish important tasks early.

This is another essential habit for learning to be a more productive person. When you get habits done earlier in the morning you are more likely to actually do them.

Then later in the day when you are more likely to be struggling with motivation to be productive you already have the important tasks done and over with. So overall you have guaranteed a certain level of productivity each day.

It is also very motivating which can improve productivity to know that you already got a bunch of stuff done that day!

If you struggle to get up earlier and get things done then head here to read about how to wake up earlier in the morning.

And don’t let this freak you out- you don’t need to get up at 5am! Just early enough to get things done right away.

Habit 3) Eliminate distractions around you.

Distractions are absolutely one of the main things that block and stop productivity.

So implementing in habits and routines that help eliminate distractions is a great way to be more productive each day.

For example, if you are super susceptible to looking at your phone each time you get a notification then turn off all notifications on your phone while you are working. If you have an iphone just turn it on do not disturb mode and it can really help you stay focused so you can be more productive.

I also have a guide on minimizing distractions that you can read here that may help you with staying focused and keeping distractions away!

Habit 4) Use a planner.

The next habit is one that if you have been around KorraShay.com for a while now you will know I swear by!

Planners are one of the most amazing tools for being and staying productive.

And don’t worry about it being time consuming or complicated! You don’t have to color code your planner or add stickers or do hour by hour planning. Unless those things work for you.

For a planner to be a successful tool for productivity in your life it is essential for you to learn what system and planner work best for you and your lifestyle. So don’t be afraid to experiment with new planners and systems if you haven’t found one that really fuels your productivity.

Habit 5) Take strategic breaks throughout the day.

The final of the daily habits for better productivity is to learn to take strategic breaks throughout your day.

This seems like the opposite of productivity but it’s not actually!

I have a whole guide on taking breaks here but in a nutshell when you take strategically timed and planned for breaks throughout your day you actually can help yourself be refreshed and recharged. Which ultimately leads to improved productivity each day.

It also helps you avoid feelings of burn out and declining mental wellness. Which you don’t want for a lot of reasons of course including that if you get to feeling burnt out you won’t be productive and working towards your dreams. Balance is important in your life and taking strategic breaks is an amazing way to ensure you have balance while still helping with improving your productivity.

5 Simple Daily Habits For Better Productivity

I hope these 5 daily habits for better productivity help you start to have more productive days!

I am very aware that implementing a whole bunch of new habits and routines is not only difficult and overwhelming but also can lead to it being nearly impossible for the habits to actually stick. So I definitely recommend thinking about your current life and routines and then slowly implement these habits in order of importance to you. That way you are more likely to actually be successful with them so they can help you boost your productivity levels!


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