11 Quick Productive Tasks To Do When You Feel Lazy

We all know those days where you are feeling lazy and unmotivated but you want to get some quick and easy things done so you can feel productive. But if you don’t already have your simple productive tasks you do on these days then I wanted to share these ideas. So keep reading for 11 quick productive tasks to do when you feel lazy.

But real quick- I want to remind everyone that is okay to have chill and lazy days! There is nothing wrong with having relaxing days. But if you are wanting/needing to get some productive tasks done to get you in the right mindset to get things done. Or just looking for a little motivation! Then keep reading to the list of easy productive activities.

If you want to see me chat more about these tasks and give some tips along the way then check out my YouTube video about these tasks here!

11 Quick Productive Tasks To Do When You Feel Lazy

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11 Quick Productive Tasks To Do When You Feel Lazy

{ Easy productive activities to do today }

1) Make a daily to do list.

The first easy and quick productivity activity you can do is to make a daily to do list.

To do lists are one of my favorite productivity tools because they help you get focused and stay on track. Which if you are having a day where you are struggling with motivation you may need!

So just grab a notebook and jot down your daily to do list.

2) Read an educational article.

The next productivity task you can do is to read an educational or informative article.

When you are struggling to get up and get moving this is a great way where you can start being productive without actually having to get up.

3) Make your bed.

This is something you might hate seeing on this list but seriously once you get into the daily habit of making your bed you will realize why it’s so important!

So if you didn’t make your bed this morning go and do that! You will feel a wonderful rush of productivity and it truly can help you get into a better mindset. I talk more about this in my last productive day in my life video but seriously guys go make your bed!

4) Organize your email inboxes and declutter emails.

I swear by the importance of total digital organization and digital declutter (here’s some digital declutter tips).

But if you want a quick productivity task then just grab your phone and do some organization of your email inbox. If you don’t already have folders for your emails set those up. And while you are at it go through and delete unwanted emails!

5) Make a grocery list/meal plan.

Making a grocery list is an easy thing to do when you want a quick productivity task that will really help your week go smoother. And if you don’t know what groceries you need make sure to quickly plan out your meal plan for the next 7 days.

So do yourself a favor and take the 20 minutes to write down your grocery list and meal plan for the week.

6) Clean up your workspace.

The next task will vary on how long it takes you depending on the general state of your workspace.

But hopefully this can be a pretty quick productive activity for you to do. Just take 20-30 minutes to declutter and organize your workspace.

This is so beneficial because when you have a more organized and cleaned up workspace you are setting yourself up to be able to focus better and stay more productive. Also, when you are cleaning it up focus on removing any distractions from your workspace if at all possible.

7) Write down your top 3 goals.

This is a super quick productivity task that can really help shake your laziness feelings and boost productivity.

That’s because when you start really thinking about your goals and dreams it helps you feel more motivated to start working towards them.

So even if you have your goals written down somewhere else you can still grab your notebook and jot down your current top 3 goals.

8) Update your weekly planner.

The next quick but really helpful productivity task is to update your weekly planner.

Take 20 minutes to go through your planner for the week and make sure everything is up to date and add any new information to it. Staying on top of your weekly planner and actually using one is seriously the best tip I have for you to be or stay more productive.

9) Unsubscribe from newsletters, stores, and services you don’t use.

This is honestly one of the most useful quick productivity activities that you can do.

Go through your phone and unsubscribe from apps, emails, newsletters, and any services that you don’t use anymore. That way you will get less distracting notifications and it helps to just generally declutter your life.

I recommend doing this at least twice a year because those subscriptions will quickly pile up again!

10) Listen to a personal growth or self improvement podcast.

This is a great productive activity if you don’t want to focus 100% of your effort on it.

You can listen to a self improvement podcast in the background while you clean, study, do work, etc. That way you aren’t using up time that you don’t necessarily have while still helping yourself become the best version of you!

11) Make a time log of your day.

Taking a minute or two every hour to jot down how you spend that hour is a quick and easy productivity task that can greatly improve your life.

When you know how you are spending your time you can start to figure out how you can spend your time better. So by using your time on a lazy day to log your time you can really get a great idea for how you can be more productive and efficient.

I know that doing productive activities isn’t something we usually want to do when we are feeling lazy.

So I hope this list of 11 quick productive tasks gives you some ideas of easy and quick things you can do to stay productive even when you don’t want to do much. And they hopefully help to put you into a more productive mood so you can have better days!


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