10 Self Care Ideas When You Only Have 30 Minutes

Self care is incredibly important. It’s important for your mental health. For clarity, for happiness, for physical health. And so many more aspects of your life! However, you don’t always have a lot of time available to practice self care. Sometimes you need quick self care! So below are 10 options for things you can do that take less than 30 minutes and will help you feel that you have taken care of yourself and prioritized your well-being today.

Self care does not need to be (and really shouldn’t be) an overwhelming and time consuming thing to do.

You should be able to incorporate self care elements quickly into your day so you can actually do consistent self care! So if you are looking for quick self care items then keep reading!

10 Self Care Ideas When You Only Have 30 Minutes. Quick self care ideas!

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10 Self Care Ideas When You Only Have 30 Minutes

{ Quick self care ideas }

Idea 1) Take a quick walk

This is one of the best self care options that you can do with little time because it has two big benefits.

The first benefit is that you get physical activity which is good for both your body and mind. A nice leisurely walk for 30 minutes will help your body waken up and it will give your brain a break from your normal views and routine which is incredibly helpful for if you are feeling anxious or sad right now.

The next benefit is the fresh air that comes with taking a walk. Fresh air is a fantastic way to make you feel better! If you can’t go for a walk then try either sitting outside for 30 minutes or if it’s too cold for that, try at least cracking open a window so you can breathe in some fresh air.

Idea 2) Do a face mask

Self care is all about taking care of yourself. And your skin is one of the many parts of yourself that you should be taking care of! Plus, face masks are fun and a great way to feel confident when you take one off and your skin is glowing.

Here are some of my favorite for different situations:

Aloe face masks – cooling and calming for irritated skin.

Tea Tree masks – clarifying for acne prone skin.

Pumpkin masks – toning for uneven skin.

Lavender masks – relaxing, great for any skin unless you’re sensitive to floral scents.

quick self care

Idea 3) Meditate

Meditation is an especially ideal choice for these 30 minutes of self care if you are feeling anxious or have a lot going on in your life right now. This is such an important but still quick self care idea.

There are hundreds of free meditation videos on YouTube and free apps you can download. Just try to find somewhere quiet that you can be alone to meditate.

It can be helpful to set up a peaceful area with some relaxing candles and a yoga mat.

Idea 4) Watch an upbeat YouTube video

Watching an upbeat YouTube video, or two, is a great way to put a smile on your face.

And smiling/laughing is one of my personal favorite forms of self care!

Watching content like YouTube is a way to “escape” for a little bit but make sure to watch something that is happy and upbeat so that you can help put yourself in a good mood before continuing on with your day.

Idea 5) Have a cup of tea

Tea is my favorite drink when I want to help my mood! Remember- tea is a “smile in a cup”. It is healthy and unlike coffee drinks, it typically will not make you jittery which is not the best thing for you when you are feeling down and looking for some self care.

If you are new to the tea world then I highly recommend trying a tea variety pack so you can find out what your favorites are. This variety pack is by Tazo which is also where Starbucks teas are from!

Idea 6) Gratitude journal

Gratitude journals are a great way to bring some self care into your daily routine and they only take about 10-15 minutes out of your day. Try adding them either into your morning routine or right before bed.

Either way, they are a great way to reflect on positives in your life and remind you that no matter how you feel there are positives to be thankful for. Even if they are something as small as “today was sunny”. It is great for your spirit to remember the blessings in your life.

Plus they are super affordable! This option is less than $10.

You can also just use any notebook you have and write the date and 1-5 things you are grateful for that day.

self care in less than 30 minutes

Idea 7) Stretch or do yoga

Stretching and/or yoga are fantastic for your mental and physical health and can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Yoga especially can really relax your mind while helping strengthen your body and even can provide a great workout if you want. There are hundreds of different yoga routines you can follow that are online for free.

Stretching is a little simpler, I recommend trying to incorporate 5-10 minutes of stretching and focused breathing before heading to bed each night. This can replace the yoga or be in addition!

Idea 8) Listen to a relaxing playlist

Relaxing playlists can be a self care items by themselves or can be combined into other ideas (like taking a walk). This is definitely one of my favorite quick and easy self care ideas.

If you don’t already have a relaxing playlist or if, like me, you aren’t that great at finding music and creating playlists then just use Spotify or Pandora and search for a relaxing playlist. Make sure to save if if you find one that you really like!

Idea 9) Write down 5 kind things about yourself

Self care should always be focused on being kind to yourself mentally and physically.

And one of the simplest and easiest ways you can be kind to yourself is by taking 10 minutes to write down 5+ kind things about yourself.

They can be about your appearance, your personality, your accomplishments. Anything that you can genuinely compliment yourself on is a healthy and wonderful way to be kind to yourself and perform self care.

Quick self care

Idea 10) Have a one man dance party

When in doubt, dance it out!

I saved this one for last because honestly it is my favorite form of self care. I started doing one man dance parties back in high school, long before I had ever heard the term “Self care” because unknowingly I was caring for myself.

Truly, I was listening to the music I loved and dancing around in my room like an idiot and letting my emotions and fears be forgotten about for a little while because I was too busy enjoying myself.

Self care is always important, even if you are just squeezing it into your busy schedule for 30 minutes once a week. Anything is better than nothing! So if you are looking for quick self care then I hope this was helpful for you and gives you the self care inspiration and ideas you were looking for.

Make sure to leave your favorite self care items in the comments to help inspire others.


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