Target Organization Favorites For 2021 Home Organizing

Who doesn’t love a good organization tool? I know I love them. And Target is one of my favorite places to find home organization tools. So I have done some shopping and evaluating for you and I am so excited to share my Target organization favorites for 2021 home organizing.

These are the helpful tools I have started using to get my home organized! When we moved into our first home in September of last year I was so overwhelmed trying to get the house organized so I have been on a mission since then to find affordable items to get my house organized.

My favorites are broke down into these categories: storage carts, shoe organizing, clothes organizing, decorative storage, kitchen organizing, and bathroom storage. So I hope there is something in here that will help you get your home organized!

If you also are looking for home organization tools that will help you get your home organized then keep reading for these Target organization favorites.

Target Organization Favorites For 2021 Home Organizing

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Target Organization Favorites For 2021 Home Organizing

Target Storage Carts

Target Organization Favorites For 2021 Home Organizing storage carts

Round Metal Utility Cart

This cart is a go to for spaces where you want something that is small but provides accessible storage. For example, in a guest bathroom without any built in shelving. Or at least that is where I use them!

Target Organization Favorites For 2021 Home Organizing

ECR4Kids 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart – Mobile Storage Organizer

This cart is a fantastic option for a kids room or for craft storage. There is also a teal option, purple, and gray so there is something for everyone.

Household Essentials 3 Shelf Rolling Utility Cart Light Ash

Originally when I got this one (though I think it’s a slightly different shade) I used it as a bar cart in our apartment! But now that we have a wet bar in our home I use it as a cute cart to hold my home workout gear. This is definitely a wood storage cart that you can use in so many different places and situations.

Shoe Target Organization Favorites

3 Tier Shoe Rack with Rustic Oak Finish Top Gray Metal – Threshold™

We actually have 3 of these that are next to each other in the laundry/mudroom and they are so perfect. I love that there is a top shelf rather than just more bars so it looks a lot nicer. Check this 3 tier shoe rack if you want a great entryway shoe storage situation.

Whitmor 4-Pair Boot Rack

This is for the shoes that don’t fit in the shoe rack above aka tall boots. I love that this keeps boots from slipping down and getting bent so it keeps boots in better shape!

Clothing organization essentials

Axis International 3pc Tank Top Hangers White

When I tell you that if you only get one thing on this list it needs to be this I am 100% serious. I am obsessed with tank top hangers. They save so much room in my closet and I don’t have to commit an entire dresser drawer to tank tops. They only take up the space of one hanger but can hold 16 tank tops (I don’t hang mine up like in the image, I put one tank top per hook).

mDesign Plastic Closet Home Storage Organizer Cube Bin Container, 4 Pack – Clear

Have you ever tried to use those fabric bins that collapse and don’t stay sturdy? Then these are the way to go! Plus I love that they are clear so you can see everything you have without having to dig through the whole bin.

Oceanstar Bamboo Folding X-Frame Laundry Hamper Sorter

They don’t have the exact pattern that I use available right now but they have simple grays and pinks that are just as cute! I love these because they hold sturdy while also being an easy to clean material.

Decorative Target organization favorites

Tall Round Paper 5MM Rope Basket Charcoal – Project 62™

Okay I will admit that my blankets in these baskets never look that cute but these baskets are great for so man different purposes. This one is currently on sale so definitely go check it out soon!

Target organization favorites wire basket

13″ Decorative Baskets Steel Black Rectangular – Room Essentials™

These are also some of my favorite baskets – there are so many uses and since they are wire they are really durable. I use these in the entertainment TV stand to control the chaos of game consoles, to hold wax melts, and so many other things. Highly recommend checking these out to get your home organized.

Target organization favorites set of four baskets

Lakeside Woven Seagrass Wicker Storage Baskets with Metal Frames – Set of 4

This is my favorite set of matching baskets at Target! They are useful for a bunch of different organization situations but they look cute no matter where you need to put them. But be warned they aren’t very deep.

Target organization favorites lidded woven cube

Karina Open Weave Lidded Cube – Opalhouse™

I am not usually a big fan of normal fabric lidded cubes. I feel like they get damaged easily so they aren’t worth it but this woven baskets is a lot stronger and better built so the lid doesn’t get damaged and become unusable right away. Though it is a lot more expensive than standard lidded cubes so keep that in mind!

Kitchen Organizing Tools From Target

Target organization favorites kitchen

Punched Metal Riser Shelf – Made By Design™

Shelf risers are so important if you feel like you have wasted vertical space in your cabinets. Which is how I felt when we moved into our home. So I got a couple of these and they have been so helpful.

Rubbermaid 18pc Plastic Food Storage Container Set Red

It took me way too long to toss out the old food storage containers we got years and years ago that weren’t usable anymore. But I am so glad that when I made the call to upgrade that this is the set I got! I love the different sizes and haven’t ran into a situation yet where one of them didn’t work.

OXO 3pc All Purpose Dispenser Set

OXO dispensers were the first housewarming gift we were given and I have been obsessed with them ever since! I love how they keep things to fresh and they keep everything visible so I know how much I have of each thing in my pantry better.

mDesign Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Refrigerator Storage Bin – 2 Pack, Clear

I got these a year or so ago and love them so much. I use one for cheese and one for beverages and I love that you can pull them out and look at everything in them. Which makes my fridge more organized and logical!

Bathroom Target Organizing Items

Target organization favorites vanity

6 Compartment Glass & Metal Vanity Tray Copper – Threshold™

This is a way cuter version than the plastic vanity holder I used for years! It can hold taller makeup items, brushes, lotions, etc. Definitely a great way to level up your bathroom and vanity area. There is a whole collection of these items as well if you want to really coordinate your vanity area.

Octagon Design Bathroom Tray Chrome – Home Details

Prefer silver? This item (and the collection) are perfect for organizing your bathroom. Or (like me) you can use them in a guest bathroom to elevate it and make it look more organized and put together by putting soaps, lotions, sprays on this silver tray. Just make sure that you know it needs cleaned with glass cleaner regular and are ready for adding that little chore to your cleaning.

mDesign Metal Toilet Paper Holder Stand/Dispenser, Shelf, 3 Rolls

You want to talk about really leveling up your bathroom? This toilet paper holder and shelf is so awesome. The shelf is perfect for setting your phone on it. Who says a toilet paper holder has to be boring. I am so obsessed with this and it’s perfect in our newly painted navy master bathroom!

I hope that this list of Target home organization items was helpful and gave you a good look into what I use for getting my home organized.

If this is something you all like I will do more posts with new organization tools and could do an Amazon and Container store editions as well because I also get so many organization items from them as well!

Best of luck getting your house organized and remember that


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