51 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness

Kindness is always in style.

Spread kindness. Spread positivity. Bring happiness into other lives whenever and wherever possible!

This positive mentality of spreading kindness is why I have created this list of 51 ideas that you can do to spread kindness in your community and hopefully put a smile on others faces.

What are random acts of kindness?

Random acts of kindness are when you perform an action of spreading kindness and positivity in someone else’s life or your community as a whole. They are generally less organized and therefore surprise others more when they are on the receiving end of a random act of kindness!

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  1. Pay for the person behind you in line at Starbucks
  2. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and collect trash
  3. Leave a kind note for your mailman/delivery men
  4. Tape a few dollars onto a vending machine
  5. Set up bird feeders in your neighborhood
  6. Keep an extra umbrella in your car for others
  7. Leave nice reviews for small businesses in your area
  8. Make your lose change jar for charity
  9. Keep extra reusable bags in your trunk
  10. Serve food at a homeless shelter not on a holiday
  11. Bring cookies to your local nursing home
  12. Buy a bouquet of roses and hand them out on the street
  13. Check for parking meters needing more change and add it
  14. Leave kind notes on your neighbors cars
  15. Pay for the next persons coffee
  16. Get Starbucks gift cards for teachers in your area
  17. Carry groceries to their car for others
  18. Learn to say hello and thank you in other languages
  19. Donate school supplies to your local school
  20. Leave water bottles for delivery drivers in the summer
  21. Water your neighbors flowers
  22. Bring in donuts and coffee for your coworkers
  23. Offer to take pictures for other families on vacation
  24. Mow the lawn for elderly neighbors
  25. Declutter your closet and donate the clothes
  26. Sign up for local mentorship programs
  27. Leave a generous tip for a waiter/waitress
  28. Rake your neighbors leaves
  29. Donate toys to local shelters
  30. Send random cards to loved ones who live far away
  31. Go on a social media compliment spree
  32. Make hot cocoa for your family in the winter
  33. Take charge of birthday cards for all coworkers
  34. Volunteer to walk dogs at the local animal shelter
  35. Feed birds in the park
  36. Buy your waiter/waitress dessert
  37. Leave money at a wishing fountain
  38. Reach out to old friends
  39. Pick up litter in the park
  40. Send a care package to a college student in your life
  41. Call an elderly relative just to say hi
  42. Offer to babysit for free for a new mother
  43. Leave tennis balls at the dog park
  44. Compliment strangers on the street
  45. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway after it snows
  46. Paint kindness rocks and leave around your neighborhood
  47. Stop at a kids lemonade stand
  48. Leave a plant/flowers on your neighbors porch
  49. Donate canned goods to a local food shelter
  50. Leave water bowls in the park for dogs in the summer
  51. Tell your loved ones how much you love them

Want to share this positive list? We would love that!

Make sure to comment more ideas of Random Acts of Kindness that you have done or want to do to spread more kindness into the world!


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