50 Items To Declutter Right Now

Decluttering is a super important part of getting your house organized. You will never truly feel like your home is organized and clean when there are un-necessary items in it that should be decluttered. So as I was decluttering my home last weekend I kept a list of everything that I was removing from my home to share with you all as ideas of where you can start decluttering your home! So keep reading for the 50 items to declutter right now.

And an organized home is a large part of being a more productive person. Your living space needs to be your LIVING space where you can work towards your goals and dreams but when it is cluttered full of unnecessary items that becomes difficult.

Which is why I want to share this list of 50 items to declutter right now. So you can get your home clutter free and organized too!

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Now let’s get to the list so you can start your decluttering journey.

50 Items To Declutter Right Now

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50 Items To Declutter Right Now

Reminder- decluttering does not mean just throwing everything in the trash! When possible try to donate or recycle items rather than trashing them.

I recommend getting a few tubs like these ones so you can keep a tub of things to donate, things to sell, and things to recycle. This will help make this decluttering journey easier and help it keep your house feel less crazy while you are decluttering!

  1. Clothes with stains or holes– you may be able to convert them into cleaning rags!
  2. Cords- if you can’t figure out what they go to, then get rid of them. Make sure to get an organizer for the ones you do need to keep.
  3. Outdated technology– there’s no need to have that MP3 player sitting in your junk drawer.
  4. Ripped pet toys
  5. Old (really any) catalogs– try to recycle if at all possible.
  6. Shoes that hurt your feet
  7. Old wallets- they tend to pile up quickly.
  8. Boxes– you really won’t use them for Christmas presents in 11 months.
  9. Expired beauty products
  10. Leftover crafting supplies – and get your remaining crafts organized asap!
  11. Old tools– nope you don’t need 7 hammers
  12. Unusable Tupperware
  13.  Dried out pens & markers – grab a piece of paper and check if they are dried out
  14. Board games
  15. Old phone accessories- your case and charger for an iPhone 4s are useless!
  16. Holiday decor– after every holiday donate any decor that didn’t get put up
  17. Old magazines and newspapers
  18. Canned food– time to check the expiration dates that haven’t been checked in a long time!
  19. Last years calendars and planners – get yourself a planner that you will love this year.
  20. Drink ware- purge your cups and mugs, you probably have way too many (we all do).
  21. Expired coupons- I love this coupon organizer, makes it easy to know what coupons I have!
  22. Mismatched socks– if you can’t find the match after 2 weeks then throw them out.
  23. Unused picture frames– if you aren’t using it now you probably won’t ever.
  24. Extra bedding 
  25. Unworn jewelry– and anything you can’t untangle.
  26.  Organization items– baskets/boxes/etc that aren’t being used
  27. Sample cosmetics
  28. Invites to past events
  29. Manuals- if you know how to use the item then toss them, plus most manuals can be found online now.
  30. Event clothes– any that you wore to a “big event” so you won’t wear them again
  31. Old uniforms/name tags
  32. Freezer food– they do expire too! Check expiration dates and be honest if you will actually use them ever. This is also a great time to get your freezer organized.
  33. Hats & scarves
  34. CDs– let’s be honest, you probably haven’t listened to a CD in years so stop letting them take up space.
  35. Unused cleaning supplies
  36. Old eye glasses & sunglasses- especially if they are scratched.
  37. Duplicate kitchen items– you don’t need 2 extra microwaves!
  38. Books- focus on ones you won’t read again
  39. Pajamas– if you haven’t worn them in 2 months then donate them, most people have way more PJs than they actually wear.
  40. Dried out nail polish
  41. Old notebooks
  42. Condiments- check expiration dates and think about when anyone used it last.
  43. Wall decor– if it hasn’t been put up then donate it.
  44. Fitness equipment– if you haven’t used the thigh crusher 2000 in 5 years then get it out of your house.
  45. Event t-shirts- any t-shirts from old events/teams/schools etc that you don’t actually wear.
  46. Overly loved pet toys
  47. Hair Styling tools– you only need one of each!
  48. Plants– if they are dead (be honest with yourself) then it’s time to say goodbye.
  49. Recipe books/cards– it’s 2020, time to go digital.
  50. Tea or coffee beans you will never drink

This is your year! Get your home decluttered and organized so that you have the time and space to be your most productive self this year.

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