Powerful Daily Tips For Improved Self Motivation

Struggling with self motivation? Can’t shake feeling unmotivated in your life? Don’t worry, most people do! But there are things that you can do every day that will help to improve your self motivation and we are going to talk in detail about them today!

But before we get into the daily tips for self motivation we need to talk about why it’s so important.

Why is improving your self motivation so important?

  • You are so much more likely to go for it and commit to doing great at something if you are pushing yourself. It’s ideal for motivation to come from within rather than from someone else.
  • With self motivation you have control. If you lean on something outside of yourself for motivation then it can go away and not be within your control.
  • You are more aware of where and when you can improve yourself when you provide your own motivation.

So as you can see, self motivation is super important! Which means learning how to work on this daily is so helpful for living a better life and improving yourself. Now let’s get into the daily tips so you can stop feeling unmotivated!

Powerful daily tips for improved self motivation!

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Powerful Daily Tips For Improved Self Motivation

Tip 1) Look for areas of improvement every day.

The first daily tip to keep you from feeling unmotivated to to search for areas of improvement every day.

There may be a couple of big areas that hold you back and make you feel unmotivated. But on the day to day there is little things that are stopping your motivation and that you can improve on.

For example, some days you may have a harder time staying focused than other days. So that day you will really need to pay attention to that need area and really work on your self motivation for addressing that area of improvement.

Tip 2) Allow yourself breaks to fight feeling unmotivated.

Be patient with yourself and allow yourself breaks!

This is an essential tip for really staying motivated in the long run.

Did you know that breaks actually help your productivity and motivation? When you take short and strategically timed breaks you actually help yourself have improved self motivation.

This is because when you take a break you allow your brain to be refreshed and able to really focus on what you need to when you return from the break. I have a full guide on taking breaks here that can help you with this!

Tip 3) Celebrate all of your wins.

This is my favorite motivation tip!

Celebrating your wins helps your mind realize that all of this effort and self motivation is working.

So I recommend doing something little like treating yourself to Starbucks or even just patting yourself on the back figuratively when you have accomplished something! This will help you stay motivated because you know that it is working and you are rewarding and celebrating your accomplishments.

Tip 4) Learn at least one small thing daily.

Self motivation is all about personal growth and personal development.

And in order to improve your self motivation you need to focus on that growth. Which leads to one of the most important ways to improve as a person- learning!

This can be as simple as reading a few chapters from a non fiction book or listening to an educational/factual podcast on your way to work.

Putting in effort to improve yourself with help you grow into a person that has more self motivation. Plus, putting in daily effort to focus on self growth will also help you practice daily self control.

How to really better your self motivation to stop feeling unmotivated!

Tip 5) Remember and focus on your goals daily.

Self motivation needs to come from within. Which means that you need to remind yourself daily of why you are doing this all.

Taking a minute every morning to think about your goals and why you are working so hard can really help with your self motivation. Remember- self motivation can’t come from anyone else! It needs to be all you and your own thoughts and actions.

Tip 6) Learn how to prioritize better.

Prioritizing is a very actionable tip for fighting the feeling of unmotivated.

If you aren’t practicing and feeling confident in your prioritization skills then you are missing out on some important parts of motivation!

Learning to focus on the most important tasks to YOU is a huge part of becoming a more self motivated person.

I recommend starting with just working on daily to do lists (here’s a cute pad!) to help you start doing daily prioritizing.

Tip 7) Practice daily accountability.

If you truly want to improve your self motivation you absolutely need to improve and practice consistent daily self accountability.

Putting effort into improving yourself by holding yourself accountable will help you start to stick to things and become more motivated.

I recommend working every day on internally and externally working on not blaming others or situations and making sure you ask yourself when something goes wrong “what did I do and how can I improve from this?”.

Tip 8) Talk positively to and affirm yourself every day.

Practicing daily affirmations and positive self talk is so helpful for not only your mental wellness but also your motivation!

If you pump yourself up and speak kindly to yourself you are so much more likely to feel more inspired and motivated.

If you struggle with positive self talk and positive affirmations then you can try a book like this which gives you daily guidance and prompts for positive self talk and positive affirmations.

Tip 9) Work on tuning out negative influences.

If you want to stay focused and motivated you will need to learn to tune out others and negativity.

The best part of self motivation is that you don’t need to lean on anyone else to keep you motivated. It can be really difficult to tune out those negative influences but putting in effort to not let someone else stop your motivation is so essential for bettering your life.

How to become a self motivated person!

Tip 10) Re-evaluate on a daily basis for improved long term self motivation.

The final tip is one we talk about a lot of improving yourself and making sure you aren’t unmotivated in the future. And that is to re-evaluate often.

If you want to better your motivation levels in the long run and become a self motivated person then you need to re-evaluate when your life changes. When something changes in your life then your daily strategies, priorities, and lifestyle will change.

And so many people forget to re-evaluate when something changes and that can lead to a lack of focus and a lack of self motivation!


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