How To Have More Energy In One Month: Energy Boosting Tips!

Tired of feeling tired? Then you probably need to learn how to manage and increase your energy levels in a safe and healthy manner. I have researched, tried, and compiled the ultimate tools for how to have more energy in one month.

Before we fully dive into how you can have more energy in one month we are going to look through the signs that you are too low on energy and why you might be low on energy.

You will need to understand IF you are low on energy and WHY you are low on energy before you can start correctly increasing your energy levels.

Note: I am not a doctor and not offering any medical advice! If you believe there is any medical reasons for your low energy then please seek medical advice immediately and do not make any drastic changes to your lifestyle until speaking with a medical professional!

What to know before you learn about how to have more energy in one month!

Signs you are low on energy:

  • It’s really difficult to wake up and get out of bed in the morning.
  • Feeling unmotivated every day of the week.
  • Increased feelings of depression and/or anxiety.
  • Not being able to stay up as late as you used to.
  • Feeling foggy and unable to focus on tasks.

Possible reasons you are low on energy:

  • You are too stressed out/worrying too much.
  • Might not getting enough good quality sleep at night.
  • You are possibily eating a poor diet.
  • Another reason could actually be consuming TOO much caffeine.
  • You are eating too much or too little.
  • Low energy could be from drinking too much alcohol.
  • You are not feeling well mentally.
how to have more energy in one month!

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How To Have More Energy In One Month

Helpful energy boosting tips and tricks

Tip 1: form a regular sleep schedule

The first serious tip I have that I have tested and am so thankful for is to start forming a regular sleep schedule.

I used to go to sleep at different times every night and get up at different times on weekends vs weekdays and it left me with no consistency in my sleep schedule.

I switched to having a 45 minute bed time window and a 30 minute wake-up window and that consistency in my sleep schedule has significantly increase the quality of my sleep. And by increasing the quality of my sleep I have felt much more energy.

It has also been way easier to wake up in the mornings!

For more tips on how to sleep better at night check out: Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep.

Tip 2: stay hydrated

The next tip is to consistently stay hydrated. Being hydrated is one of the most common reasons you are suddenly feeling low on energy but thankfully it is the easiest to fix.

Try getting a water bottle with hourly markings so you can easily monitor your water consumption to make sure you are getting enough water each day.

I recommend actually calculating how much water you should drink daily based on your height, weight, and gender but a good general rule is to strive for 1 gallon of water a day.

Tip 3: keep your caffeine intake under control

If you are over caffeinated you won’t actually be increasing your energy you are just giving yourself an artificial rush that will cause you to crash harder at the other side.

A coffee in the morning and a pop in the evening is totally fine! But if you are drinking multiple energy drinks every day then you are going to overall hurt your energy levels. So try to decrease and monitor your caffeine levels throughout the day so that you can have more healthy, natural energy.

Tip 4: get regular and consistent exercise

Maintaining a healthy and consistent exercise schedule is another great way to start having more energy in just one month. If you start working out 5x a week for a whole month you’ll start to experience all the health benefits including increases in your energy levels.

Plus there are a lot of other amazing benefits to regularly working out so it is a win-win!

Tip 5: monitor your vitamin levels

This can be a more complex step than some of the others especially if you are new to taking vitamins but it can really help you boost your energy levels in a healthy way.

How? Because being deficient in certain vitamins can cause decreased energy levels. The main one that people end up being deficient in is Vitamin D- especially in the winter months because you probably aren’t getting as much vitamin D from the sun.

I really recommend talking with a medical professional about your vitamin levels because they can help you more than you can by guessing! For now though try starting with a multivitamin.

Tip 6: eat a healthy balanced diet

Healthy diets are another thing that can help with so many aspects of your life but one of those major areas is your energy levels.

If you are eating a lot of fast food, sweets, and junk food then your body has to basically fight against those foods and struggles to get the nutrients it needs to function and provide you with energy.

This can be a challenging task if you are new to eating a healthier habit so check out 11 Tips To Eat Healthier and 100 Items For Your Healthy Grocery List.

Something I love to have in the morning is Verb energy bars (you can shop for them here). They are healthy and have a regulated amount of caffeine in them. And they even taste good even though they are actually healthy!

Tip 7: stretch and/or do yoga daily

Grab your yoga mat and start incorporating yoga and or stretching into your morning or night routine.

If you don’t make it a set plan to incorporate this tip into your actual daily routines then this step will be easily forgotten. So set it into one part of your daily routine.

Stretching and yoga both wake up your body which helps you produce more natural energy. Try doing this for 15-20 minutes every day for a month and watch your energy levels start to steadily increase!

Tip 8: create an efficient morning routine

If you don’t wake up properly you won’t set yourself up for a successful day and can feel like you never properly woke up. And that feeling can result in feeling tired and less energetic all day.

I have a few guides and tips for creating this efficient morning routine that will help you have more energy:



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