7 Things To Do on Sundays for a Better Week

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Sundays can make or break the productivity of your week. Take the time on Sunday to make the rest of your week smoother and more efficient. Everyone has different things they need to do on Sunday to get ready for their week but here is 7 things that I recommend doing!

  1. Determine weekly goals
  2. Complete your planner
  3. Meal prep
  4. Do your laundry
  5. Prep your outfits
  6. Do a general cleaning session
  7. Pamper yourself


1. Determine weekly goals

Take time to look at what you really want to accomplish this week. This could include your fitness goals (want to get 10,000 steps every day? or hit the gym 5 times?) or want to cook dinner every week day? Write these goals down. Seeing your goals on paper will help you truly accomplish these goals.

2. Complete your planner

Planners will make or break the overall productivity for the week. Knowing what deadlines you have, bills due, assignments you need to work on, errands to run, etc. that are coming up that week can prevent you from missing things or running around finishing things at the last minute.

I have lots of posts for using your planner including 5 reasons your planner isn’t working and a couple Plan With Me’s. Check them out if you want to step up your planner game.

If you are looking for an awesome week by week planner then I highly recommend the one I use which is by Me and My Big Idea’s – their classic Happy Planner.


3. Meal prep/plan

This doesn’t necessarily mean batch cooking your lunches and dinners for the week. Though, if you do that then you are AWESOME. But for those of us (like me) that get bored having the same meal multiple times then this is extra important. Write down whatever meals you will need to plan. For me it’s just dinners! So I write down what I am going to make for 5 dinners and then I make an ingredients list from that.

Note- part of this is making sure that you get groceries on Sunday. Don’t try to push that off to Monday because that’s a recipe for having a busy Monday and ending up grabbing fast food instead of cooking the meal you planned above.

4. Do your laundry

No one wants to be struggling to find clean clothes when it gets to Thursday! So do yourself and your mornings a favor and get your laundry all cleaned, folded, and put away by the end of Sunday. Don’t fall into the trap of washing your clothes and then living out of a clean laundry basket… to make this step work you need to make sure you put the laundry away!!

5. Prep your outfits

Look through your planner for the week and what outfits you will need. For myself I plan out 5 work outfits and depending on my week I’ll plan out after work outfits. Especially if I know I am going to be in a rush to get to my after work event.

I like to make sure that I plan to wear new clothes (I tend to reach for my favorites if I don’t put effort into trying new outfits). New dress you bought because it was cute but don’t have a specific event for it? Then try to wear it to your next dinner date. Prepping your outfits will help make sure you are getting the most out of your wardrobe.


6. Do a general cleaning session

Get your cleaning done on Sunday so you do not have to worry about it throughout the week. Do you have a place in your house that tends to collect “stuff”? Don’t worry everyone is guilty of it! But make sure that you get that area cleaned off before the week starts. It will make your home feel significantly cleaner.

While you’re at it try to clean any high-traffic areas of your home. Coming home from a long Monday at work to a clean house feels wonderful.

7. Pamper yourself

After working hard to get your week smooth then it is time to relax, turn on Netflix, and pamper yourself! Do a face mask. Paint your nails. Eat some ice cream. Enjoy the end of your weekend and make sure it ends on a good note.


Remember- Sunday’s can make you have a significantly better week!




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