24 Things To Do When I’m 24: Twenties Bucket List!

Wow I finally made it to 24. And seriously 2020 was the year that I actually doubted if I would make it to my next birthday. So far 2020 has not been kind to me though I do believe almost everyone is in that boat! But that isn’t going to stop me for making my annual birthday bucket list. So keep reading for ideas for your twenties bucket list too!

Twenties bucket list

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What is my annual birthday bucket list?

It is a bucket list of items that I really want to do before my next birthday.

It’s a combination of things that are fun, things that will help me grow, things that inspire me, and everything in between!

I kept the main points pretty generic so they can hopefully inspire you to create an annual bucket list and give you some ideas, especially if you are also in your twenties!

Something to note- if you don’t accomplish everything on your bucket list this year, or if you are looking back at last years and didn’t accomplish everything, that is okay!

These are to inspire and encourage you to reach for your dreams and to have fun! So strive for greatness but don’t let it cost you your happiness. This should only increase your happiness not decrease!

24 Things To Do When I’m 24: Twenties Bucket List!

1) Take a weekend trip to somewhere new

I have my favorite weekend trip locations like Nashville and Chicago but I want to try somewhere new this year. I’m thinking Asheville? But leave any recommendations in the comments!

2) Treat myself to something pricey on the first day I want it

Treat yo self! I usually take a really long time debating on most purchases and doing research which is good. But this year I am wanting to just one time make a pricey purchase without over thinking it. Within moderation of course, I’m talking like a new camera not a new car!

3) Try a new cuisine

I definitely have my favorite cuisines but I want to try something new, different, and out of my comfort zone this year.

4) Try 3 different fitness classes

I took my first ever fitness class this past year and I want to try out some different ones this year. Leave those recommendations in the comments too!

5) Start learning a new language

I’m really lacking in my knowledge of other languages and I want to start the process of becoming fluent in a different language. I took entry level classes in German and Spanish so I will probably focus on one of those two.

6) Take a vacation to a new country

Hopefully I will be able to visit a new country this year! Not sure where but regardless it will be a fun new adventure.

7) Start a YouTube channel or Podcast

Not sure which one yet… but I really want to focus on expanding my creative skills this year into either a YouTube channel or a podcast.

8) Take an adrenaline risk

I am definitely guilty of losing my love for adrenaline. I used to be quite the risk taker and I want to get back to some of that passion!

9) Unfollow everyone who doesn’t bring me joy

This is something I truly recommend everyone should do! Social media can be a very toxic world if you aren’t careful with who you expose yourself to. So I want to do a really honest purge of who I follow on social media.

10) Go to a local event I haven’t attended before

I admit that I have my favorite events but I want to try some new ones and get to know my city better.

11) Re-create my wardrobe

This isn’t just donating and decluttering- I want to completely re-invent my wardrobe. Stay tuned for how that goes!

Update: I have been making huge progress on this. And I have to share with my fellow twenty something women this “braless” top from Free Reign which is literally life changing. So comfy but easy to style and can be worn in a bunch of different scenarios.

12) Take a trip to Vegas with friends

Last year I took my first trip to Vegas with my BF and it was one of my favorite trips! The food, the entertainment, the hotels (I did get my degree in Hospitality Management!) it was all so fun and I really want to go back with more people this year.

13) Take a photography class

Photography is a skill that I started learning at a young age from my photographer mother but I definitely have skills I am missing that I want to take formal classes on. Taking classes as an adult in skills you are passionate about can really enhance your life!

14) Do training classes with my dog

As adorable and sweet as my energetic dog is she definitely could benefit from some advanced classes, maybe even agility courses.

15) Learn how to actually make drinks

Not saying I want to be a bartender but I can pretty much only make a margarita so I’m going to find some YouTube videos to teach me.

16) Read at least 1 book a month

Time to put my Kindle to good use and read a book a month.

17) Start hiking

Hiking is a hobby I have been very interested in getting back into. Going to order some new gear to help motivate and encourage me to get back out there and start hiking again.

18) Create my own long-term home decor

This bucket list item is a mixture of my interest in crafting and having more long term home decor that I won’t want to donate every year.

19) Try to master calligraphy

I have started this already but I want to really, truly learn how to master calligraphy.

20) Complete a journal cover to cover

Journaling is something I love but I am completely guilty of starting and stopping it over and over but this year I want to start again and complete a journal cover to over.

21) Say yes to new friendships

I have found myself in the past being skeptical of new friendships but I am going to start saying yes to happy hours and cycle classes with new friends this year!

22) Master my skincare routine

I have tried approximately 200 different skincare routines and they all haven’t worked or I haven’t committed enough so before I turn 25 I want to find the skincare routine that works and that I can stick to.

23) Practice positive affirmations

I am a beginner at this but I want to find and start practicing daily positive affirmation every morning.

24) Work towards the career of my dreams

Without making this post 3,000 words long I will leave it at this but I am so excited for what this year will hold for my career!

Twenties bucket list

I would love to hear about some of your bucket list items for this year!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see what gets accomplished from this list!



  • Great ideas… me and my bf came up with some stuck home ones. We bought a book for tiki drinks and try a new one every week. We note what to keep lol. Also learned diy lattes/mochas. Planted pretty flowers, meditated is now a skill, got a side job, learned to knitt, started a blog, and found couple hobby we both like target archery.

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