25 Self Improvement Activities That Only Take 30 Minutes

Working on improving and bettering yourself doesn’t have to be a commitment that takes hours out of your day every single day. There are self improvement activities that are quick and won’t take away from your already existing commitments. If this sounds more your speed then keep reading for these 30 self improvement activities that only take 30 minutes.

Chances are if you are reading this you know that it is good for you to work on self improvement. But in case you don’t understand the full extent of the benefits I want to quickly chat about the reasons it is so important to work on self improvement and complete self improvement activities!

Why is self improvement activities so important to do?

Because working on yourself is the only way that you can achieve new goals. You won’t achieve your goals that you haven’t previously achieved by staying the same.

And making a conscious effort to improve yourself in ANY way will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. Self improvement efforts will immediately help you start growing as a person so you can experience self growth. Because any time you work on bettering yourself you will experience self growth.

So now that we have chatted about why self improvement is so important let’s get into this list of self improvement activities that you can complete in under 30 minutes.

25 Self Improvement Activities That Only Take 30 Minutes

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25 Self Improvement Activities That Only Take 30 Minutes

Quick self improvement ideas:

Activity 1: Set goals for the month.

Goal setting is such an important thing. Daily goals, weekly goals, annual goals. And monthly goals is no exception!

I recommend using a planner or a notebook that you can check and see regularly. 

I strong believe in the power of keeping goals visible. So try to keep these monthly goals somewhere you can see daily to help keep you inspired and motivated. 

Also, it’s important to make actionable steps for your monthly goals. 

If you need some inspiration and ideas for monthly goals to set then check out this post here!

Activity 2: Start reading a new book

Of course it will take more than a half hour to read most books. But just starting a new book can encourage you to keep reading and keeping bettering yourself through the power of books.

Reading is one of the best things to do in your free that can expand your knowledge. And is just generally good for you to do regularly. I do recommend considering getting a Kindle if you like as a self improvement activity because it is a great way to be able to quickly get a new book when you finish yours. And takes up so much less space!

Activity 3: Plan time for hobbies & fun.

This may not seem like an overly obvious self improvement activities but it is important. 

You can’t work on bettering yourself if you are sticking to an all work and no play lifestyle.

So make sure you are prioritizing some fun and making time for your hobbies. Add that time into your planner and/or calendar so you can ensure you are making the time in your month for some fun. If you don’t have time for fun and hobbies then you are at high risk for burning out. And you can’t better your life if you are burnt out!

Activity 4: Put together a productive before bed routine.

Having a productive before bed routine is a wonderful way to better your nights. And in general set you up for more productive days in general. Looking for ideas and inspiration for your productive before bed routine? Then check out what my before bed routine is.

Activity 5: Make your bed.

This is such a quick and easy activity to do.

Yet having your bed made has a ton of great benefits so you might as well go quickly do this activity. And it can really make you feel like you have your life together.

Activity 6: Watch a Ted Talk.

Find some that focus on areas you want to improve and better about yourself. Spending your free time by learning about your interests or your career aspirations is a wonderful way to spend your extra time. 

There is seriously a Ted Talk (or other similar speech based informative videos) out there for any interests you have.

Activity 7: Find an online course to take.

There is an online course for seriously anything that you want to learn about which is insane. And even better, there are usually free ones you can find as well!

This is a great thing to do in your free time that can really help you better yourself.

Activity 8: Put together a Sunday routine plan

Sunday routines are so helpful for having better weeks! And your free time is a great opportunity to actually put together your Sunday routine.

Here is a list of ideas you can add to your Sunday routine if you are looking for inspiration. 

Activity 9: Listen to a personal growth or self improvement podcast.

This is definitely one of my favorite free time actives! Podcasts are a fantastic tool for improving yourself and expanding your knowledge. There are podcasts out there for just about anything that you want to learn about or improve about yourself.

Activity 10: Pick a bad habit you want to break.

Bad habits take a lot of time and effort to break. Which means that your free time is probably going to be needed in order to help you break a bad habit. Breaking a bad habit is one of the best things you can truly do for improving and bettering yourself. And it feels so rewarding when you successfully break a bad habit. 

Need more tips and advice for breaking bad habits? Then here is the steps you need to start this!

Activity 11: Do energy boosting items

Improving your energy is something in the long run you will be so happy you did. Definitely one of the free time activities that will help you have a better life where you can get more done. Here is 10 additional tips for improving your energy levels.

Activity 12: Make a vision board.

Vision boards are an incredible tool for helping you figure out what you want for your life. And what the next steps it will take to make that life happen.

So take the 20-30 minuets that it takes and make yourself a digital vision board that you can use to inspire and guide you.

Activity 13: Start a habit tracker to build positive habits. 

Creating and sticking to a habit tracker is one of the things to do in free time to really improve yourself. 

If you don’t feel like doing a full DIY habit tracker you can get one like this on Amazon!

Either way though this is a great thing to do in your free to to help you develop new and better habits.

Activity 14: Make a bucket list.

With similar logic to the vision board, a bucket list is another great way that you can inspire and guide yourself. And encourage you to reach for goals that you wouldn’t normally aim for!

Activity 15: Disconnect from the internet for an hour and turn off phone notifications. 

This is a wonderful way to live more in the moment especially during your free time. 

Grab your phone and turn it off and for an hour don’t have any screen time. There are lots of other ideas on this list for what you can do when your phone is off but I do want to remind you of the importance of disconnecting for at least a bit every day during your extra time.

Activity 16: Take a personality test. 

Personality tests are not only fun ways to get to know yourself better but they can also be incredible self improvement tools. 

They can really show you where the opportunities for improvement and growth are for you. Just head to google and search personality test + an area of your life you are interested in improving. There is something out there for any part of your life you are trying to improve on.

Activity 17: Start to create a life binder.

I recommend heading over to Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration for this free time activity. 

Grab an affordable thick binder (here is one) and start adding the pages to your life binder that are relevant to your life and bettering your life. This is also a wonderful way to start really getting your life organized.

Activity 18: Journal.

Journaling is a great way to work on bettering yourself and getting in touch with yourself.

Here is a few different posts I have on journal prompts for different scenarios/stages in your life:

Activity 19: Meditate for 30 minutes

Meditation is one of the free time activities that is so relaxing and that I truly recommend you doing regularly. 

There are lots of free guided meditations that you can find on YouTube!

Activity 20: Do a brain game.

You can do a physical brain game or (this is what I prefer) get an app. There are so many apps with games that can help keep your brain engaged!

This is definitely one of the most fun quick self improvement activities that you can do.

Activity 21: Letter writing.

Writing letters to your past and future self is an amazing technique for practicing and experiencing self growth and self improvement.

You can either write letters to yourself at different points in the past to reflect on your past self. Or you can write letters to your future self so you can really be truthful with yourself about what you want in the future. And where you are now which is mainly where the self growth and bettering of you comes into play!

Just grab an affordable set of letter writing tools (here is some) and you can keep the letters to read later when you need them. Especially when you are feeling the need to get grounded. 

Activity 22: Say 10 affirmations.

Saying affirmations is a quick yet very efficient way to work on bettering yourself.

I have a few posts with lists of my favorite affirmations for you to check out:

Activity 23: Start making prioritized to do lists.

If you have been around here for a bit then you would know I absolutely swear by the importance of daily to do lists. 

But in order to truly be productive and do more daily (which is key to self improvement) you need to take it to the next level and make sure you are prioritizing your daily to do list. This isn’t hard though! Just go through after you make your to do list and number it. Start with 1 and work your way down in order of importance.

Activity 24: Learn to be more efficient with emails.

Emails are something that can weigh all of us down. We can get stuck constantly checking them and getting pulled in a million different directions.

Take the 30-ish minutes of time to learn to be efficient with your emails. Ideally try to only check them 3-4 times a day and schedule the time in between them to complete necessary tasks from the emails before you open any more. But depending on your job that may need to be more or less times throughout the day! This can really lead to better days which goes hand in hand with improving yourself.

Activity 25: Start automating tasks. 

Technology is your friend!

In any situation where you can use technology to help make tasks quicker, easier, and automated that is better.

For example, if you can create email response templates do that. If you can automate certain emails going to certain folders then do that! Automating tasks and using technology can really help you be more productive. This tip for how to be more productive can also help you waste less time in your day so it’s a win-win.


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