New Month, New Goals: 68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set!

The start of each month is a wonderful fresh start. An opportunity to set new and fresh goals to help you have the best month you can have. Which is why I am so excited to share this huge list of monthly goals! If you are looking for goals to set then keep reading for this new month, new goals inspired list of 68 monthly goals ideas to set!

But before we fully jump into the list I want to quickly chat about some helpful goal setting tips and tricks.

Helpful tips and advice for setting new monthly goals:

  • Make sure that every goal you set has actionable steps that you can know you are definitely taking.
  • Also make sure that the goals are measurable. So you can see your progress and know if you have successfully completed the goal.
  • Keep your monthly goals list visible so that you can have daily motivation and inspiration to keep working on them.
  • Always be patient with yourself if you don’t hit a goal by it’s deadline. It’s so much better to have tried and missed than to have not tried at all.
  • Be realistic about the amount of time you really have in the month to complete your goals. Are they even goals that can be completed in a month?
  • But also don’t underestimate yourself- you are capable of achieving incredible things!

So now that we have chatted about those tips lets really get into the list of monthly goals ideas that you can start setting! Also, these goals are broke down into these categories to make them easier to navigate: health/wellness goals, financial goals, self improvement goals, personal growth goals, fun goals, and organization goals.

Also, want to hear me go more into depth with these ideas? Then check out this YouTube video here!

New Month, New Goals: 68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set!

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New Month, New Goals

68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set:

Health/ Wellness Goals

1: Get 10k steps a day- or whatever is the best step goal for you and your lifestyle.

2: Keep a habit journal – this will help you build new positive habits!

3: Get at least 10 minutes of fresh air every day.

4: Drink more water daily- try a water bottle like this with hourly lines on it to help!

5: Substitute one pop (or coffee or energy drink) a day for tea.

6: Make it a goal to start every morning with a glass of water.

7: Start waking up earlier in the morning- I have some tips for this here.

8: Set a fruits/vegetable daily intake goal!

9: Make your doctor/health/etc appointments for the month.

10: Do a 30 day fitness challenge (or any 30 day health related challenge).

11: Create a healthy night time routine- here’s some ideas for it

12: Try a couch to 5k challenge this month.

13: Consider setting a goal to have a dry month and cut out alcohol for the month.

14: Reevaluate your sleep schedule- here’s some helpful sleep tips.

Financial Goals

1: Set a detailed budget for the month.

2: Sell your unused clothing online- it’s a bonus that this helps to declutter your home.

3: Do a full no-spend month.

4: Learn to make coffee you love at home (can save so much money in the long run).

5: Determine one new way to save money such as couponing or cutting out a subscription service you don’t use often.

6: Try setting a goal to not eat out for the whole month to save a lot of money.

7: Make it a goal to use a money tracker (like this one) if you don’t already.

Self Improvement Goals

1: Pick a bad habit and work on eliminating it –here’s my post on how to break a bad habit in one month.

2: Set a goal to do a daily to do list every day for the month.

3: Refresh your resume- here are 20 resume tips to help.

4: Learn a new word everyday- get an app for this and watch your vocabulary grow!

5: Make a list of things that challenge you and accomplish at least one this month.

6: Substitute some of your normal TV time for documentaries instead.

7: Get a certificate in something new- it can be related to your education/career or not at all!

8: Work on learning to prioritize- start prioritizing all of your to do lists. 

9: Attend a networking event (in person or online).

10: Try a goal to make your bed every morning this month.

Personal Growth Goals

1: Start a gratitude journal- here’s a guided one to get you started

2: Do a complete social media detox. 

3: Start volunteering (or volunteering more) in your community as a goal this month.

4: Spend less time on your phone and be more present in the moment.

5: Do 5 positive affirmations every day.

6: Give out at least 3 compliments to people every day.

7: Make a plan to check in on your mental health once a day- usually at the end of the day.

8: Start attending therapy if you don’t already.

9: Try out a new hobby that you have been wanting to try.

10: Start journaling every day, this goal can be journaling about so many different things.

11. Donate to a cause that you are passionate about.

12: Practice self care at least one a week for the whole month.

13: Start meditating for a bit every morning.

14. Try learning a new (and ideally better) stress management technique.

15: Make it a goal to practice daily optimism this month.

Fun Goals

1: Participate in more community events.

2: Read a new book every week for the month.

3: Do 3 things out of your comfort zone!

4: Learn how to cook a new recipe every week.

5: Take an online course on something you want to learn!

6: Do random acts of kindness- here is 51 ideas for random acts of kindness

7: Make an effort to make your home and life more sustainable and better for the earth.

8: Buy yourself flowers twice a month this year. 

9: Make it a goal to start learning a new language.

10: Attend a new community event/festival/etc this month that you never have before.

11: Make it a goal to meet new people this month.

Organization Goals

1: Do a deep cleaning challenge in the first month- here’s one I made!

2: Try out some new time management techniques and systems.

3: Spend 15 minutes every day cleaning this month (it will help you spend less time overall cleaning!).

4: Set a goal to organize under all of the sinks in your home (they tend to get messy fast).

5: Declutter your home- try this 18 day decluttering challenge

6: Clean up your linen closet and make sure you are actually using everything.

7: Make it a goal to get your important papers organized this month.

8: Get your digital files organized- here is my video on how to do a full Digital declutter.

9: Set a goal to get your phone super organized- I have tips for this too!

10: Get your garage organized- it isn’t fun but you will be happy you did.

11: Clean out your purse (or wallet) this month.

New Month, New Goals: 68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set!

Additional tips about monthly goals and being successful with “new month, new goals”:

Setting monthly goals can become an essential part of improving yourself and working towards creating the life of your dreams.

But I do want to remind you again to start small!

Don’t make a list of 40 monthly goals ideas and try to accomplish them all. Chances are you will get overwhelmed and quit or worse you will try for too long and suffer from a complete burnout. It’s so important to be patient with yourself and to remember that growth is gradual.

So implement a handful of new goals this month (I recommend4-6) and make sure to make a plan too. You will need to make a list below each goal of the actionable steps that you need to do in order to achieve that goal. By making that goal plan it will increase the chances you are truly successful at achieving your monthly goals.

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