43 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get To Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself can be a roller coaster journey when you are working on growing as a person. However, it is a journey that is essential to discovering the best version of yourself! Which is why today I am chatting with you about these helpful 43 questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself.

One of the best ways to ask yourself these questions is to journal about them Write down the question as the journal prompt and then complete your answer. I also recommend coming back to your answers in the future to see how you have grown and changed over time! And don’t be afraid to ask these questions to yourself regularly because as you grow as a person your answers to many of these questions will change.

If you are just starting to journal then I do recommend getting a journal that will hold up like this oneand pens that won’t bleed through like these!

Having the right supplies is definitely important for successfully continuing to journal and enjoying it.

So now let’s get into this list of questions to ask yourself to get to know yourself better!

43 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get To Know Yourself

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43 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get To Know Yourself

Get to know yourself better by asking these questions:

Question 1: What are the 3 things I would like to improve about myself?

Knowing what you truly want to improve about yourself is not only a great question to ask for bettering yourself and growing as a person but also for getting a better idea of what you want from yourself. Which is an essential thing to know when getting to know yourself!

Question 2: What things have been on my to do list for a long time?

Anything that is on your to do list for a long time is probably not important. If it is able to just not get done then it is either not essential to your life or it really doesn’t matter to you. An overlooked part of learning what is the most important priorities to you is also learning what is not important and what is not actually a priority in your life and gives you insight about yourself.

Question 3: What are my favorite personality traits about myself?

Understanding who you are definitely involves thinking about your personality traits. Especially the ones that you are proud of and are traits that you consider to be your favorites.

Question 4: What are your biggest motivations in life?

Understanding what is motivating you and pushing you to keep going and improve yourself is key to knowing about yourself. Be true with yourself when you are answering this question because your genuine motivations may surprise you a bit!

Question 5: How do you speak to yourself in your mind?

There is so much power in the way you speak to yourself. So if you are speaking negatively to yourself it could be pulling down your mindset and your life. After answering this question then think about (and journal about) how you can work on speaking better about yourself to yourself.

Question 6: What are some of your biggest regrets?

I am not recommending worrying about these regrets but getting to know yourself better will now always be overly happy. Coming to terms with your biggest regrets is an essential part of moving past those regrets so you can work on living your best life and becoming a better person.

Question 7: What will help me achieve long term goals?

We often get very stuck in the short term goals in our lives. Which means that our long term goals can get neglected. However, long term goals are the goals that are going to be the most reflective of the life you want to have. So in order to achieve those long term goals you will need to regularly keep your priorities in mind. 

Question 8: How can you work on your self-awareness?

Becoming more self aware can help you have to ask yourself less questions in the future! Because you are more aware of your thoughts and actions and everything behind them.

If you want some advice on self awareness then I recommend checking out this post: Self Awareness Activities For Your Personal Growth Journey.

Question 9: Why am I making my current decisions?

This question is so important for being introspective and helping understand why you are making your current decisions. And answering this question can really help you figure out why you make them and why they are a priority to you.

Question 10: If you could change one thing from your past what would it be and why?

You obviously can’t change the past but journaling about what you do if you could can give you great insight into yourself and your current decisions.

Question 11: How do you take on a negative or bad emotion?

Rough emotions happen to everyone. And often we don’t like to think about how we handle them. But it’s so important for you to address them in the best way possible. So you need to know how you currently handle them so you can better handle them!

Question 12: What piece of advice do you wish you knew sooner?

Advice often shapes us into who we are. And thinking about the advice that was the most influential to you and your life can help to give you a look into what you needed the most advice on in our lives.

Question 13: What do you wish was different in your life right now?

Thinking about what you would choose to be different in your current life can help you think about what is the most important to you. And really thinking about that can help you determine your top priorities. Which also can help you make your future life what you really want it to be!

Question 14: Which accomplishments are you the most proud of?

This question is not necessarily about what accomplishment is the most “impressive” to others. It is more about what accomplishment that you are the most proud of!

Question 15: What could you do more of for a happier life?

Happiness is something we always have to work towards. So for this question think about what you truly could do in your life to start being genuinely happier.

Question 16: What is something you have been putting off?

This is one of the less fun things on this list but acknowledging what you have been putting off is truly helpful for bettering yourself. It allows you to address why you have been putting it off and what you need to do to get over the slump!

Question 17: What do you value most in friendships?

Looking into your friendships and what you value the most in them is important for bettering your friendships and getting insight into what you value! So take the time when answering these questions to really list out what you value the most.

Question 18: What is a hobby or passion that you loved but gave up on/stopped doing?

After answering this question figure out if you want to pick it up again. Making time for your interests is helpful for keeping you from burning out!

Question 19: What should I be doing more of?

This sounds like a really obvious question to ask but it is often neglected because it seems so obvious. So make sure you are regularly asking yourself what you should be doing more of to help you think about your priories and dreams.

Question 20: How do you prioritize self care?

And if you answer this question that you don’t at all it is so important for your wellbeing to start prioritizing your self care. Because self care is one of the most important thing you need to do for yourself.

Question 21: What is one thing you learned the hard way?

Learning things the hard way isn’t always fun (okay it never is). But it is often the thing that helps us learn the most and make the most progress in moving our lives forward.

Question 22: What praise could you get that means the most to you?

Thinking about praise that is the most impactful in your life can really help you get better insights about yourself. And think about what you are needing in life.

Question 23: What makes you lose track of time?

It could be an activity, hobby, person, or even a place. But thinking about what means so much to you and that you enjoy so much that you lose track of time is beyond helpful for making that more of a priority in your life.

Question 24: What values do I have that guide my personal decisions?

This is a pretty deep question but one that is genuinely essential for learning what you value and how you make decisions. Which is a huge part of who you are as a person! Answering this question can help you ensure that you are on the right path.

Question 25: What daily changes could I make to improve myself?

Small changes make a huge difference and help you embrace your full potential. So when you are getting to know yourself then use this question as an opportunity to better yourself and learn about the small daily changes you could make to better yourself.

Question 26: Is there anything I feel like I’m missing in my life?

This question is so helpful for identifying what needs to be added or made a higher priority in your life. It can be difficult to determine what is missing (you don’t always know what you don’t know) but asking yourself and thinking about it is a good start.

Question 27: Am I ready to start improving my life?

This question is deep and so crucial. You can read about bettering yourself and improving your life, you can even journal and answer these questions. But if you aren’t honest with yourself about where you are in life and what you are ready to commit to you won’t be able to grow. So take the time to be honest when answering this question and figure out what is stopping you if you re not feeling ready.

Question 28: How can I make the greatest impact?

Asking yourself this question is so helpful for enlightening yourself on how you believe you can make an impact on the world. And hopefully asking yourself this question will encourage you to work on starting to really make that impact.

Question 29: What things am I the most afraid of?

Addressing what you fear is something that can deeply help you learn more about yourself. And this question is one that you can use your answer to help you continue on your personal growth journey and determine how you can address the things that you are the most afraid of.

Question 30: What is on your life bucket list?

This is definitely a more fun one of the questions to ask yourself! Take some time to create your life bucket list if you haven’t already!

Question 31: Name the things in life I am the most passionate about?

Take this question as an opportunity to write (or talk) about your passions in life. This can help yo remind you about the things you are the most passionate about. And that you want to focus more on in your life!

Question 32: Who do I go to when I need help and guidance?

Thinking about the people that you value their opinions and look to them for guidance can give you a lot of insight into what you value in yourself as well.

Question 33: How you can focus more on your own happiness?

This question is specifically about your own happiness. Not the happiness of anyone else in your life! Focusing on your happiness is needed for you having a sane and fulfilled life.

Question 34: What weaknesses are you wanting to work on?

Some weaknesses are best to be embraced or accepted and others are better to be worked on. So for this question work on discussing the weaknesses that you want to work on improving.

Question 35: Is there anything I feel like is missing from my life?

Take this question as an opportunity to look at your life as a whole. And think about if there is anything that you feel like is missing from your life. And would make you feel like your life is more complete.

Question 36: How can you get out of your comfort zone?

Our comfort zones often hold us back! If you need some ideas for getting out of your comfort zone then check out this post: Ultimate Bucket List For Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 55 ideas.

Question 37: How do I handle a bad situation?

Bad situations can (and do) happen to basically everyone. So being honest with how you handle them and how you could candle them better is so helpful

Question 38: What do you value the most in romantic relationships?

This question is pretty self explanatory but it is so vital for helping you focus on the things in your current or future romantic relationships that your really care about.

Question 39: What is one challenging thing you want to take on next year?

Look at your life – is there something that is challenging you? Then make a plan to take that on next year!

Question 40: What memory would you consider your favorite memory?

This question is a great chance to reminisce and think about all of your favorite memories while you are picking your favorite.

Question 41: What boundaries do you need so set?

Setting boundaries is a huge thing that can be very daunting. But is incredibly helpful for maintaining better mental health. So take this question as an opportunity to think about boundaries you need to set and then how you can set them.

Question 42: What is a small act of kindness you can do this week?

Think about what you would love to do this week to spread more kindness in the world!

Question 43: How do you want someone to feel when they meet you?

This question can give you a ton of insight into what you think about yourself and how you want to be viewed. Which can give you such a great look into yourself and how you can work towards being the best version of yourself!


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