71 Affirmations For Success: Daily Success Affirmations To Say!

Getting into a mindset full of motivation and ambition is incredibly helpful for helping you be more successful. And daily success affirmations are a fantastic way to help with getting into that success mindset. Which is why today I am sharing 71 affirmations for success that you can say every morning to get into the right mindset.

Before we jump into these success affirmations I quickly want to cover some tips for implementing affirmations into your days and why they are so important!

How to start doing daily affirmations for success:

I recommend saving this post and slowly adding affirmations to your day. Especially if you currently do not do daily affirmations. 

By gradually adding them you will ensure that you are really focusing on each as you add them. That way you can make sure you are committing the mental energy necessary to help the affirmations positively impact your mindset. 

Plus it can be overwhelming to start implementing a lot of affirmations at once. So start with 2-4 for the first month or so and then you can start adding more in as you go.

As for picking which affirmations to start with I recommend going through the whole list and picking the ones that stand out to you. The ones that really jump off the page and that resonate with you. 

If need be close out of the page and think about which ones you remember. Chances are those are the affirmations that really stuck with you. So start with those to begin with. 

I also recommend getting some cute sticky notes (like these) and put the affirmations you choose somewhere visible. Such as around your mirror or inside your closet door. The closet door is a great option if you live with others and don’t want your affirmations to be in a public area.

Why doing success affirmations are so important:

  • They are a daily reminder that you are capable of what you put your mind to. 
  • Daily affirmations help you set the mood of your day and keep health as a priority in your days.
  • They help you see the best version of yourself. You are already incredible and reminding yourself of that can really bring out your positive attributes. 
  • Daily affirmations motivate us to better our lives which as a result can boost confidence and happiness. Which is generally good for our overall health!
  • They help us be at peace with our lives and decisions which can help us focus on prioritizing our wellbeing.

Now let’s get into this big list of affirmations for success to start doing!

71 Affirmations For Success: Daily Success Affirmations To Say!

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71 Affirmations For Success!

Daily Success Affirmations To Say:

  1. I appreciate all of who I am.
  2. I believe in my inner power.
  3. Set backs do not mean failure.
  4. I will not be afraid to do when is needed.
  5. I will take steps today to work towards my dreams.
  6. Today I will be thankful for the progress I have made already.
  7. I am making changes to make my life happier.
  8. I am doing what is best for my future.
  9. My goals are all achievable.
  10. I control what happens today.
  11. I am a strong person.
  12. My life is just beginning.
  13. I am creating my own destiny.
  14. I will not let others negativity impact me.
  15. What I am doing is already enough.
  16. I will make one small change today to be more successful.
  17. I am making my dreams a reality.
  18. My life is completely within my control.
  19. I will not apologize for being me.
  20. I radiate self respect.
  21. My voice is valuable.
  22. I appreciate and embrace all of my flaws.
  23. I deserve to have good in my life.
  24. As long as I am happy, I will not worry about others.
  25. I embrace the negatives in my life and work to accept them.
  26. I am a capable person.
  27. Positivity will be a priority today.
  28. I am the author of my own story.
  29. I am more than capable of doing hard things.
  30. My passions energize me.
  31. I am faithful in all endeavors I attempt.
  32. I will be present in the moment today.
  33. Everything I need can be found within me.
  34. I will celebrate small wins today.
  35. I love myself enough to push through.
  36. Today I will learn something new.
  37. I attract success in my life.
  38. I fully own my power.
  39. Today I will say yes to new opportunities.
  40. I bend so I will not break.
  41. I am a brave person.
  42. My dreams are within my reach.
  43. I will accept if I make mistakes today.
  44. I will embrace the opportunities to better myself today.
  45. My decisions are for me only.
  46. I am calm and centered.
  47. I am successful in all that I attempt to do.
  48. My energy has no limits.
  49. I am the only person that determines my worth.
  50. I trust that I am on the right path.
  51. My mind is full of ideas.
  52. I am getting closer to my true self every day.
  53. I am doing my best with what I have.
  54. My possibilities are numerous.
  55. I will not be small today.
  56. I am an incredibly talented person.
  57. Today I will not question the path I am on.
  58. I have more to offer the world.
  59. I will focus on my own success and no one else’s today.
  60. Today I will release any limiting beliefs. 
  61. I will take things step by step today.
  62. I am releasing any negative thoughts that are holding me back.
  63. My life will be successful due to my hard work.
  64. I am willing to put in the work to be successful.
  65. I believe in my own abilities and strengths.
  66. Today I will focus on positive habits and actions.
  67. I possess successful qualities and I am building on them.
  68. Everything happening now is leading to further success.
  69. I will become the person that I have always dreamed of being.
  70. I am harnessing all of my skills and knowledge today.
  71. My life is just beginning and I can’t wait to see where it goes.


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