Journal Prompts For Mornings: Start Your Day Journaling Ideas!

Waking up and starting your day with journaling has so many wonderful benefits. It helps you get into the right mindset, it helps you collect your thoughts, and it helps you start your day with peace rather than immediately checking your phone. Which is why I am sharing this helpful list of journal prompts for mornings.

Before we jump into the list I want to talk about how to start your days with these journal ideas. Because learning to be consistent with your journaling is so helpful for tapping into all of the benefits of journaling.

Tips for adding journal prompts into your mornings:

  • Make it a genuine part of your morning routine. Work on creating a morning routine in general if you don’t have one yet and incorporate your journaling into it.
  • Keep your journal somewhere visible (like your nightstand) so when you see it you remember.
  • If possible set a timer on your phone for the time of the day you prefer to journal.
  • Make journaling it’s own little routine. For example, if you journal in the morning make it a routine to grab your journal, make your coffee, and then sit in the same quiet place to journal.

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Now let’s get into this list of journal prompts for mornings so you can start adding them to your life!

Journal Prompts For Mornings: Start Your Day Journaling Ideas!

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Journal Prompts For Mornings!

Start Your Days With These Journal Ideas:

  1. What can you do today to be happier?
  2. How do you feel about yesterday?
  3. What are you grateful for?
  4. Name some things in life that inspire me.
  5. Am I living my life to it’s fullest right now?
  6. What do I want to accomplish today?
  7. What is motivating me today?
  8. List 5 things about myself I am proud of.
  9. What does my perfect day look like?
  10. List out what am I using my energy on?
  11. What do you want your legacy to be?
  12. How do I take care of myself?
  13. If I could tell my future self one thing what would it be?
  14. List 3 emotions I felt strongly yesterday.
  15. Describe the changes I want to work on making today.
  16. Write out 10 positive affirmations for your life. 
  17. Which good habits could I add to my life?
  18. How can I start prioritizing my mental health?
  19. List out 10 self care ideas you will do in the next week.
  20. How do I define success in my life?
  21. What is a short term goal I believe I can achieve?
  22. Write a letter to your future self. 
  23. What does my morning routine look like?
  24. What am I going to do this month to get closer to my dreams?
  25. Talk about your favorite qualities about yourself.
  26. What is something that you have accomplished that you are very proud of?
  27. What things motivate you from within?
  28. How can you start sleeping better at night?
  29. If you could do yesterday all over again what would you change?
  30. What is something that you have been putting off? How can you handle it?
  31. What traits do you admire in others?
  32. List out the scenarios that you are the happiest in.
  33. When do I feel the most confident?
  34. How do you want to feel at the end of today?
  35. What do I need to let go of?
  36. How can I make my life more meaningful?
  37. What is one things you learned yesterday?
  38. How would your life change is you were more comfortable with yourself?
  39. What would you say is your main life purpose?
  40. How have my past mistakes help me grow as a person?
  41. What’s one thing I could do this week to inspire me?
  42. How can you organize your life better? What steps are needed to feel more organized?
  43. Rate your stress today on a scale of 1 to 10.
  44. What was the last thing I did out of my comfort zone?
  45. What would a more balanced life look like for me today?
  46. List out your current 5 top life priorities. 
  47. What makes you feel loved and cared for?
  48. Explain one thing you overcame yesterday.
  49. What can I do to have more energy to tackle life?
  50. What 1 action could I take in the next hour to feel less stressed?
  51. How can you smile more today?
  52. What affirmations would you like to say each night?
  53. What stressed you out the most yesterday? How can you deal with them?
  54. List 3 things you can do today to practice believing in yourself.
  55. What things are you most looking forward to about today?
  56. Make a list of things you have planned today.
  57. Simply write about what’s on your mind today.

Journaling is something that most of us hear about doing but we don’t always prioritize it. So making it a part of your morning routine is a great way to make it a priority and help yourself stay consistent.

And working on staying consistent with daily journaling is one of the most helpful ways to get all of the benefits. Benefits that include truly understanding your emotions, helps reduce stress in your life, can help boost your mood, and it even can help keep your memory sharp.

So, if you are interested in those benefits make sure to bookmark this post so you can come back to these prompts. And below there is recommendations of additional lists of journal prompts for different scenarios that could be helpful.

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