My Self Improvement Morning Routine

I talk a lot on here about the importance of self improvement and self improvement activities to do. But I realized that I have not yet shared the self improvement items that I do every morning! So today I am sharing my self improvement morning routine.

Morning routines are an amazing way to help yourself work on becoming who you want to be. You can add items to your routine to help you be more productive, more organized, more energized, etc. And you can also add habits to your morning routine that will generally help you improve yourself and improve your life.

So if you are wanting to know about some helpful self improvement morning routine items then keep reading!

My Self Improvement Morning Routine

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My Self Improvement Morning Routine:

{ Morning routine habits that improve you and your life! }

Item 1) Get up before checking my phone.

The first thing I make sure to do every morning is not check my phone until I get up.

I take the time I need to wake up and actually get up before scrolling through notifications on my phone. I find that this really helps me feel better mentally and helps me start my day more focused and intentional.

If you immediately see something sad, frustrating, etc on your phone that can have a long impact on your day. Especially if you haven’t fully woken up and started your day!

I definitely recommend adding this so everyone’s morning routine if at all possible.

Item 2) Drink water right away.

The next thing I do on my self improvement morning routine is to drink a large glass of water right away.

A lot of people have success with leaving a water bottle next to their bed to drink right away but I am someone who really prefers ice cold water! So as soon as I wake up I head downstairs and drink a large glass of cold water.

The main thing here that I want to emphasize is drinking water before you drink coffee.

If you make drinking at least one glass of water before you drink your coffee a requirement it will ensure that you start your day hydrated. Which has so many mental and physical benefits! I also find that when I start drinking water right away in the morning I am more likely to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Item 3) Make my daily goals list.

This is probably the most helpful and essential item of this routine for really improving yourself and helping you in improve your life.

Daily goals lists are an all encompassing list of your goals for that day. Think along the lines of small goals like a certain amount of steps, an area of your home you want to clean, finishing a project, or anything else like that. Any goals that you want to either complete from start to finish or that you want to fully finish that day.

Goal setting is such an important thing to practice daily if you want to become the best version of yourself. And if you want to stay focused each day! Highly recommend incorporating this item into your self improvement morning routine.

I have a full guide on the importance of daily goals and tips for daily goals that you can check out here.

Item 4) Do a quick tidying/cleaning session.

This item is one that I am so thankful I started doing!

Keeping my home clean is of course a large task. But by doing 10-15 minutes of picking up and quick cleaning in the morning it helps to really make it less daunting.

This has been one of the most helpful parts of my morning routine and the impact is something that you can feel right away.

Item 5) Write down 5 positive affirmations.

Next up is a routine item that is so important for improving my mental wellness and general attitude.

Ever since I started doing positive affirmations every day I started really feeling more optimistic about life.

An example of a few positive affirmations you could start saying or writing down are:

  • I am proud of my success.
  • I believe that I deserve everything amazing that happens to me.
  • I’m confident in my ability to make good decisions.
  • I am creating my dream life.
  • I’m proud of what I will do today.

Item 6) Think about one thing from yesterday I am thankful for.

Practicing gratitude is another important part of my self improvement morning routine that I really recommend you adding to yours!

This is a super quick thing to do that can really impact my (and yours!) mindset for the day. I actually do this while I am brushing my teeth to help remind me to actually do it because by doing it while I am doing something I do every morning it makes it easier.

And I just think about the day before briefly and take the time (just like 30 seconds) to appreciate something from yesterday that happened. Gratitude and thankfulness are so important for helping you become the person you want to be!

Item 7) Go for a walk outside.

The final part of my self improvement morning routine is taking a walk outside.

I added this at the beginning of the pandemic and am so glad I did and I will be continuing it after the pandemic is over as well!

Waking up a bit earlier to have time to get fresh air and a bit of exercise in the morning has been life changing! I feel so much more energized and refreshed when I start my day with a walk outside.

And a bonus for me is that my pup gets a bonus morning walk that helps her be extra sleepy when we are working from home! But you definitely don’t need a dog to justify a morning walk- just get out there even if it’s just for 10 minutes and get that fresh air and exercise.

opened book on white cloth near dandelion flowers

I hope that these items from my self improvement morning routine give you the inspiration. And are some of the helpful ideas you are looking for!

Morning routines are an incredible way to start improving yourself. So take the time to figure out what your self improvement morning routine looks like and get started adding those habits and items to your mornings.

If you have any questions about this definitely let me know in the comments and keep scrolling for how you can stay updated and in touch with me!


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