12 Habits To Add For A Productive Morning Routine

Your morning sets the mood for your whole day. Which means that if you add productive habits to your morning routine then you set yourself up for a more productive day! Which is why I compiled this list of 12 habits to add for a productive morning routine.

You don’t need to add all 12, just the ones that are the most applicable to your lifestyle and your dreams.

Creating a positive morning routine is so helpful for having more productive and positive days. Your morning time is a great way to set yourself up for a productive day which is something that is important for being successful but it can be really difficult to be more productive!

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12 habits to add for a productive morning routine!

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12 Habits To Add For a Productive Morning Routine:

  1. Don’t snooze your alarm clock– the first habit is focused on making sure you have time in the morning to actually be productive. Make sure that you don’t snooze your alarm and get up when you need to do have your productive morning.
  2. Learn to appreciate getting up earlier– this is a large habit with a lot of aspects so I have an entire article to help with learning to wake up earlier in the morning: Learn To Get Up Early Every Day.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast– skipping breakfast means that you will have less energy in the morning and throughout the day to be productive. Eat breakfast and ideally skip on the sugary cereals and make a healthy breakfast!
  4. Stay off your phone for the first 15-20 minutes– get up and start your morning routine but don’t immediately grab your phone and check emails and social media. Give your brain time to wake up and start functioning before you start to learn new information from your phone! This will help boost productivity in the morning.
  5. Start your day with a to-do list– writing a to do list will help you start to make a plan for your day. It also helps you start to visualize your time line for the day which will mean improved productivity during the day! Here are some tips for writing daily to do lists.
  6. Get your workout in early– adding exercise to your morning routine is a great way to have a more productive day. If you get your exercise out of the way in the morning then you don’t have to worry about it later. It also helps boost your energy levels.
  7. Listen to a podcast instead of the morning news– you can get your news quickly on your phone so rather than watching 50% ads, you can turn on a self development podcast to use the time more productively.
  8. Add a passion activity– if you are passionate about reading then add time to read in the morning! Adding some time for your passions right away in the morning will help you ensure you have time for your passions.
  9. Hydrate then caffeinate– start your morning with drinking a glass of water before you start with the caffeine. It’s healthier and it helps you feel fuller before you start drinking your coffee so you drink it slower. Slowly drinking your coffee will help your energy levels be more stable which helps with productivity throughout the day.
  10. Add a way to learn new things– depending on your preferred method of getting information try to add 15-30 minutes of learning new things. For me that is reading non-fiction books that are relevant to my dreams!
  11. Get important tasks done first– starting your day by getting the most important task out of the way right away will help you have a less stressful and more productive day. I like to pick out either the most important task or the task I am dreading the most and get it dealt with right away.
  12. Do one task at a time– it can be tempting to multitask during the morning but when you focus on getting one task done at a time it is actually more productive! This is because when you multitask your brain jumps between things which leads to downtime in between tasks and makes it hard to focus on efficiently accomplishing each task.
How to have a productive morning routine!

Best of luck adding some new positive morning routine habits to your day!


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