50 Habits To Track In Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are a fantastic way to track your habits and they can really help you stay on track to achieving your goals and improving yourself.

Tracking habits is the best way to turn them into life long habits and change them from something that you are just trying to do into a lifestyle change.

Bonus: tracking habits in your bullet journal is also a great creative outlet.


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So how do I track habits in a bullet journal?

Step 1) Determine what habits you want to start tracking. Think about your goals and what you want to accomplish to help you pick what habits are the most important for you.

Step 2) If you don’t already have a bullet journal and thin markers/pens make sure to get those so you can start tracking the habits.  I use this bullet journal and these pens and love them!

Step 3) For inspiration on how to decorate the page to track each habit then open up Pinterest and search the habit name + bullet journal.

Step 4) Keep your bullet journal somewhere accessible so that you can track the habits. Especially if they are something that you track throughout the whole day (like drinking water) rather than once a day or once a week.

Step 5) After completing the time you originally started tracking the habit then take a bit to evaluate the habits. If you feel you can continue to do these habits without tracking them then you can stop but in general it is good to track a habit for at least 3 months to ensure that it truly becomes a habit.


50 Ideas for habits to start tracking

Habit 1) Working out

Habit 2) Drinking water

Habit 3) Journaling (this is the journal I use)

Habit 4) Reading a book

Habit 5) Listening to a podcast

Habit 6) Did you skin care routine

Habit 7) Ate your veggie servings

Habit 8) Flossed your teeth

Habit 9) Watered the plants

Habit 10) Go to bed on time

Habit 11) Went for a walk outside

Habit 12) Ate your fruit servings

Habit 13) Meditation

Habit 14) Write your daily goals

Habit 15) Date nights

Habit 16) Wake up on time

Habit 17) Daily affirmations

Habit 18) Face masks

Habit 19) Social media free day

Habit 20) Yoga or stretching

Habit 21) Writing (or other hobbies)

Habit 22) Hours spent learning a new skill

Habit 23) Days you hit 10k steps

Habit 24) Take your vitamins

Habit 25) No phone hours

Habit 26) Make the bed

Habit 27) Wash your sheets

Habit 28) Pack your lunch for the next day

Habit 29) Use your weekly planner

Habit 30) Clean out the fridge/pantry weekly

Habit 31) Write in daily gratitude journal

Habit 32) Put on sunscreen (daily)

Habit 33) No spend days

Habit 34) Put away laundry on the day you washed it

Habit 35) Call a loved one

Habit 36) 15 minute “general cleaning” sessions daily

Habit 37) Deep condition your hair

Habit 38) Ate every meal at home/ or packed from home

Habit 39) Date nights

Habit 40) Update your budget/bills

Habit 41) No alcohol (or smoking) days

Habit 42) Put money into savings

Habit 43) Clear out your inbox

Habit 44) Oil change/ car maintenance

Habit 45) Time practicing a new language

Habit 46) Write out cards for the week (thank you, birthday, anniversaries)

Habit 47) Take the stairs

Habit 48) Weight loss progress

Habit 49) Follow your morning routine

Habit 50) A daily self care item


Keeping track of habits is the best way to help actually make them into life long habits that help you become the best version of yourself.

Get creative while you get to working on improving yourself at the same time by creating a few bullet journal pages to track your habits!



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