6 Ways To Refresh Your Morning Routine For Summer

Summer is here and it can mean minor or major changes to your daily routines. No matter how extreme or not extremely the summer changes your daily routine it is a great opportunity to evaluate and refresh your morning routines. If you have been wondering how to “refresh my routine” in the morning then keep reading for a refreshing summer morning routine!

But first let’s chat about the importance of having a positive (or really any!) morning routine!

Why is a morning routine so important?

Your morning routine sets the mood for your whole day. And can really have an impact on how happy and successful your whole day is.

Even if you don’t consciously write down or stick to an actual morning plan you still have things you do almost every morning. But you can do better!

By creating a plan for your mornings and sticking to the routines then you have a better chance of accomplishing more in the morning and setting yourself up for a successful day.

Check this guide out for the basics of morning habits and routines!

So now that we know about what a morning routine is so important lets talk about why you should refresh your routine.

Why should I refresh my routine for the summer?

If your life doesn’t change at all during the summer then it won’t seem as necessary but changing up your routine throughout the year can keep things lively and upbeat. Even if the change is as small as substituting a winter fruit to a summer fruit in your breakfast it can really bring you a lot of joy!

If summer means no school for you, or if your career changes in the summer, or if you have kids in school then you could have major changes in your life in the summer that definitely call for a new and refreshed summer routine.

6 ways to refresh your morning routine for summer! Wondering how to refresh my routine? Then add these 6 things to your summer morning routine!

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Morning routine for summer

Refresh your morning routine this summer ideas:

Refresh Idea 1: Start with a glass of water right away!

The first habit to refresh your morning routine for summer is so essential for a healthy life- staying hydrated!

Hydration is important year round. However, in the heat of summer it is extra important to stay hydrated and ensure that you are drinking enough water every day.

A great way to help you make sure you’re drinking enough water is to start your day right away with a glass of water. Before you even have your morning coffee!

You can even get some fresh veggies (more on that below) right away in the morning by infusing fresh fruit into your water in the morning.

Refresh Idea 2: Change up your vitamins to refresh your summer morning routine and habits.

Something to consider is any changes in your lifestyle that may require or benefit from changes in your vitamins.

For example- if you take Vitamin D in the winter you may not need to take it or as much in the summer when you are getting more natural sunlight. But you may want to add Vitamin E which helps you hair and skin!

But it’s always best to ask a doctor or nutritionist when considering changes in your diet of any sort!

Refresh Idea 3: Add fresh fruits and veggies to your breakfast.

One of the best things about summer is the lovely fresh fruits and veggies.

So incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your morning routine is a great way to refresh your morning routine.

I love just eating a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast in the morning, my current favorite is a bowl of kiwis and strawberries. If your morning routine is time sensitive then try to meal prep your breakfasts by cutting or prepping the fruit either once a week or at least the night before.

Refresh Idea 4: Stay off your phone when you first wake up.

It’s so easy any time of the year to jump on your phone right away but if your summer is your break from school then you may have a slower paced morning now.

Which means that jumping right on your phone to catch up can lead to you accidentally spending an hour on Instagram or TikTok before you even get out of bed. So when you are making a plan to refresh your summer morning routine take this idea seriously for your mental wellness!

If you find your phone too tempting in the morning then try putting it across the room so that you are forced to get out of bed and moving before you check it.

Refresh Idea 5: Add yoga or stretching to your morning routine!

Stretching or doing yoga in the morning is a great part of a positive morning routine year round.

But there is something extra wonderful and positive about taking 20 minutes to be calm and warm up your body before starting your day in the summer. Your body will thank you if you add this habit to your summer morning routine!

Put your yoga mat right next to your bed so that you can unroll it easily in the morning. Also if you are new to yoga or stretching make sure to have a “plan” figured out the night before so you don’t get distracted or overwhelmed stopping every couple minutes to look at different poses or stretches.

Refresh Idea 6: Get a little fresh air to refresh your morning routine for summer.

The final idea for how to refresh my morning routine for summer is my favorite! If at all possible try to incorporate some fresh air into your morning routine during the months where it is warm enough where you live.

There’s a few ways you can do this morning routine habit:

  • Go for a walk or a jog in the morning.
  • Drink your morning coffee and water outside.
  • If yous aren’t feasible for you, especially if you don’t have your own outside area then try at least opening a few windows in the areas that you do the rest of your morning routine.
summer morning routine

Hope you have a positive and upbeat summer and that this post helped your refresh your morning routine for summer! Or really anytime that you are wondering how to refresh my routine!


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  • Ahhh I probably should start changing up some of my morning routine. I spend every morning reading my New Yorker and Atlantic subscriptions for a good hour or so! Fresh fruits and yoga seem like such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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