9 Calm Morning Routine Habit Ideas

Are you wanting to have calmer and more relaxing mornings? To start your day off on a calm and soothing note? Then keep reading because I am sharing all about my favorite 9 calm morning routine habit ideas.

A calm morning routine is just a morning routine that is less stressful and more intentional. That is focused on starting your day in a calm way to set yourself up for days that are hopefully less stressful and calmer.

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But first let’s quickly chat about the importance and reasons behind having a calm morning routine!

The reasons to have a calm morning routine:

  • Your morning routine sets the mood for your entire day so if you want to have less stressed days then you should consider adding calm elements to your morning routine.
  • If you are someone who has busy and rushed nights then adding self care and relaxing elements to your day should be in your morning routine so you know you can do them every day.
  • Self care and your mental wellness is important and starting your day with calm parts is a great way to take care of yourself.
9 Calm Morning Routine Habit Ideas

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9 Calm Morning Routine Habit Ideas:

{ Slow and Intentional Morning Routine }

Habit 1) Stay off your phone for the first 20 minutes.

This is probably the main calm morning routine habit that if you are going to only pick one to add to your mornings then this is the one to do!

Making sure that you are not on your phone right away in the morning is one of the best ways to have calmer mornings.

You don’t need to be immediately thinking about something you saw on social media or thinking about a work email. Allow yourself to wake up and take care of yourself for a bit before you start thinking about the rest of the world.

Habit 2) Drink a bottle of water right away.

Hydration is so important. But the reason this is “calming” is because it is better for you to wake up and drink some water before you add caffeine to your body.

If you are someone who is easily stressed or anxious this is extra important and can make a world of the difference in helping you feel calmer in the morning before you get that rush from coffee.

Habit 3) Meditate/stretch/yoga.

I left this habit pretty vague because of course it is up to you and your preferences! If you don’t currently meditate, stretch, or do yoga then I recommend trying each one to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Then once you know or if you already have one then this is a great habit to start incorporating into your calm morning routine. It doesn’t have to be for long but even doing 15 minutes of one of these can really make you start your day feeling calm and intentional.

Habit 4) Do a daily journal prompt.

Daily journaling is an incredible tool for connecting with yourself and really putting effort into self discovery and self improvement.

And by committing that time in the morning you can truly help yourself get into the right mindset to have calmer and more relaxed days.

If you don’t currently have a list of journal prompts you are using then you can go check out this list of 75 ideas that I have here!

Habit 5) Listen to a calming morning playlist.

This is an absolutely wonderful morning routine habit that can help you have a calm morning.

Background noise that is calming and relaxing can help make dull or even dreaded parts of your morning routine feel calmer and really help to transform your morning routine.

And don’t worry if you (like me) aren’t the best at making playlists, if you just search “calm morning” in the playlist part of Spotify there are hundreds of options already created!

Habit 6) Get some fresh air/ outside time.

This is something that everyone should strive for regardless of whether or not you are aiming for a truly calm morning routine.

It is so helpful for a bunch of reasons (health, skin, mental wellness, etc) to get fresh air and natural light in the morning time. So take your dog for a quick walk or even just drink your water (or coffee) outside in the morning. Just anything to get outside for at least 5 minutes.

Habit 7) Do a complete skincare routine.

Skincare is something that is on a lot of people’s morning routines but if you slow down a bit it can actually be a calming part of your morning.

Take the time to do a skin mask and maybe a face roller. Have your calm playlist playing in the background and do a full skincare routine. Not only will your skin thank you but it’s a low stress, no screen time of your morning.

Habit 8) Meal prep your breakfast.

This is a habit that isn’t necessarily happening in the morning but it is apart of your morning routine.

By prepping your meals in advance you allow yourself to ensure that you eat breakfast (which is important) but also that you don’t have to stress about making it in the morning.

This can either be meal prepping 7 breakfasts on the weekend or just prepping something the night before for the next day. There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest for both of those options so definitely do some digging over there!

Habit 9) Listen to a podcast.

The final of the calm morning routine habit ideas is to listen to a podcast. Specifically I recommend doing this on the way to work. It is a great self improvement tool that can also be very calming as an intentional part of your morning routine!

Calm morning routine ideas

I know that creating a calm morning routine can be overwhelming if you don’t have any calm elements in your morning routine. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Instead focus on adding one habit at a time until you have created your perfect calm morning routine!


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