16 Parts of Your Life to Organize Now: Ways To Organize Your Life!

In the mood to start getting your life and home organized? But not sure where to start? Don’t worry it can be a daunting task! But if you take on one organization task at a time it is completely attainable and not even that time consuming. Here are 16 parts of your life to organize to help you start improving your life today! I hope that these ways to organize your life can really help you get your life in order.

Adding some of these things to your to do lists may seem a big overwhelming. But take it one task at a time and you will quickly feel the benefits of organizing your life. Don’t feel pressured to do all of these at once because any progress towards getting organized can make a huge difference in your life.

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But for now let’s jump right into the 16 areas of your life to organize so you can live a more organized life.

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 16 Parts of Your Life to Organize Now

Ways to organize your life so you can start living a more organized life:

1) Fridge and freezer

The first thing that you can get organized is your fridge and freezer.

Getting your fridge and freezer organized can help streamline your days. Not having to search for things and having a better idea of what you have in your fridge and freezer will help make meal planning and grocery shopping easier. This is something that should be on your monthly to do lists in general so you can stay on top of your inventory and keep everything near your food clean!

Get a set of fridge bins and shelves (only get clear!) that will help make your fridge look and stay organized.

2) Closets

Cleaning out closets is a great way to help you get your home and life organized. However, it isn’t always the most fun chore! But it is so helpful for getting yourself and your life organized.

Start with your clothes closets and not only declutter and donate items you don’t wear anymore but also take the time to get them truly organized. One of my favorite things for this is to get tank top hangers to save space and keep your closet more organized.

Also make sure to organize and of your miscellaneous closets and coat closets. If you need bins to store things in these closets then make sure to either get clear storage bins or keep your labels very detailed.

When you have clothing or accessory favorites that you don’t want to risk getting ruined in the chaos it is extra important to do this organization! For me it’s my Lane Boots- I finally got my shoes in my closet organized after getting them!

 16 Parts of Your Life to Organize Now  Ways To Organize Your Life!

3) Important papers

It’s amazing how quickly important papers can get piled up all over your desk and the whole house. And nobody wants piles of papers built up in their home!

So take this opportunity to organize those papers. Get an affordable accordion folder and take the 10 minutes to label the tabs and put all the papers in the correct folder.

Then in the future when you get new important papers you just have to put them in there and save yourself future troubles. This is a great habit of organized people, for more habits of organized people check out – 8 Essential Habits of Organized People.

Also, make sure that if you can you scan them onto a digital folder so if something were to happen you always have a digital back up. This is such an important one of the ways to organize your life.

4) Kitchen cabinets

After you organize your fridge and freezer you could move right over to your kitchen cabinets. Or in any order that works for you. But this isn’t a chore to skip over because things in the kitchen cabinets are often neglected but still need organized.

Get your drink ware organized and throw out anything chipped or that you don’t usually use. Then move over to the miscellaneous cooking supplies. Take the time to make sure things are put into the most efficient place for them.

Doing this will save you time in the long run!

 16 Parts of Your Life to Organize Now ! Ways To Organize Your Life! Get organized!

5) Pantry

Since you are in the kitchen already then move on to the pantry next.

Organize your pantry shelves by categorizing things and checking for expiration dates. And cleaning out any random messes that can quickly build up in a pantry. Especially if you have kids who love to search for things in there and may not be leaving everything organized and tidy. Which is normal but keep an eye out for that when you are organizing your pantry.

One of my favorite items for organizing your pantry is a can rack organizer. No more stacks of cans that fall over if you even look at them! Think about what parts of your pantry irritate you and then focusing on finding a solution for those items when you are working on organizing your pantry.

6) Under sinks

The next part of your life that needs organized and sorted through is the stuff piling up under the sinks in your home.

Bathrooms sinks and kitchen sinks are two of the worst in most homes. They just attract a mess and clutter! Which happens to everyone but you can pretty easily get them cleaned up and organized today.

Pull everything out from under the sinks. Then put back only what belongs in them and then find the right home for everything else that has been living under the sink. And check for anything in your under sinks area that is expired and needs to be thrown out.

7) Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies should help keep your home clean but they can end up getting messy themselves.

Organize your cleaning supplies and put them all in the right home if there is more than one. Also if you have more than one opened bottle of the same type of cleaning supply then combine those bottles.

I recommend starting a system for using your cleaning supplies in order of what was bought first. So that you don’t have expired products and so you can have a better idea of what cleaning supplies that you have in your home already. This can save money so you aren’t buying cleaning supplies because you didn’t know you had some tucked in a random spot in your home.

 16 Parts of Your Life to Organize Now

8) Dresser Drawers

Dresser drawers being organized will make your busy mornings significantly better (for additional things you can do for a better mornings than read this).

Take the time to re-fold all the clothes to make them neat and organized. Then when you are putting them back make sure to ensure that they are all in the right place.

To help with keeping the drawers organized you can get drawer bins to keep them organized. Get a set with different sizes for different items!

9) Unsubscribe from clutter

The next things you can do to help get your life more organized is to stop more clutter from coming into your life.

Take an hour to unsubscribe from emails and catalogs that you never read. If you stop the clutter from coming in it will help keep you more organized in the long run. Really this is a lifestyle change but it is so helpful for getting yourself organized and helping you keep your mental space decluttered as well.

Aiming for less clutter in your life is generally so helpful for living a better life.

10) Hobby supplies

Hobby supplies even if you are still actively participating in that hobby need to be organized.

If you are not participating in that hobby then consider getting rid of the supplies.

This is especially important if your hobby has a lot of small supplies. Like crafting! It’s worth the investment to get the right supplies to get and keep everything organized.

10 drawer shelves are helpful for lots of different hobby supplies. Especially crafting ones since they often involve so many little supplies.

Ways To Organize Your Life!

11) Your personal computer

Your personal computer is something you probably spend a lot of time on which means it is a very important area of your life to get organized.

Part 1 of this is to go through and create folders and then move pictures and documents into the correct folders. Then when you add new pictures or documents make sure to put them in the right folder.

Part 2 is backing things up. After you have everything organized it will be easier to back them all up to an external hard drive.

12) Your phone

After getting your computer organized then grab your phone and follow similar steps of creating photos and putting everything in their right place. Cell phones are used so much (as everyone knows!) but they are often forgotten about when organizing your life. Yet they are so easy to get mess and cluttered so make it a priority to get your phone organized.

For everything you should do to get your phone organized go to this guide – 8 Ways To Organize Your Phone.

13) Toiletries / medicine cabinet

The next things to get organized is your toiletries and medicine cabinet.

Look through your medicine cabinet for anything past its expiration date. Then group similar items together to make it easier for you to find things when you need them.

Do the same thing for your toiletries and that includes makeup. Remember makeup expires too!

How to be more organized

14) Under beds

Organizing under your beds is something that will lead to you being amazed at all the things you forgot you had!

Pull everything out from under your bed and donate/throw away anything you don’t need anymore.

For anything you are keeping get it organized. Determine if it should live somewhere else. If it does belong under the bed then make sure to get under bed organizers so things are organized and not just shoved under the bed.

15) Linen closet

The next part of your life to organize is linen closets! Linen closets are another area that can make you stressed when you look at them! So safe yourself the stress and get your linen closet organized.

Make sure that everything that is in the linen closet actually belongs IN the linen closet.

Once everything that should be in the linen closet is in it you just need to arrange everything in the most functional way. Keep the things you use the most at eye level and easy to reach.

Bonus tip: make this a regular part of your laundry routine when you are putting items into the linen closet. The best way to stay organized is to stay on top of organizing things as part of your regular routines.

16) Tools and hardware

The last area you should work on getting organized is the tools and hardware that are in your garage or basement.

Get rid of duplicate items and then make sure that everything is in the right home. If you don’t have a large enough tool box to hold majority of the tools it is worth investing in a larger one so you can keep everything organized in one place

Still in the cleaning and organizing mood? Then check out 50 Items To Declutter Right Now.

Tips for adding these to your to do lists:

I know that it can be overwhelming trying to organize your life. So take each of these tasks one day at a time and be patient with yourself! With some focus and commitment you can start living a more organized life.

And make sure to actually write these down on your to do lists so you don’t forget about the areas of your life that are the most important to you to work on getting organized.

I hope this post on 16 parts of your life to organize now helps you start living your best life! If you did find it helpful then keep scrolling so that you can stay connected with me. And always know when I have new, helpful content for you to read!


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