31 Tiny Habits That Can Transform Your Entire Life

Small changes can lead to huge results. That is an idea that I not only stand by but I genuinely recommend everyone learning to accept and act on. Which is why today I am sharing these 31 tiny habits that can transform your entire life!

By slowly implementing new and better habits you are able to easily make changes to improve your life. Compared to the strategy of implementing a lot of big habits at once, you are more likely to stick to the tiny habits and more likely to form them into your daily life.

So, if adding some tiny habits to your life to start improving it is something you are interested in then make sure you keep reading!

31 Tiny Habits That Can Transform Your Entire Life

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31 Tiny Habits That Can Transform Your Entire Life

Small habits that can have a big impact!

Habit 1: Start setting more goals.

Make sure to include daily, monthly, annual, and 5 year goals. Goal setting is a fantastic habit that doesn’t take long but can really have a positive impact on your life, especially on your mindset.

Habit 2: Don’t go on your phone before bed.

Getting better sleep in general is a very important thing for anyones life.

I have an entire post (that you can read here) about how to get better sleep at night.

Habit 3: Start planning your days in the morning.

Using a daily planner and planning out your days is so important for bettering your life.

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and love it so much for staying organized and productive.

Habit 4: Drink more water.

You probably here this tip all the time but seriously- drink more water!

This is such a small change that can really have a big impact on bettering your health.

Habit 5: Make your bed every morning.

No groaning about this one! Making your bed helps you start your day off right. And it discourages you from climbing back into bed before the day is over.

Habit 6: Stretch your body for 5 minutes a day.

Such an easy habit to start doing but one you shouldn’t look past.

Take a few minutes out of your day to make sure you are getting some stretching in.

Habit 7: Listen to upbeat music.

I’ll spare you the long explanation but basically your music can really impact your mood.

So for more positive moods and days trying listening to more positive music.

Habit 8: Start writing in a journal.

Journaling is a fantastic but still simple habit to start implementing into your life.

Get a journal (like this one from Target) and start following some prompts that are relevant to your life. Here are a few journal prompt lists that I have:

Habit 9: Make an effort to expand your vocabulary.

Try the classic “Word a day” emails or apps to help you with this! They are usually free and can really help expand your vocabulary.

Habit 10: Develop an efficient morning routine.

This will help you keep your day on track and give you time for reading the news in the morning or a couple chapters of a book. Here is how to refresh your morning routine this month. 

Habit 11: Regularly audit your social media following.

Social media can be a tool for learning but if you only follow toxic and negative people you won’t be learning anything you want to! I recommend once a month or once a quarter evaluating who you follow and support on social media. 

Habit 12: Listen to more podcasts.

Podcasts are a wonderful tool for learning and growing as a person. So make it a habit to turn on podcasts more often than other forms of entertainment that don’t provide as much value to your life.

This is a tiny habit that can really help with your personal growth in the long run.

Habit 13: Keep your phone organized.

This seems like a random small habit but seriously once you start to experience an organized and decluttered phone you will understand the benefits!

I have a guide that you can read here for how to organize your phone.

Habit 14: Morning affirmations.

Starting your day with positive morning affirmations can be such a great habit. It ensures that you are starting your day with positivity! I recommend using Pinterest to find affirmations that you like.

Habit 15: Compliment others more.

Making others feel good about themselves is a great way to have better days! And, of course, that also can help you be more likable and help your social life/career as well.

Habit 16: Start saying yes more.

Making it a habit to say yes, even to small things, can really help you get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person.

I have a video (link here) on how to get out of your comfort zone if you want more ideas that are bigger habits/steps/

Habit 17: Work on self confidence through daily boosts.

Start a tiny habit to every morning write down or speak out loud one thing you like about yourself.

This can have a positive long term impact on your self confidence and how you feel about yourself.

Habit 18: Start counting your steps.

Back to another simple health related habit! Counting steps is so easy now with the affordable fitness trackers being available. And it’s a great way to ensure you are getting enough physical activity.

I use the FitBit Ionic and love it!

Habit 19: Start cleaning 15 minutes a day.

This is a cleaning habit that I swear by.

By committing 15 minutes a day to generally picking up your home you ultimately have to spend less time trying to keep it clean! I have an entire guide (here!) on how to spend less time cleaning if you want more cleaning habits to start doing.

Habit 20: Incorporate more veggies/fruits.

Making it a habit to incorporate slightly more fruits and veggies into your diet can really help your short and long term help. Definitely a simple habit worth adding to your life!

Habit 21: Spend a bit of time outside daily.

Making an effort to spend time outside every day is another tiny habit with mental, physical, and even more benefits.

Anything, even just drinking your morning coffee outside every day can be beneficial.

Habit 22: Learn to wake up earlier.

Waking up even a little bit earlier can have a ton of benefits.

So making an effort to form the habit of waking up a bit earlier can be transforming for your life!

I have a guide about how to wake up earlier that you can read here.

Habit 23: Minimize notifications on your phone.

Being cautious about the notifications you allow to distract you is so important. It’s especially important for staying on track and being productive.

Just go into your phone settings and determine which notification you want. And then afterwards make it a habit to be picky when you get a new app about which notifications you want.

Habit 24: Practice daily gratitude.

Practicing gratitude is a very helpful habit to add to your life!

My best advice for adding this habit is to start using a gratitude journal.

Habit 25: Volunteer more regularly.

Volunteering is another habit that can spread kindness and joy in your life.

So start using your skills and time to help out others!

Habit 26: Practice forgiveness.

Holding onto grudges can really stop your personal growth. Specifically when it is over a smaller thing!

So make it a habit to practice more forgiveness.

Habit 27: Make self care a priority.

Prioritizing self care is a simple habit but is genuinely life changing!

I have a post here about why you need a self care routine that you should read while working on this habit – link here.

Habit 28: Start reflecting on your days.

Ending your day with a bit of reflection is so important for making sure that you are improving the next day! This can be journaling or just sitting with your thoughts for a bit.

Habit 29: Stop snoozing your alarm clock.

This is a super tiny habit but it is another one that can really set you up for better days.

Start making it a habit to stop snoozing your alarm clock!

Habit 30: Form a healthy before bed routine.

Making healthy bed time routine habits is so helpful for bettering your overall health.

I have some ideas for these habits that you can check out here!

Habit 31: Focus on one task at a time.

Multitasking is actually a bad habit that makes you less productive! So instead it is so much better to build the habit of focusing on one task at a time.


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  • Yes habit number 10 is so important! Before I developed a morning routine that worked for me I was all over the place. My motivation and productivity were inconsistent at best and I always felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of every day. After a few years of trial and error I finally found a morning routine that works for me I’d say it single-handedly changed the way I live life. My motivation and self discipline are SO much better than they were before. I even found so much extra time and energy in my day that I decided to start my own blog about it😂 love this post x

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