The Honest Reasons You Need A Self Care Routine

So we hear all the time about what you can include in a self care routine and ideas for self care days. But for a long time I didn’t know about the true importance of having a self care routine. I knew that taking care of yourself was important but why was a self care routine helpful? Why did everyone talk about self care routines? When I found out the honest reasons you need a self care routine I knew I had to share this information with all of you!

Before we get into the reasons I quickly want to touch on what self care is.

Self care is anything you do that is taking care of yourself. That can be mental, physical, spiritual, etc. Any intentional effort you are making to care for your mind or body is self care. Which is a really broad idea which is part of the reason it can be difficult to know why a self care routine is important.

And a self care routine is a set list of self care ideas that you do either daily, weekly, monthly or even annually. It’s a schedule that helps you stick to consistent self care.

So now let’s keep reading for the honest and genuine reasons you need to create a self care routine!

The Honest Reasons You Need A Self Care Routine

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The Honest Reasons You Need A Self Care Routine

{ Why self care routines are important }

Reason 1) Making it a routine makes it a habit.

The first reason is definitely the most important and that is that when you create a self care routine and practice it consistently it helps you become a habit.

One way to help with this process of making a routine into a habit is to make sure that the routine items are visible. I recommend grabbing a white board and writing down your self care items for the week and hanging it somewhere you will see every day (like in your closet, bathroom, on the fridge, etc).

Reason 2) It’s important to make yourself a priority.

The next reason is that it helps you make yourself a priority.

It is so easy to write yourself off and make everyone else a priority. Especially if you are a people pleaser!

Which is why actually making a self care routine helps you learn to prioritize yourself. Which for the record isn’t selfish it is actually really important to take care of yourself. And by actually making a self care routine you are in a way forcing yourself to make yourself a priority in your life.

Reason 3) It is less overwhelming as a routine.

I know that all of this can be a bit overwhelming. And the thought of committing time for self care in your busy schedule can be stressful.

But actually making it a routine can be less overwhelming then trying to randomly fit it in to your days. When you can plan and schedule for your self care time it helps you feel less overwhelmed by this process.

Reason 4) Helps actually boost your productivity.

The next reason you need a self care routine is that consistent self care actually improves your productivity.

That is because when you are focusing on yourself you help yourself feel more refreshed and re-charged. By improving your energy and clearing your mind you are more likely to be productive and efficient.

And you are less likely to actually get burnt out. When you are consistent with your self care routine then you are giving yourself committed time to taking a break and taking care of your mental and physical wellness. Which in turn helps you avoid becoming completely burnt out by life.

Reason 5) Improves your self confidence and self esteem.

It also helps to improve your self confidence and self esteem.

When you make a self care routine you are consistently practicing things that make you feel good and happy. And in that process it helps you think more positively about yourself which leads to improved feelings of confidence and being generally happier with yourself and your life!

If you want some activities to add to your self care routine that are specifically focused on self esteem then check out this post here.

Reason 6) Helps your physical well health.

A self care routine not only helps you feel more confident and productive but it also helps your physical health as well.

When you take the time to care for yourself you are decreasing your stress which has huge impacts on your body inside and out. Being stressed out all the time can be very detrimental to your long term physical health and can impact you right now (stress is a known cause of acne!). So make a self care routine and stick to it for the sake of your body!

Reason 7) Makes you think about your needs consistently.

The final of the reasons you need a self care routine is that it makes you think about what you need. What you need physically, emotionally, spiritually, logistically, etc.

When you are taking time to care for yourself it brings to your attention what you need to live a happy and healthy life. Which is honestly one of the greatest benefits of self care! The way it forces you to think about what you need for a better life and how you can do it.

So by making a self care routine you are putting yourself in a situation to frequently think about what you actually need and want in your life.

Why you should start a self care routine

I hope these honest reasons you need a self care routine have convinced you to go ahead and make a self care routine!

If you are looking for some self care routine items then check out this post here or this self care challenge here!


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