Life Changing Tips To Spend Less Time Cleaning

Okay I will accept that there are a handful of incredible people out there that actually like cleaning. But for the vast majority of us it is a dreaded chore. Which means that no one wants to spend any more time than absolutely necessary cleaning and as someone who is all about efficiency and productivity I have made it my mission to learn the best hacks to spend less time cleaning. And today I am sharing them with you all! So keep reading for the life changing tips to spend less time cleaning.

These tips are all about how you can still have just as clean of a home without spending nearly as much time every week actually cleaning. It’s all about being efficient with your cleaning patterns and staying on top of things.

I also have a video discussing/showing how to spend less time cleaning if you would prefer to watch- you can watch it here!

So if you want to spend less time cleaning but still keep your house truly clean then keep reading.

Life changing tips to spend less time cleaning

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Life Changing Tips To Spend Less Time Cleaning

{ How to spend less time cleaning but still have a clean home }

Tip 1) Make every room change efficient.

What I mean by that is to make sure that each time you go to a new room you make it efficient by bringing something.

I recommend grabbing a laundry basket and as you are cleaning in one room fill it with items that don’t belong in there. Then when you leave that room drop off the items to their correct room as you are going to the next room.

Walking around and putting things into their correct room can be done simultaneously with other cleaning tasks which can really cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning!

Tip 2) Declutter your home.

If you have less items in your home then you have less to clean. So spending a weekend decluttering your home will help you in the long run spend less time cleaning.

If you aren’t sure where to start with decluttering then try these 50 items.

Tip 3) Keep clutter out of your house.

A similar but just as essential tip is to keep clutter out of your home.

Once you successfully declutter you need to also make sure you don’t bring clutter back into your house. I have an entire guide on this here! But doing basic things like avoiding clearance racks and “mystery shopping boxes” can keep clutter out of your house so the cleaning process is quicker and more streamlined.

Tip 4) Make a cleaning schedule.

Have you ever found yourself scrubbing away at something and getting mad at yourself because if you had cleaned it last month it would have taken 5 minutes? But the stain/grossness sat for too long now it’s taking 30 minutes?

Then you would greatly benefit from creating a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning schedule!

Also, highly recommend after you make your cleaning schedules to post it somewhere that your entire household will see it.

But making and sticking to a cleaning schedule can really help you spend overall less time cleaning.

Tip 5) Make sure you have the right cleaning tools.

Guys you have to work smarter not harder!

Is it taking you forever to vacuum because you have to go over the same areas over and over again? Then you probably need to get a strong vacuum.

Would buying a couple extra microfiber rags help you spend less time waiting for them in the wash? Then it’s worth it to buy them because it will help you spend less time cleaning and waiting.

Tip 6) Don’t be afraid of new technology.

Trying a robot vacuum could be life changing, especially if you have a ranch style house without too many stairs!

Try out the newest all purpose cleaner even if it isn’t the one you have used forever. If everyone is raving about it then it’s worth trying something new because it could be better and therefore help you spend less time cleaning!

I was so guilty of this for a long time and after I started to accept new ideas for my cleaning supplies and routines it really helped me overall spend less time cleaning!

Tip 7) Learn to do background tasks.

Background tasks are things like the dishwasher running, the laundry running, a steamer going in the microwave to loosen the grime, etc. If you can time background tasks to happen while you are doing more active cleaning tasks you can really cut down on the amount of time you commit to cleaning during the day!

Remember this is all about being efficient. If something soaking for 10 minutes will mean it takes 1 minute to wipe down compared to 5 minutes to scrub then soak the item. Then you can do a different cleaning activity during those 10 minutes.

Tip 8) Think about cleanliness when making purchases.

The final of the tips to spend less time cleaning is to be logical about your purchases and their cleanliness.

If you are choosing between 2 items (say for example cookware) and one will be way quicker and easier to clean then that’s absolutely a factor to seriously consider.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing things that are easier to keep clean- remember your time and effort is very valuable!

How to spend less time cleaning

I hope these 8 tips to spend less time cleaning really helps you all regain some time in your day that used to be spent cleaning! Remember that by working smarter not harder you can help yourself spend less time doing these tasks that we all dread!


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