Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Perfect Planner

Finding your perfect planner can be an overwhelming adventure. So I want to help you out by giving you questions to ask yourself to find your perfect planner!

Before we fully jump into the actual questions to ask yourself to find your perfect planner I want to quickly cover the benefits of using a planner. So you know why it is so important to use your perfect planner.

Benefits of using a planner:

  • The first benefit is that it can help really keep you organized. This is probably the most obvious benefit but it is so important.
  • Planners also help you stay focused and on track with your life.
  • They can also help you be more productive! Which can overall help you live your best life.
  • Using a planner can help you achieve more of your goals by keeping you on track with the smaller, actionable steps.
  • The final benefit I want to mention is that using a planner regularly can help give you some mental clarity. Which is such a wonderful benefit of using a planner.

Now that we have chatted about those benefits let’s get into the questions to ask yourself to find your perfect planner!

Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Perfect Planner

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Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Perfect Planner

And the perfect planner for each answer!

Question 1: What is the primary activity you will use the planner to plan?

Is the main activity you’re planning for academics? Family? Work? Answering this first question is so important for picking the perfect planner for you.

Here are a few of the recommendations from this question I have based on if you are planning for-


Family: Peter Pauper Press Family Organizer Planner

Work: Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Planner

If it’s something different keep going for more recommendations! And even if you answered one of those three I recommend continuing to see if there is one that will work better for you.

Question 2: Will you be bringing it everywhere with you?

This is primarily about the size of the planner.

If you plan on bringing your planner everywhere with you then you may be wanting a smaller planner. Especially if you are bringing it in a purse rather than a backpack.

But if your planner is just going to live on your desk then you don’t need to worry about it being easy to transport. And in that case you may actually prefer for it to be larger so it is a bit easier to use.

An easy to carry about planner: Just Bloom Mini Dashboard Happy Planner

A planner that’s perfect for living on your desk: Peachly Desktop Weekly Planner Notepad

Question 3: Do you like to decorate or stay simple?

This question will be super important for you finding your perfect planner.

Because if you love to use stickers in your planner but then you get one that is very logistical without space for stickers than you won’t like it. And the same goes for if you like logical planners but then you get one that is designed for stickers/ lots of creative elements.

A great planner if you like to decorate is: Undated Biz Babe Diamond Classic Dashboard Happy Planner

A very logistical and simple planner is: Erin Condren Focused Planner

Question 4: What layout seems the most logical?

This is kind of a knee jerk reaction question. Does a vertical layout seem logical? Horizontal? Whichever immediately seems like the most logical layout to you is probably the layout you should go with!

Layout is something that you may have to play around with but in general I recommend trying the first layout that seems like the most logical one to you.

My favorite vertical layout planner: Erin Condren Lifeplanner

My favorite horizontal layout planner: Skinny Classic Horizontal Happy Planner

Question 5: Do you want a lot of extras within the same planner?

Extras can be very fun! Sections for contacts, free stickers, monthly set up pages, journaling pages, etc. There are so many cool extras that can come with different planners.

If that seems fun and exciting to you then definitely consider getting a planner with those extras. If that seems overwhelming or like things you would never use then stay away from a planner with extras. There is nothing wrong with either just ask yourself which you prefer.

If you want a planner loaded with extras check out: A5 DAILY LIFEPLANNER™ RING AGENDA

And if you prefer one that is straight to the point and just a planner check out: Weekly XL Black – Moleskine

Question 6: Is personalization important to you?

Next up is an easy question but one that can really narrow it down when you are trying to find an ideal planner.

Think about if you want personalization and how much.

If you just want the cover personalized I recommend this planner: CREATE YOUR OWN DESIGN LIFEPLANNER

If you want a lot of the planner personalized then check out this planner: DAILY LIFEPLANNER™ BINDER

And if you don’t care or don’t want personalization then check out this one: Papier Daily Planner

Question 7: Do you need a very affordable option or willing to splurge?

The final question I recommend asking yourself in your search for the perfect planner is an important one. Budget!

Think about how much you want to spend. There is also no right or wrong answer (like the rest of the questions) but there is a massive range in planner costs.

So it’s important to at least know if you are going to splurge or if you want to save. But it’s the most ideal to already have a price range in mind as you are looking into planners.

A great affordable option is this (under $15): Weekly/Monthly Wirebound Wyatt – Blue Sky

And a super fun splurge is this planner: CAMEL VEGAN LEATHER LIFEPLANNER™

I truly hope these questions helped you find your ideal planner.

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