30 Ways To Improve Yourself In November 2023

One month can really improve and transform your life. Don’t believe me? Then it’s time to try doing some of these 30 things to improve your life in one month. These are different changes and activities that you can implement into your life this month. To help you start living your best life! So keep reading ig you are interested in these 30 ways to improve yourself in November.

Before we get into this list I do want to state that it is not going to be feasible to add all of these things to your life this month. Instead, I recommend reading the entire list and seeing which things jump out at you. Whichever ones feel like they would make the biggest impact in your life are the ones I highly recommend starting to do sooner.

You can always add more changes on next month or later this year! No need to try so many things at once that they overwhelm you. But any positive things you do to improve your life will start making a pretty immediate impact into bettering yourself and your life.

So, that all being said let’s get into this list of things to improve your life in the month of November!

30 Ways To Improve Yourself In November 2023

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30 Ways To Improve Yourself In November 2023

Self-improvement ideas to start improving your life in a month:

Idea 1: Read a few chapters from a book daily to improve your mind

Reading a bit every day is one of the best things you can do to continue to learn as an adult and keep your mind sharp. I recommend incorporating at least some non-fiction into your books!

I also recommend grabbing a Kindle and a Kindle unlimited plan so that this actually will be affordable compared to buying new books all the time!

Idea 2: Make a monthly calendar

I recommend using a big wall calendar for the “big picture” and then a weekly planner throughout the month.

On your monthly calendar make sure to note anything that changes month-to-month, your kids/families activities, appointments, meetings, deadlines, etc.

This is meant to be a snapshot of your month to keep you on track and also to help remind you of what is happening this month as you are making it.

I personally have 2 of these, one at home and one at work and find the process of filling out the calendar to be almost as helpful as actually seeing it every day.

Idea 3: Listen to more podcasts

This next idea for how to improve yourself in May is a fun and engaging one. Podcasts are a great way to practice personal improvement. 

You can learn so many new things while also doing daily tasks like commuting to work and folding laundry!

Idea 4: Create or check your budget

If you don’t already have a standard monthly budget then take this opportunity to make one! It doesn’t have to be a big, daunting task. Simply make a 2 column list, one side with what your expected monthly incomes are and one side with expected monthly expenses.

Then as the month goes on try to keep the list as accurate as possible for what your making and what you are spending your money on.

Each month this will become easier and more accurate as you get a better picture of your spending. And as you become better at tracking you can start to improve the budget by going more into detail and limiting different areas of “leisure” spending to save money.

If this sounds difficult to do on your own then try getting a budget workbook to guide you!

Idea 5: Learn to overcome perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the things that holds you back from improving yourself.

Overcoming perfectionism can be a real struggle but I have a full guide on my site right here!

Idea 6: Do 5 positive affirmations every day.

Keeping a positive mindset is so important for constantly improving yourself. 

And by doing positive affirmations you force yourself to stay in a more positive mindset. Which allows you to improve yourself to stay positive throughout the day.

Idea 7: Set goals for the month

This is an incredibly important task to do at the beginning of every month. Setting goals helps remind you of what you want to accomplish and the monthly steps you can take to get there. These goals can be about work, productivity, mental health, physical health, and everything in between.

I like to make a digital list on my phone of my monthly goals then take a screenshot and save it on my phone as my background.

This helps remind you every single day of your goals and helps you stay on track to achieve them. For more advice on your daily goals follow this guide.

Idea 8: Try out a new hobby for personal improvement

If you want to improve yourself then you need to make sure you are improving all aspects of your life including what you do in your down time. 

But if you don’t have a hobby that you want to put effort into then it is time to find a new hobby. I have a list of 20 hobbies to try out here!

Idea 9: Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison can really destroy your motivation and mental wellness.

Learning to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own success and goals is one of the most important personal improvement tips I have! 

I recommend starting this with social media by reminding yourself that it isn’t a realistic look into others lives and that they have struggles too that you can’t see.

Idea 10: Start a 30 day challenge

A 30 day challenge is a great opportunity to help you work towards a larger goal or just to provide something fun and different into your life for the month.

There are more than just 30 day fitness challenges out there (though those are great too).

There are challenges for reading books, learning languages, positive-ness, spreading kindness, cleaning, academic, and so many more.

Really if there is something you are interested in improving in your life there is probably a 30 day challenge to help lead and guide you through it! If you want ideas for self improvement then look at these 50 ideas and then check Pinterest for 30 day challenges related to them!

Idea 11: Take a free online course 

I am a huge supporter of learning new things as an adult and taking free online courses is a great way to do that. Interested in astronomy? Photography? Digital marketing? There is free courses online for everything and anything!

Idea 12: Learn to meal plan for self improvement

Meal planning is a great self improvement idea to start improving yourself.

By meal planning you start to eat healthier and you save money on groceries. For tips on sticking to a meal plan you can read these tips!

Idea 13: Boost your organization with digital organization

Digital organization is seriously just as important as any other form of organization now!

The beginning of a month gives you a great time line to keep up with your digital organization. The 2 biggest things to keep digitally organized are your phone and your email inbox.

I have an 8 step guide to organizing your phone that I recommend reading before you dive into your first round of organizing your phone!

Idea 14: Make a monthly to-do list

This is a to-do list with larger and higher importance items than a weekly to do list.

This is items such as bills that need to be paid, appointments that need made, deadlines due, etc. Make sure to keep in mind your monthly (and yearly) goals as you think about what needs to be accomplished this month as well as what you would like to accomplish this month.

Idea 15: Journal about your emotions

I talk on here a lot about the importance of journaling. And specifically journaling about your emotions is a wonderful way to really get in touch with them.

Some helpful journal prompts for this can be found here: 40 Journal Prompts For When You Are Stressed.

Idea 16: Do a deep clean

The best way to approach a monthly deep clean is to create a list of cleaning tasks that need cleaned every month.

Think about things like cleaning the shower curtains, cleaning out the fridge, dusting ceiling fans, etc.

Doing a deep clean will help your home feel (and of course BE) more clean which helps you start the month off right and you don’t have to worry about cleaning those items the rest of the month!

I have a 30 day deep cleaning challenge here that you should consider doing if you want a cleaner home.

Idea 17: Decluttering some of the clutter in your home

Decluttering is one of the best ways to make your home feel more organized and clean.

So starting your month with a decluttering session then you will feel more organized and you are able to start your month off to the right start.

Not sure what needs decluttered?

I have a list of 50 items you can declutter! Attempting to declutter every thing on that list in 1 day is not achievable so be realistic and aim for a couple area every month.

Idea 18: Go a monthly household shopping trip

An essentials monthly household shopping trip sets you up for success.

You don’t have to go on 15 quick (but not really quick) shopping trips for little items throughout the month if you keep track of what you need and shop strategically!

This trip should be for things like paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. For groceries most people have to get them weekly but any non-perishables or seasonings you can consider trying to buy on a monthly schedule too, this helps eliminate some of the stress when weekly grocery shopping.

Idea 19: Do a productivity increasing challenge

Making it a mission to improve your productivity can help you accomplish so much more! Try an activity of doing a productivity challenge- here’s my 7 day productivity challenge.

Being more productive is so helpful for getting your life in order and getting more done every day. Starting this as one of the ways to improve yourself in May is a great way to be more productive in the long run.

Idea 20: Keep a time log for the entire day

This is something to do if you feel like your days are chaotic and super unorganized. 

For a few days each day keep a log of what you do every hour. Then you can use that to see where the time in your day is going. And then from there you can re-evaluate your time and how you can re-arrange your days for improved organization and productivity. 

Idea 21: Make daily to do lists a part of your daily routine

This is the best way to ensure you know what tasks need to be done that day.

And you can use this list for helping you organize the other parts of your day. In general I really recommend the importance of using a daily to do list. If you have ever read this site before you have probably heard me talk about the importance of daily to do lists before but that is because they are so helpful for getting your life together! Definitely something to start doing this month.

Idea 22: Use a planner

If you have been on here before you probably heard me talk before about the importance of using a planner many times!

Planners keep your whole life organized. I recommend having one at work and one for your home life if you find that just one gets too filled up.

If you have a planner but don’t use it every week like you need to do to stay organized then take a look at this 5 Reasons Your Planner Isn’t Working and figure out why and then follow the steps for what to do to start using it.

If you don’t currently have a planner I recommend checking out the Erin Condren Life Planner!

Idea 23: Work on meeting new people and new friends

This idea can either be exciting or scary depending on your views on creating new friendships. But growing as a person often means expanding your circles.

And you may be pleasantly surprised about how you can improve your life by welcoming new people into it.

Idea 24: Start your day with a task

Starting your day with a task that needs to get done can set your whole day up for organization and productivity.

You set the mood for the day and you can use that “just woke up” energy to help you get more done.

I also recommend setting up an organized morning routine as part of this habit. Here is a list of 13 ideas for organized morning routines.

Idea 25: Create a morning routine that works for you

Morning routines are so helpful for bettering yourself and becoming the person you want to be! I have a lot of guides and articles about morning routines because they are so important. Here are a few of them:

Idea 26: Make a personal growth plan to improve the quality of your life

Want to work on improving yourself inside? Then learning to create a personal growth plan is going to be essential.

Here is one of my favorite resources for working on your personal growth plan: 25 Day Personal Growth Challenge To Really Challenge Yourself!

Idea 27: Volunteer regularly to improve your life and the life of others

Volunteering is an absolute win.

You help out other and your community while also having personal growth. 

Find the right organization/place for you to volunteer that properly uses your knowledge, skills, and passions!

Idea 28: Do self-esteem boosting activities

Improving your self-esteem is one of the most helpful ways to improve your life in one month!

It helps you feel better about yourself and your confidence will follow.

Here are some ideas for how to boost your self-esteem: 17 Self Esteem Boosting Activities To Start Doing!

Idea 29: Learn to wake up earlier in the morning

Waking up earlier in the morning helps set you up for a better and more productive day. 

It’s amazing what a difference waking up earlier in the morning can have to improving your days. I have a guide on waking up early here!

Idea 30: Start practicing daily gratitude

This self improvement ideas is one I truly stand by. And is the final of the ways to improve yourself in May we are chatting about today!

Daily gratitude is one of the best things you can do for not only personal growth but also for your heart and soul.

I recommend doing a gratitude journal which only takes about 5 minutes a day. Incorporate it into your morning or evening routine and watch it start to help your heart.

I hope that these ideas for 30 ways to improve yourself in November 2023 will help you create your best self and best life starting this month!


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