17 Self Esteem Boosting Activities To Start Doing!

Self esteem is something that everyone has room to improve on. And it is an important area to work on improving. Which is why we have compiled this helpful list of 17 self esteem boosting activities to start doing so you can improve your self esteem.

Before we talk about the self esteem boosting activities we should chat about the benefits of getting your self esteem to a healthy level.

What are the benefits of improving your self esteem?

  • Improves your relationships and communication with others.
  • Helps you have the confidence to work towards your dreams.
  • It helps you feel like your true, authentic self.
  • Assists with making it easier to make decisions and avoid decision fatigue.
  • Ensures you know your value and worth in life!
17 self esteem boosting activities!

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17 Self Esteem Boosting Activities:

How to boost your self esteem with these activities!

Activity 1) Use positive self talk daily.

The first self esteem boosting activity that we should talk about is doing self talk daily.

When talking to yourself you need to practice telling yourself things that you like and appreciate about yourself. Focus on the positive!

Activity 2) Start a daily gratitude journal.

Gratitude is something that isn’t as obvious but is completely necessary for boosting your self esteem.

By focusing on the positives in your life you will start thinking about all the great things going on in your life that you can be thankful for.

By putting everything you are thankful for on paper it will help you improve your mental wellness and confidence! Check out this great gratitude journal here!

Activity 3) Volunteer in your community.

Volunteering is an amazing way to help better your community while improving yourself and connecting with people.

If you don’t currently have an organization you are involved with then think about what skill sets you have to offer and how you can make that into a volunteering experience.

Activity 4) Do a social media unplug weekend.

Social media leads to comparison.

And comparison lead to self doubt and lowered self esteem.

So take a weekend every month or so and unplug from your phone! For tips on unplugging from your phone check out these tips: How To Unplug From Your Phone Every Day.

Activity 5) Work on a hobby that you are confident about.

By putting time into your favorite hobby that you are truly confident about then you are putting work into developing something that will help improve your self esteem.

It will help improve your self esteem because you are putting effort into something you are confident about!

Activity 6) Practice setting healthy boundaries.

Setting boundaries is absolutely necessary to be a more successful and happy adult.

However, it can be difficult to learn what boundaries to set and how to set them kindly.

So I have an entire post about setting healthy boundaries and learning to say no to prioritize your days!

Activity 7) Do daily positive affirmations.

Positive daily affirmations are so helpful for improving your self esteem.

Making an effort to start and/or end your day with positive affirmations will improve the positivity in your life and help you become more confident about your life and yourself.

Activity 8) Make a list of things you can control in your life.

This is a great activity for helping take control of your life and boosting your self esteem.

By making a list of all the things you can control in your life you are able to see what you can do to better yourself and what isn’t worth stressing about because you can’t control it.

Activity 9) Wear your favorite outfit out in public.

This is a fun activity- wear your favorite outfit out in public tomorrow!

Wearing an outfit you feel confident in is great for feeling like the awesome, confident person you are!

It’s also great for helping you start to dress exactly how you want to and start looking how you want and how makes you feel the most confident.

Activity 10) Finish one “impossible task”.

An impossible task is something that is a manageable task that you keep putting off.

They are frequently an administrative task like something tax related, sending an email, or it could be cleaning something you don’t want to or putting away a suitcase from your last trip.

By doing a task you have been avoiding you will get a confidence surge that will help boost your self esteem.

Activity 11) Start learning a new thing.

Learning new things is an amazing way to start improving your self.

Think about something you really want to learn like a new language! Then make a plan to start learning that.

If your goal is to generally become a more well informed and intelligent person then read this: 30 Habits To Help Make you Smarter.

Activity 12) Make a vision board.

Vision boards are one of the most fun self esteem boosting activities.

Grab a poster board and print out some of your favorite things from Pinterest and write on words that express what you want your future to look like. It will only take an hour or so but will honestly help you feel so much better!

Activity 13) Practice taking criticism better.

Taking criticism is something that everyone should learn but it is especially important if you already have lower self esteem.

By learning to not take the criticism as personally and grow from the criticism then your self esteem won’t be hurt when you hear what you need to improve on.

For more tips on this check out: 10 Tips For Taking Criticism Like A Pro.

Activity 14) Work on not second guessing yourself.

This is an activity you will have to constantly work on but it is so important!

If you find yourself second guessing a decision practice sticking to it.

Start small, like sticking with your original decision at a restaurant and then work your way up to bigger decisions.

Activity 15) Create a life bucket list.

Bucket lists are a great way to start dreaming big and thinking about all the amazing things you can and will be doing in your life.

I like to make annual, 5 year, and life long bucket lists so if you don’t have any bucket lists I recommend starting with a life long one!

You can read my current annual bucket list here!

Activity 16) Work on your presentation.

Improving your presentation is a fantastic way to work on boosting your self esteem levels.

Work on improving things like your posture, public speaking, and body language. All of those add up to your presentation to others and having a more confident and self assured presentation will help boost your self esteem.

Activity 17) Do one monthly thing out of your comfort zone.

The final activity is to do one thing out of your comfort zone every month.

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do for boosting your self esteem and self confidence.

There is an entire guide on this with lots of tips for taking the leap to get out of your comfort zone: How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

How to improve your self esteem!

Boosting your self esteem can be daunting but by regularly practicing these self esteem boosting activities!


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