23 Goals That You Can Achieve In Less Than One Month

Sometimes we all find ourselves feeling like we really want to accomplish a goal. To feel like we are heading in the right direction! Which is super understandable and actually really helpful. Setting a goal that you can achieve in the short term is great for boosting your discipline and motivation. So today I am sharing 23 goals that you can achieve in less than one month.

We will get into the goals soon but I do quickly want to chat about helpful goal setting tips and tricks. Making a conscious effort to be disciplined, reasonable, and detailed with goal setting is so important!

Helpful tips and advice for setting goals that you can achieve in less than one month:

  • Make sure that every goal you set has actionable steps that you can know you are definitely taking.
  • Also make sure that the goals are measurable. So you can see your progress and know if you have successfully completed the goal.
  • Keep your monthly goals list visible so that you can have daily motivation and inspiration to keep working on them. 
  • Always be patient with yourself if you don’t hit a goal by it’s deadline. It’s so much better to have tried and missed than to have not tried at all. 
  • Be realistic about the amount of time you really have in the month to complete your goals. Are they even goals that can be completed in a month?
  • But also don’t underestimate yourself- you are capable of achieving incredible things!

Now let’s get into this list of goals that you can achieve in less than one month.

23 Goals That You Can Achieve In Less Than One Month

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23 Goals That You Can Achieve In Less Than One Month

Short term monthly goals to try:

Goal 1: Start talking to yourself positively.

Positive self talk is essential for improving your mental wellness. So set goals for talking to yourself positively, you can start with something as simple as saying 5 nice things to yourself every morning! You can achieve this goal in less than a month with consistently working on it.

Goal 2: Complete a 30 day challenge

This may seem obvious but 30 day challenges are great ideas for a goal you can do in one month. And it doesn’t have to be health and fitness related! Head over to Pinterest and look up “30 day challenge” + whatever topic you are interested in.

Goal 3: Learn a stress coping mechanism that works for you.

Finding a way that works for you to handle stress is a very helpful self growth idea as well as good for your mental wellness. I have a post on 30 ways to relax when you’re stressed and the habits of less stressed people that could help you with this goal!

Goal 4: Read a nonfiction book.

Reading is so important for personal development and just generally for your life! I recommend getting a Kindle so you can easily get a new book every month. Or you can read more often of course but one book a month is a great personal development goal.

Goal 5: Improve your body language for self improvement.

Self improvement means improving every part of yourself including how you present yourself. By learning to present yourself clearly and confidently through body language you can really improve yourself.

Goal 6: Do a one month habit journal.

Habit journals are a fantastic way to help you really starting building new, positive habit. So grab one like this and start building those habits!

Goal 7: Wake up an hour earlier each day.

I have a post (linked here) that can help you learn how to wake up earlier each day and it also discusses the benefits. This is a super helpful goal and it can definitely be achieved in less than a month to learn to wake up earlier in the morning.

Goal 8: Improve your time management abilities.

Time management is something we talk about a lot on here but it is an awesome personal development goal to work on improving your time management! If you are skeptical about the importance of time management then read this.

I have an entire post (here) on how to better your time management in just 14 days so in half a month!

Goal 9: Pick 5 new recipes to cook at home.

This goal has lots of health, financial, and entertainment benefits to it! So head over to your Pinterest boards and pick some recipes you have been meaning to try.

Goal 10: Get out of your comfort zone at least once.

Escaping your comfort zone is an essential part of self growth. It’s so important that I have a full guide on it here! But I recommend trying to do at least one thing to get out of your comfort zone every month.

Goal 11: Do a social media audit.

This normally only takes a weekend and it can be so helpful! Take the time this month to unfollow anyone who doesn’t bring you joy on social media and determine and audit what social media you are consuming. Really think about how each account and platforms as a whole make you feel.

Goal 12: Start journaling.

This is potentially a goal you have heard a lot of other people suggest and that is because journaling has so many benefits! If you are only picking one goal from this list I definitely recommend considering this one.

Goal 13: Stick to a budget for the month.

Budgeting is a goal that you probably know is helpful so I won’t go over that too much but I do have a free monthly budget that you can check out here to help with this goal!

Goal 14: Find the self care items that are the best for you.

Self care is so important for helping you unwind and practice self love. But you have probably seen lists of hundreds of self care item ideas! So it’s helpful to set this goal to find the self care items that work the best for you. Take a few days this month to accomplish this goal of knowing what self care items are best for you.

Goal 15: Start saying daily affirmations.

This usually only takes a week or two to start becoming a habit. And starting or ending your days with daily affirmations can be wonderful for your mental wellness! Here are some self care affirmations you could start out with.

Goal 16: Find the things that motivate you the most. 

Finding what motivates and drives you is one of the best personal development goals you can set. Taking the time to learn what really pushes you means you can use that to achieve more and work towards your dreams! Knowing your motivation can be life changing for accomplishing your life long goals.

Goal 17: Pick a bad habit and work on eliminating it. 

Eliminating bad habits is a common self growth goal and it’s common for a reason- because it is so important! I recommend doing this goal by working on one bad habit at at time. I have a post on this that might be able to help you out: How To Break a Bad Habit in One Month.

Goal 18: Participate in a community event.

Getting involved in your community is a goal I hear a lot so putting the timeline of doing it in the next month can be the kick in the butt that you may need!

Goal 19: Learn to practice regular gratitude.

The next of the personal development goals is to practice regular and consistent gratitude. My best tip for doing this goal successfully is to get a daily gratitude journal.

Goal 20: Make changes to make your life more sustainable.

I highly recommend doing some research and setting sub goals that you can start implementing now to help make your home and life more sustainable.

Goal 21: Learn to stop procrastinating on tasks to improve yourself.

Procrastination is a hard but manageable thing to overcome! But there is a lot of steps to this goal so if you are choosing this as one of your personal development goals then I recommend checking out this post: Pushing Past Procrastination.

Goal 22: Do self esteem boosting activities.

Removing self doubt and bettering your self esteem absolutely go hand in hand! The best way in my experience to work on this self growth goal is to practice consistent self esteem activities.

Goal 23: Start practicing consistent self reflection.

I talk a lot on here about re-evaluating and reflecting because it is so important for personal growth. Doing monthly self reflection is an incredible way to start improving yourself.


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