50 Helpful Self Improvement Ideas: Ideas For Improving Yourself!

I fully believe in making a conscious effort to improve yourself a little bit every day. But that can be a really vague goal. And it may seem difficult to determine where you should start. Which is why I have compiled these helpful 50 ideas for self improvement list. Self improvement is a vital part of growing as a person and experiencing self growth so let’s get to talking about these self improvement ideas!

Which means the best thing you can do is focus first on the self improvement that you think will help you achieve your most important goals. Prioritizing what is the most important to you is essential if you want to truly work on becoming the awesome person you want to be!

Self growth is something we talk about a lot on here and that is because it is so important for creating the life you want.

And self growth and self improvement go hand in hand because in order to grow as a person you have to put work into improving. Which is why I made this huge list of self improvement ideas.

But before we get into the 50 ideas for self improvement list I believe it is essential to talk about why self improvement is important! If you don’t understand why it is important to improve yourself then it is hard to motivate yourself to make these changes.

Why is self improvement so important? 50 ideas for self improvement!

Why is self improvement so important?

Because working on yourself is the only way that you can achieve new goals. You won’t achieve your goals that you haven’t previously achieved by staying the same.

And making a conscious effort to improve yourself in ANY way will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. Self improvement efforts will immediately help you start growing as a person so you can experience self growth. Because any time you work on bettering yourself you will experience self growth. Focusing on self development ideas is so important for truly creating your best life.

So I have compiled 50 ideas for improving yourself. 50 ideas for how you can start working on bettering yourself!

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50 Self Improvement Ideas To Improve Yourself

Huge self improvement list to better yourself

1. First up is to clean as you go- don’t let your home get messy! Learning better cleaning strategies is something you will be thankful you did. Trust me!

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement: clean as you go.

2. Let go of toxic friendships- if a friendship isn’t good for your mental wellness than let it go.

3. Work on prioritizing– every aspect of your life will benefit from prioritizing the most important things first.

4. Create a one year plan- figure out what the next 365 days will look like.

5. Next is to keep a habit journal – this will help you build new positive habits!

6. Try to get 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement:  get physical activity

7. Make your bed every day- and wash your bedding regularly too.

8. Read a book relevant to your dreams- self help or inspirational, whatever benefits your dreams the most.

9. Make a daily goals list- here are some tips for this!

10. Refresh your resume- here are 20 resume tips to help.

11. Create your meal plan for the week and make a grocery list along with it.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement: make a meal plan

12. Take an online course on something you want to learn!

Bonus tip: online courses are usually free and often you can get certificates that will also impress on a resume!

13. Strive for 6 hours of sleep every night- here are 5 more tips for better sleep.

14. Take an hour off social media every day- learn to unplug from your phone with this guide.

15. Go one day without sugar each week- your body will thank you.

16. Create a vision board for your future dreams!

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement:  vision board creation

17. Start a gratitude journal- here’s a cute one.

18. Work on your work day routine for more productive days.

19. Make a personal website (this is great for job applications)- no matter your career path this can be very helpful.

20. Find & listen to podcasts relevant to your goals.

21. Start volunteering 1 day a month or quarter- getting involved for your community is a win-win for everyone.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement: start volunteering and doing charity work.

22. Next on the self improvement ideas list is simple: Organize your cell phone!

23. Write a list of your “bad habits” and then start tackling one- here is my favorite tips for breaking a bad habit.

24. Put a limit on your TV consumption each day.

25. Work towards getting up by 6am every day!

Want more? Here’s part 2 of the self improvement ideas list!

26. Purge your closet- and organize it after your closet has been decluttered.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement:  purge your closet.

27. Drink more water every single day.

28. Make a monthly life calendar. This self development idea can really help you get organized.

29. Try meditation- there are free guided ones on YouTube!

30. Learn to write weekly to do lists to get more organized.

31. Download a brain game app- like Sudoku or crosswords.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement: brain games.

32. Write a letter to yourself in 5, 10, and 20 years.

33. Try journaling- here are 75 Self Improvement Journal Prompts.

34. Learn a new word everyday- get an app for this and watch your vocabulary grow!

35. Evaluate and improve your morning routine. Your morning routine sets the mood for the entire day.

36. Organize your “junk drawer” or junk closet.

50 ideas for self improvement! Idea for self improvement:  organize junk drawers.

37. Work on not multitasking and focusing on one task at a time. Multitasking is actually counterproductive and can really harm your ability to accomplish tasks.

38. Work on learning to say no! As well as setting healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life.

39. Make a 10 year career plan and actionable steps to get there. This is a completely essential self development idea!

40. Cook dinner at home 1 more day a week than previously.

41.  Create a productive Sunday routine to set your week up for success!

Creating a sunday routine can help you have a better and improved week!

42. Break your goals down into daily actions each day- this will seriously help you achieve your goals. Small steps add up to large progress.

43. Work on taking criticism and growing from it- here are my tips for taking criticism like a pro.

44. Ask a career mentor for feedback on your work performance and career path.

45. Learn to use your commute time productively! Taking advantage of time holes like your commute can help you really transform your life.

46. Monitor and limit your caffeine intake- trust me your body will thank you in the long run.

Don't let caffeine over charge you and cause you to crash!

47. Start taking personalized vitamins (do research on what you need)!

Bonus tip: discuss which vitamins you need more of with your doctor at your next visit. It’s important to get a professional opinion for the best results.

48. Make an effort to make one person smile everyday- bring joy to those around you!

49. Write down your impression of your strengths and weaknesses so you can grow from both lists! You can you this list for the next steps in your self improvement journey.

50. Last but most importantly- remember to love yourself and where you already are in life. You are going to do amazing things but improvement takes time.

Bettering yourself start with accepting and loving yourself!

Let’s chat a bit more now that you know the self improvement list!

Self improvement can be a daunting but insanely rewarding thing to focus your energy on. Even focusing on improving one part of you a tiny bit every day can lead to long lasting positive results in your life!

These ideas for self improvement are here to help you start living the life you want. But it is important to note that you can’t try to tackle this whole list of self improvement ideas right away. As I mentioned at the beginning it is vital to prioritize what parts of self improvement are the most important to you!

Best of luck improving yourself! Comment with any questions or ideas!


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