Ideas For Doing A Mental Cleanse In Your Life

Completing a mental cleanse is an incredible way to get the weight off your mind and allow you to move forward with your life. But when it is your first time doing a mental cleanse it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. And what steps of a mental cleanse are the most important and helpful for your life. So today we are going to talk about these helpful ideas for doing a mental cleanse in your life.

Before we jump into these ideas for doing a mental cleanse I want to quickly explain what a mental cleanse is and some guidelines to follow when completing one.

What is a mental cleanse?

It is any steps you consciously take to clear your mind and allow you to move past things holding you back. Everyones steps will look different as everyone is cluttered and held back by different stresses and worries. But the steps you take to relieve your mind of those thoughts so you can be focused are what a mental cleanse is all about.

General guidelines for completing a mental cleanse:

  • Be patient with yourself. It won’t happen immediately that you suddenly feel focused, clear, and know what you want to do to move forward in life. It can take time and a genuine acceptance from you that you want to focus on relieving your mind of those thoughts that are negative and holding you back.
  • Remember that what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. Each person has different troubles, puts different values on things, and overall every mind works differently.
  • If you find a step that works for you write it down! That way you can refer back to it the next time you are in need of some mental cleansing.
  • Try not to wait until you are in desperate need of a cleanse. Doing the steps that work for you when you are starting to get bogged down by stress will allow you to work on the issues before they start to debilitate you!

So now that we have covered the general idea of a mental cleanse and some guidelines/tips let’s get into some of the actual ideas you can start doing.

Ideas For Doing A Mental Cleanse In Your Life

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Ideas For Doing A Mental Cleanse In Your Life

Do these things to help you move forward in life!

Idea 1: Meditation.

Meditation is an incredible tool for working on becoming more aware and cleansing your mind.

When you are meditating you are alone with your thoughts and focusing 100% of your energy on those thoughts. Which allows you to eliminate distractions and pressures from the rest of the world. Which ultimately can help you see yourself more realistically and become more aware.

I recommend either downloading a meditation app or just searching for videos on YouTube until you find a guided one that works for you as you start meditating. And then grab a yoga/meditation matand start working on meditation and figuring out your true self.

Idea 2: Start journaling.

If you want to make your own decisions then you need to know what you want and where you are headed in life. And in my experience the best way to really learn that information about yourself for mental clarity is journaling.

There is something incredible powerful about taking the time to learn about yourself and getting those words down on paper. And you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks about your words because journaling is for your eyes only!

I have a few posts with journal prompts that you can follow to help with this tip:

Idea 3: Spend time thinking about your values.

An important part of getting mental clarity is to spend time thinking about your values.

You need to really get in touch with what you value and what you believe in. This is so helpful because getting those values on the front of your mind. Which can help you think for yourself and make your values a priority. Rather than making the values or interests of those who are trying to persuade you a priority.

A great way to work on this tip is to make a list of the things that you value and that are a priority to you. This is a simple idea but still a great way to start thinking for yourself.

Idea 4: Breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques and following guided breathing are a great way to be aware of your thoughts and to ground yourself.

And anytime you are making a conscious effort to ground yourself you are going to put yourself into mindset where you force awareness.

To start doing this activity I recommend heading to YouTube or downloading an app to help walk you through breathing techniques and programs.

Idea 5: Letter writing.

Writing letters to your past and future self is an amazing technique for practicing and experiencing self awareness.

You can either write letters to yourself at different points in the past to reflect on your past self. Or you can write letters to your future self so you can really be truthful with yourself about what you want in the future. And where you are now which is mainly where the self awareness comes into play!

I have a helpful post here with letter to yourself prompts to use: 52 Letter To Yourself Prompts To Write This Year

Idea 6: Make a vision board.

Vision boards are a mental activity that I encourage trying because they help you get an idea of your current life while also envisioning your best life. And you can “dump” your current thoughts into the vision board to help you get clarity.

Taking the time to think about and start to visualize where you want to be in relation to where you are now can really encourage self awareness and help align your mind with what you want from your life.

And you can do this activity more often now thanks to digital vision boards!

I have a video (link here) where it walks you through how I made my most recent digital vision board and some helpful tips and tricks.


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