How To Live A More Simple Life This Month

Oftentimes the best things in life are simple and the worst are complicated. Which is why today we are going to talk about how to live a more simple life this month. So you can embrace simplicity and have a life that is simpler so you can focus on the things that are the most important to you!

When you make an effort to simplify your life you are allowing yourself to prioritize the things (and people) that are what you really want to focus on. Because the things that are not priorities to you are what you need to remove from your life. So you can have the simple and happy life you are dreaming of.

So let’s get into these helpful tips!

How To Live A More Simple Life This Month

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How To Live A More Simple Life This Month

Tips for simplifying your life:

Tip 1: Limit your social media time.

Social media can be an amazing tool for connecting with friends and family all over the world. It can also be a great resource for growing your brand or helping your career. However, when used unproductively it can easily suck up 2 hours of your night before you even realize it. Ever fallen down an Instagram hole? I am guilty of this too.

I am certainly not saying to cut social media out all together but I am recommending limiting it.

A lot of social media apps allow you to set reminders after you have been on them for X minutes. This is so helpful to snap you out of the social media hole and remind you to spend your time a bit more productively.

Moderation is really the key to this. But cutting down and monitoring your social media time will make you feel like you have more time in your day to complete your goals making it feel like your life is less overwhelming.

Tip 2: Declutter your closet.

Raise your hand if you have clothes you have not worn in years or even with tags on them chilling in your closet. ME! Sorting through your clothes and only keeping clothes that you actually wear can make your closet and therefore your home feel so much less cluttered.

Not having to dig through clothes you don’t wear just to find the ones you do wear also helps save so much time when you are getting ready in the morning.

I also fall into the habit of trying on a clothing item that I never actually end up wearing in hopes that I will suddenly like the way it looks. This is seriously a waste of time and I have found that just donating or selling those items and getting them out of my closet makes my life feel cleaner and simpler.

Check out these guides to help you with decluttering:

Tip 3: Meal prep

Meal prepping helps simplify your life as well as it helps you stay on track with any health goals.

I find that I get super bored with the exact same meal every day for lunch or dinner. So meal prepping say chicken and rice but using different sauces and sometimes different vegetables throughout the week can keep you on track without being too repetitive. Meal prepping simplifies your meal times and gives you back so much of your time that is lost to figuring out what to eat and doing extra dishes every day.

Tip 4: Start using a planner.

I constantly preach the importance of using and sticking to a planner. If you find that your planner doesn’t seem to be working for you then check out a whole post on my advice on that.

Using a planner helps you see what you need to accomplish and what it takes everyday to achieve your daily and weekly goals. Nothing will keep you as organized as using a planner (physical or digital whatever works better for you). Staying organized keeps your days simpler and keeps your life running smoother. It’s worth the time on Sunday nights to get your planner written out/ typed out for the week.

Tip 5: Practice daily gratitude.

Gratitude is an essential thing for having a more simple life. It allows you to keep things in perspective and be honest about the positives in your life. Which are so helpful for having more balance in your life.

So if you are lacking that mentality of thankfulness and gratitude then you need to start learning how to! When you are thankful for the things in your life and regularly taking the time to think about your blessings you will feel yourself start to feel balance within your life. 

One of the best ways to do this is to start doing daily gratitude journaling. This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just grab a gratitude journal (here’s one that is less than $10) and add it into your night time routine. It should only take about 10 minutes but it can really help you feel more grateful and happier.

Tip 6: Avoid people that cause drama and conflict

This is another very important habit to start adding to your life if you want to be have a simple life. 

Truly balanced and happy people do not waste their time, energy, and mental wellness on other peoples lives and drama. 

If you want to start feeling happier each day then it is time for you to learn this habit and stop thinking and talking about everyone else’s drama. If you find yourself in a social situation where everyone else is gossiping try to steer the conversation into something more positive. Eventually this habit will start to feel more natural and can have a positive impact on the people around you.


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