122 Blog Post Ideas For Summer 2022!

Not sure what to blog about this summer? Don’t worry I have you covered with this list of 122 blog post ideas for summer 2022! That you can alter to fit your niche and your personality but they can still give you a helpful baseline and ideas for what to write about on your blog this summer.

I broke these down based on some of the most common niches but a lot of these posts can get slightly altered and work in a ton of niches.

Categories/niches in this post:

The categories we are going to talk about are: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, DIY, Blogging/Social Media, Self Development/Improvement, Financial, and Travel.

I don’t “blog about blogging” very much anymore but I am always interested and passionate about providing free content to help out my amazing fellow bloggers so I hope this is helpful!

Note: I know there are so many more niches out there but I don’t write about/have any knowledge on those niches (like parenting!) so I don’t know what your audience would like!

So now that we have covered the categories let’s get into these 122 blog post ideas for summer 2022!

122 Blog Post Ideas For Summer 2022!

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122 Blog Post Ideas For Summer 2022!

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your summer morning routine!
  2. Summer workout playlist essentials.
  3. Date night ideas for summer time.
  4. Health habits you are adding this summer.
  5. Your summer cleaning routine (try including a printable!).
  6. Share your summer night time routine.
  7. What a self care day looks like for you.
  8. Summer time Amazon favorites.
  9. The best summer date ideas to try.
  10. Create a summer bucket list for your audience.
  11. Share a day in your life summer edition.
  12. Share your goals for this summer.
  13. Share your fitness routine. 

Beauty Summer Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your top 10 favorite face masks.
  2. Manicure ideas for summer 2022.
  3. How to keep your makeup from melting off.
  4. Summer skincare 101.
  5. Makeup trends that you currently hate.
  6. How to save money on makeup products.
  7. How to spend less time on your makeup.
  8. Summer haircare products you need to check out.
  9. How to make your nail polish stay on longer.
  10. Share your monthly empty products every month.
  11. Share what makeup items you bring on vacation.
  12. What to pack in your weekend makeup bag.
  13. New makeup products for the summer you are obsessed with.
  14. A makeup trend you wish would come back in style. 
  15. How to refresh your beauty routine.
  16. How you store and organize your makeup. 

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your 22 favorite summer items for summer 2022.
  2. New trends from this season you are loving and hating.
  3. Outfits to transition into the summer season.
  4. Day to night summer outfit ideas.
  5. Your ultimate summer capsule wardrobe.
  6. How to find cute fashion items on Amazon.
  7. The 10 shoes you need for this summer.
  8. Affordable versions of this summers high end trends.
  9. Summer first date outfit ideas!
  10. Reinvent celebrities outfits at affordable prices.
  11. 4th of July outfit ideas for everyone.
  12. Statement jewelry you will love forever.
  13. Do a style challenge series.
  14. Work appropriate outfits for the summer time.
  15. 5 outfit ideas for a bachelorette party.
  16. The best summer accessories everyone needs.
  17. Cute hair accessories for hot days.

Summer Food and Drink Blog Post Ideas

  1. 10 summer recipes that take under 10 minutes.
  2. Your best summer sangria recipe.
  3. Unique summer cocktail ideas.
  4. Kid friendly summer time snacks.
  5. Your best slow cooker recipes.
  6. Campfire recipes to try out.
  7. Re-make your first “adult” recipe you ever made.
  8. Share your summer grocery list.
  9. Easy dinner ideas for people in a hurry.
  10. Share your favorite 4th of July recipes.
  11. Create a memorial weekend menu to share!
  12. Do a meatless Monday trend.
  13. Tips for what to do with leftovers.
  14. Your favorite crowd pleasing summer recipes.
  15. 10 tips for incorporating veggies into your diet.
  16. Make a “kids” meal more “grown up”.
  17. Your favorite summer date night dinner recipes.

DIY Blog Post Ideas for 2022

  1. A huge list of summer DIY ideas.
  2. How to create your own summer door wreath.
  3. Guide to making at home summery candles.
  4. Tips for when a DIY project is overwhelming.
  5. How to make mothers day/fathers day party decor.
  6. 4th of July project ideas.
  7. Craft bucket list for projects you want to do.
  8. How you organize your craft supplies. 
  9. DIY gift ideas for graduates.
  10. Tips for using leftover craft supplies. 
  11. Gift ideas for the crafter in your life. 
  12. Back to school project ideas to try.
  13. How to tie dye clothing with cool patterns.
  14. Share your favorite places to buy craft supplies.
  15. Home DIY’s that are easier than people think

Blogging/Social Media Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your summer 2022 blogging goals.
  2. The hardest things you learned while blogging. 
  3. Tips for growing your blog traffic from each social media platform.
  4. Instagram caption ideas for summer posts.
  5. Do a seasonal Instagram challenge. 
  6. Behind the scenes creating your summer content calendar.
  7. Do a Q + A with some of your favorite bloggers.
  8. Paid blogging tools that aren’t worth it.
  9. Tips for defining your brand this summer.
  10. How to network as a blogger.
  11. Blogging habits you want to start this summer.

Self Development/Improvement (personal growth) Blog Post Ideas

  1. 22 ways to grow as a person in summer 2022.
  2. Share your goals for this summer.
  3. Nonfiction books that you want to read this summer.
  4. How to simplify your life.
  5. Journaling prompts for the summer.
  6. Ways you can invest in yourself.
  7. How to declutter your home this summer.
  8. Tips for reducing stress in your life.
  9. How to be intentional during the summer time.
  10. Guide to bettering your time management.
  11. Show how you set up your planner over the summer.

Summer Blog Post Ideas For Finance/Budgeting

  1. How to spend less on groceries this summer.
  2. Ideas for making money over the summer.
  3. How to state a successful side hustle.
  4. Summer 2022 money saving challenge.
  5. How to start having multiple streams of income.
  6. Personal finance books everyone should read this summer.
  7. What to do if you struggle to stick to a budget.
  8. How to combine finances when you get married.
  9. Common mistakes that result in more debt.

Travel Blog Post Ideas for 2022

  1. Share your summer 2022 travel bucket list.
  2. The perfect summer weekend getaway trips.
  3. Tips for packing light on a summer trip.
  4. A seasonal travel guide to your own city/state.
  5. Tips for staying healthy while traveling.
  6. Tips for road tripping with kids (or a pet!).
  7. How to take better travel photos.
  8. Tips for staring a travel Instagram account.
  9. Your top recommendation for honeymoon destinations.
  10. Road trip across America bucket list.
  11. Travel beauty essentials to pack.
  12. Destinations wedding locations you would recommend.
  13. Tips for traveling to really warm destinations.


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