My 7 Totally Essential Rules For Decluttering My Home

Learning to consistently declutter and maintain a clutter free home has been a journey. But along the way I have learned some very helpful tips and created decluttering rules that I swear by. Which is why today I am sharing my 7 totally essential rules for decluttering my home! Hopefully these tips and rules will help you also be able to declutter your home and maintain a clutter free house.

Before we get into these decluttering rules I want to quickly explain why it’s important to declutter!

Why is it so important to declutter?

  • It helps you spend less time cleaning! When there is less in your home to clean and put away then you ultimately spend less time cleaning. Psst if you are looking for more tips on how to spend less time cleaning I have a whole video on it here!
  • Having a cluttered living space can lead to increased levels of stress. And with people spending so much time at home right now that makes it even more important to have a living space that doesn’t cause stress.
  • When you declutter and then donate you can help out others in need by removing items you don’t ever touch and giving them to those in need!
  • A clutter free house is also a great time saver. When you spend less time putting things away and also when you spend less time looking for things that are hidden by clutter then you save time in the long run.
  • It can save money! One way it saves money is that you have a better inventory of what you own and it stops you from accidentally buying something you already have. Also when you keep your home clutter free you aren’t as likely to buy new clutter items that you won’t actually use. Which can save a lot of money for you and your family!

Also, I have a whole YouTube series going now on how to clean, declutter, and organize your home. If you want to check out this series then head to this playlist here and make sure to subscribe while you are at it. And I have a video linked here discussing these decluttering rules more!

My 7 Totally Essential Rules For Decluttering My Home

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My 7 Totally Essential Rules For Decluttering My Home

How to keep a decluttered house!

Rule 1: Don’t try to do it all in one day.

If you try to declutter your entire house in one day or even one weekend it will get too overwhelming. Which will lead to things getting missed and corners getting cut.

Prioritize the areas that need the most decluttering and be patient with yourself. If you have a lot of clutter then getting through this list could take a few months and that is totally fine!

Rule 2: Avoid buying the clutter in the first place.

If you don’t let the clutter get into your home then your home won’t get cluttered again. 

However, that is a lot easier said than done. So I have a couple sub-tips for keeping yourself from buying the clutter.

  • Avoid the clearance racks. If it’s on clearance there is a high chance you’re buying it just for the deal not because you actually need it. 
  • Don’t go into stores that you don’t actually need anything from. Stopping into TJ Maxx that’s right next to your grocery store can be tempting but that’s how you end up with clutter!
  • Have a game plan for everything you buy. If you see something cute in a store that you really want make sure you have a plan for it. Where will it go in your home? When will you wear it? Etc! If you can’t answer those questions then don’t get it. 

Rule 3: Only use clear storage & baskets.

Clear storage bins (like these for the pantry or these for a storage room) are essential for saving time and making sure that clutter doesn’t build up.

When clutter is out of site and hidden in bins you can’t see through it can really build up. So I set myself up for success by using storage that is clear and it really helps to maintain a clutter free home.

Rule 4: Always keep a running donation bin.

The next helpful rule is to have a donation bin in your house that everyone know where it is! So when someone realizes they don’t want a certain piece of clothing or a kid outgrows something you can just throw it right into the donation bin.

Then when the bin is full drop it off at your local charity of your choice! 

That way the clutter doesn’t stay in your home until your next decluttering session. Maintaining a small amount of decluttering through having a constant donation bin is an awesome way to keep your home clutter free.

Rule 5: Stick to a decluttering schedule.

Making and sticking to a decluttering schedule is so helpful for keeping your house decluttered.

What your decluttering schedule will look like will really vary based on your home and your lifestyle. But figuring one out for your life is so helpful!

I also stand by keeping a cleaning schedule in general and I have a free weekly cleaning schedule you can check out here.

Rule 6: Don’t buy more hangers/storage containers.

If you don’t have an empty spot for something then you don’t need to buy it!

So if you really want some new clothes then you need to get rid of current clothes to free up hanger space.

Same goes for things throughout the rest of your house. If you see a cool new kitchen utensil then get rid of the old one before buying the new one!

Rule 7: Don’t let paper clutter build up.

The final rule is about a specific type of clutter but the kind that builds up the quickest even if you just decluttered. 

And that is paper clutter!

Mail is usually the biggest culprit of this but if you have children their school work, flyers, projects, etc can all really quickly add up too. 

I recommend getting a command center and going through it weekly to make sure that you never have a massive amount of paper clutter adding up.


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