How To Declutter Before You Move To A New Home!

Decluttering is a super important part of having an organized home. But when you are moving into a new home you have a clean slate and an opportunity to only bring into the new home what you actually need. So taking the time to declutter before you move is so helpful! Which is why today we are chatting about how to declutter before you move to a new home.

If you aren’t already sold on the importance of decluttering before you move then I want to quickly talk about the importance of decluttering in general.

Why is it so important to declutter?

  • It helps you spend less time cleaning! When there is less in your home to clean and put away then you ultimately spend less time cleaning. Psst if you are looking for more tips on how to spend less time cleaning I have a whole video on it here!
  • Having a cluttered living space can lead to increased levels of stress. And with people spending so much time at home right now that makes it even more important to have a living space that doesn’t cause stress.
  • When you declutter and then donate you can help out others in need by removing items you don’t ever touch and giving them to those in need!
  • A clutter free house is also a great time saver. When you spend less time putting things away and also when you spend less time looking for things that are hidden by clutter then you save time in the long run.
  • It can save money! One way it saves money is that you have a better inventory of what you own and it stops you from accidentally buying something you already have. Also when you keep your home clutter free you aren’t as likely to buy new clutter items that you won’t actually use. Which can save a lot of money for you and your family!

But now let’s get into the tips for how to declutter before you move so you can get to decluttering!

How To Declutter Before You Move To A New Home!

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How To Declutter Before You Move To A New Home!

Declutter before you move tips:

Tip 1: Don’t try to do it all in one day.

If you try to declutter your entire house in one day or even one weekend it will get too overwhelming. Which will lead to things getting missed and corners getting cut. 

Prioritize the areas that need the most decluttering and be patient with yourself. If you have a lot of clutter then getting through this list could take a few weeks and that is totally fine!

Tip 2: Focus on one room at a time.

Similar to doing it all at once this tip is for helping you not get overwhelmed.

Moving can already be super overwhelming and adding the task of decluttering on top of it can really be a lot. And that’s okay to admit! But be patient with yourself and focus on decluttering one room at a time. Also, when picking the room to start with try to prioritize the rooms that need the most decluttering like a storage room or kids play room.

Tip 3: Don’t forget junk drawers.

Junk drawers can really vary from house to house which means how big of a time commitment decluttering your junk drawer can be but part of the decluttering process has to be putting everything away in a more organized fashion. 

Get a couple drawer organizing tools like this or this to help you with keeping your junk drawer a little more organized.

Tip 4: Be careful about sentimental items.

Sentimental items does not mean donating your family heirlooms! It means going through hundreds of drawings clipped to the fridge and only keeping a couple and similar items. 

Decluttering out items like that is so helpful to do before you move. It can feel really hard to throw out anything with an emotional connection but the reality is you really can’t keep it all. You could take the time to take pictures and scan in a lot of it and then get rid of the physical item!

Tip 5: Prioritize the garage.

Decluttering your garage can be a really overwhelming task because it tends to collect clutter and random stuff. However, that is why it is so important to declutter your garage before you move.

And then after you move my biggest tip is to get your garage organized completely one time and then declutter and clean it regularly!

Tip 6: Balance easy and hard tasks.

Some decluttering tasks are easy (like matching socks) and others are harder (like dealing with paper clutter). So one of the best things you can do when decluttering your home before you move is to balance those easy vs hard tasks. I generally recommend alternating between the two. That way you won’t have a bunch of hard tasks in a row and get burnt out.

Tip 7: Get your family involved with decluttering.

Chances are you are decluttering more than just your own stuff. Which means you need to get your family on board and involved with decluttering their stuff. For children that may involve making it into a fun experience and/or a learning experience. You can explain to them what is happening with the donated items and how much they are helping by donating their old clothes and toys!

Tip 8: Don’t buy more hangers/storage containers.

If you don’t have an empty spot for something then you don’t need to buy it!

So if you really want some new clothes then you need to get rid of current clothes to free up hanger space.

Same goes for things throughout the rest of your house. If you see a cool new kitchen utensil then get rid of the old one before buying the new one!

Tip 9: During weekly cleaning make sure everything has a home.

This tip is for the time between signing a new lease or closing on a new house and actually packing!

I am a big fan of taking 30 minutes during weekly cleaning to ensure that everything in your home has a home. 

Make sure all the flat surfaces are cleared off and any new purchases have been put into their new home. 

I also like to always double check that no one else in my home has been shoving things into random places (we all know it happens) and then put them in their right home or declutter them out of the house. 


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