40 Item Ultimate Declutter Checklist To Try

Are you ready to get clutter out of your home? So you can start having a clutter free and fresh start in your house? Then it’s time to follow this ultimate declutter checklist! Following a decluttering checklist is so helpful for getting your home truly organized and decluttered. And making sure that you don’t miss certain areas of your home that you may not have thought about decluttering. Which is why you should try to follow this 40 item ultimate declutter checklist!

But before we get into this declutter checklist I want to quickly chat about the importance of decluttering. Because knowing why it’s important to declutter will help to keep you motivated and encouraged to actually stick to the decluttering checklist and really get your home decluttered.

Why is it so important to declutter?

  • It helps you spend less time cleaning! When there is less in your home to clean and put away then you ultimately spend less time cleaning. Psst if you are looking for more tips on how to spend less time cleaning I have a whole video on it here!
  • Having a cluttered living space can lead to increased levels of stress. And with people spending so much time at home right now that makes it even more important to have a living space that doesn’t cause stress.
  • When you declutter and then donate you can help out others in need by removing items you don’t ever touch and giving them to those in need!
  • A clutter free house is also a great time saver. When you spend less time putting things away and also when you spend less time looking for things that are hidden by clutter then you save time in the long run.
  • It can save money! One way it saves money is that you have a better inventory of what you own and it stops you from accidentally buying something you already have. Also when you keep your home clutter free you aren’t as likely to buy new clutter items that you won’t actually use. Which can save a lot of money for you and your family!

So now that we have covered the benefits of decluttering and why you should declutter your house let’s just get into this ultimate declutter checklist so you can start it now.

And remember- you don’t need to declutter all of these in one day or one weekend. That probably isn’t even feasible! Prioritize the areas that need the most decluttering and be patient with yourself. If you have a lot of clutter then getting through this list could take a few months and that is totally fine!

40 Item Ultimate Declutter Checklist To Try

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40 Item Ultimate Declutter Checklist To Try

Declutter list to follow to get your home organized:

1: Receipts

If it’s been more than 90 days or is something you have already used (like groceries) then toss them.

2: Cords

If you can’t figure out what they go to, then get rid of them. Make sure to get an organizer for the ones you do decide you want or need to keep.

3: Outdated technology

There’s no need to have that MP3 player sitting in your junk drawer. So declutter all outdated technology out of your house.

4: Expired beauty products

It can be bad for your skin/cause infections to use expired products so check the dates and declutter out any beauty products that are expired. Plus this way you can get a better idea of what makeup you have to use in your drawers.

5: The Junk Drawer

Junk drawers can really vary from house to house which means how big of a time commitment decluttering your junk drawer can be but part of the decluttering process has to be putting everything away in a more organized fashion. 

Get a couple drawer organizing tools like this or this to help you with keeping your junk drawer a little more organized.

6: Dried out pens & markers 

You can grab a piece of paper and check if they are dried out so you know which ones you need to throw out.

7: Leftover crafting supplies

Crafting supplies can quickly build up in your home. Especially if you have kids that enjoy crafting as well. So take the time to declutter leftover crafting supplies that won’t get used. And get your remaining crafts organized asap!

8: Linen closet (linens)

Linen closets can easily get cluttered with bed sheets you don’t use anymore and towels that everyone hates. So take 30 minutes to donate any use-able linens or towels out of the closet and throw away any that can’t be donated.

9: Socks without a match

My best recommendation for a strategy to follow for decluttering these items is if you can’t find the match in 2 weeks then throw them out.

10: Board games

If you haven’t played it in a year then declutter away those games. This also includes decluttering puzzles that you have already completed or if they have missing pieces!

11: Canned food

Time to check the expiration dates that haven’t been checked in a long time! Also, this will help to free up space in your cabinets which of course is a win as well.

12: Bills you paid

No need to hold onto these. But also go digital if you can so you don’t have to worry about decluttering paper bills in the future.

13: Under Beds

Under beds can get very cluttered and out of all the projects they tend to be a place that ends up with the most unwanted items. Out of sight out of mind! 

A trick I use is to get a couple under bed storage containers and then don’t put anything else under the bed if it doesn’t fit in the storage containers. This rule helps the clutter from building up.

14: Last years calendars and planners

No need to hold onto last years planners and calendars so go recycle those and get them out of your home. And then you can go and get yourself a planner that you will love this year.

15: Drink ware (mugs, cups, etc)

Purge your cups and mugs, you probably have way too many (we all do so don’t worry about the shock of how many you may have).

16: Fridge & Freezer

The fridge and freezer need to be pretty regular decluttering projects to check for expired food items and condiments that have sat for way too long without being used. 

Keeping your refrigerator organized will help keep foods that need to be used from being shoved to the back. It’s worth investing in fridge organizing tools for this purpose!

17: Old medical supplies

Ankle wrap from an injury 2 years ago? Toss them! No need to hold onto expired medications or super specific old medical supplies.

18: Expired coupons

Expired coupons won’t help you out so don’t let them take up space. I love this coupon organizer, makes it easy to know what coupons I have!

19: Clothes (closets & dressers)

Okay this may be a little more of a project depending on how many people you are decluttering for. 

If you are decluttering the closet for multiple people than break this up over a couple of days or it may end up being too much work for one day.

20: Organization items

This is something can quickly builds up in your home. So take the time to declutter out the baskets/boxes/etc that aren’t being used.

21: Manuals

If you know how to use the item then toss them, plus most manuals can be found online now.

22: Duplicate kitchen items

You don’t need 2 extra microwaves, extra pots and pans, tons of specific utensils, and one use kitchen gadgets like having two waffle makers. So declutter out those items!

23: Books

Focus on decluttering out and donating ones you won’t read again. Also, get rid of any old textbooks you have that you won’t reference in the future.

24: Unusable Tupperware

You don’t need hundreds I promise! Also, this includes any random plastic containers that you have lying around in the kitchen to hold things but that you don’t actually use.

25: Rusted jewelry

Or any that turn your skin green or are super out of style and you don’t think you will ever wear it again.

26: Wires & Chargers

Old wires and charges can quickly clutter up a lot of spaces in your home so they are a very good project to declutter out of your home. 

My biggest tip for this decluttering project is to go through your home and gather all of the wires and chargers in your home and bring them to one spot to go through them. 

Make sure that you are only keeping charges that WORK and that you actually have a use for.

27: Unused winter wear

Specifically gloves without a match or any winter wear with holes in them because they will not keep you warm!

28: Purses or bags

Purse, briefcase, backpack- any bags that you use regularly need to be decluttered frequently.

Bags you regularly use can get filled with clutter pretty easily. So try to do this easy decluttering project frequently to keep these bags from getting too cluttered. 

found this purse organizer and I am beyond obsessed with it- so helpful for keeping your purse organized and decluttered.

29: Wall decor

If it hasn’t been put up then donate it so you can free up some storage space.

30: Ripped/stained towels 

Unless you turn them into a rag then donate the old towels to a local animal shelter.

31: Fitness equipment

If you haven’t used the thigh crusher 2000 in 5 years then get it out of your house. Unused fitness equipment can take up a ton of space in your home that you can probably use for something else!

32: Event t-shirts

Declutter out and donate any t-shirts from old events/teams/schools etc that you don’t actually wear.

33: The Garage

Unlike socks the garage can be a really long decluttering project but it is completely essential and if you do it regularly it can be an easy project!

My biggest tip is to get your garage organized completely one time and then declutter and clean it regularly!

34: Slippers

If you have a bunch that you don’t wear (it’s a common issue from getting them as gifts) then donate them.

35: Ripped pet toys

Especially if you have a pet (like I do!) that will eat the stuffing. And declutter out any toys that your pets never like to play with.

36: Spices you don’t use

Or if they are expired then make sure to clutter them out and yes spices do expire too!

37: Food menus

They are all online now, toss those ones from the mail.

38: Holiday decor

After every holiday donate any decor that didn’t get put up. And declutter out any holiday decor that is damaged.

39: Old Perfumes

If you don’t love them or use them then declutter them while you are decluttering your home.

40: Party supplies/decorations

Chances are you won’t re-use them so get rid of them.


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