18 Easy Decluttering Projects: the ultimate declutter challenge

Decluttering your home can be a huge task! But don’t worry you don’t have to tackle it all at once. A better strategy is to really focus on one or a few easy decluttering projects at a time! These 18 projects can serve as the ultimate declutter challenge to get your home decluttered.

Below you will find 18 easy decluttering projects that you can do 1-3 of a week and watch your home become less cluttered and more enjoyable to live in.

Remember, your home is for living in not collecting clutter! If you do this as an 18 day declutter challenge you will watch your home go from chaos to organized.

Also, I just started a super helpful home organizing, cleaning, decluttering series on my YouTube! You can watch the playlist here and make sure to subscribe while you are at it.

But now let’s jump right into this easy decluttering projects challenge so you can get your home decluttered and organized.

18 Easy Decluttering Projects: the ultimate declutter challenge

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18 Easy Decluttering Projects

Project 1: Kitchen Cabinets

The first easy decluttering project you should consider starting with is your kitchen cabinets. Unused drink ware and random single use appliances (like a quesadilla maker) that don’t get used often should be decluttered out of your home.

Once you have decluttered them make sure to try and get the cabinets organized by using tools like this water bottle organizer (my favorite invention, I’m addicted to water bottles).

Project 2: Linen closet

Linen closets can easily get cluttered with bed sheets you don’t use anymore and towels that everyone hates. So take 30 minutes to donate any use-able linens or towels out of the closet and throw away any that can’t be donated.

Project 3: Papers/ Documents

Papers and documents can QUICKLY build up and clutter your home office space and really all over your home.

So taking the time to declutter papers and documents is important not only to organize your home but also so you know where all the important papers and documents are in your home.

Tip: while you are decluttering papers go through and scan the important ones to your computer so you have digital copies of them.

Project 4: Toiletries/ Makeup

Toiletries and makeup products can add up quickly and need to regularly be decluttered.

Makeup has expiration dates and it is important for the health of your skin to not use expired products! Also, while decluttering keep an eye out for products that you never use and remove those from your home as well.

Project 5: The “junk drawer”

Junk drawers can really vary from house to house which means how big of a time commitment decluttering your junk drawer can be but part of the decluttering process has to be putting everything away in a more organized fashion.

Get a couple drawer organizing tools like this or this to help you with keeping your junk drawer a little more organized.

Project 6: Under Beds

Under beds can get very cluttered and out of all the projects they tend to be a place that ends up with the most unwanted items. Out of sight out of mind!

A trick I use is to get a couple under bed storage containers and then don’t put anything else under the bed if it doesn’t fit in the storage containers. This rule helps the clutter from building up.

Project 7: Fridge & Freezer

The fridge and freezer need to be pretty regular decluttering projects to check for expired food items and condiments that have sat for way too long without being used.

Keeping your fridge organized will help keep foods that need to be used from being shoved to the back. It’s worth investing in fridge organizing tools for this purpose!

Project 8: Clothes (closets & dressers)

Okay this may be a little more of a project depending on how many people you are decluttering for.

If you are decluttering the closet for multiple people than break this up over a couple of days or it may end up being too much work for one day.

My best tips for decluttering clothing and accessories is to find similar items and get rid of the one you wear less. Often for me it’s getting rid of the cheaper/lower quality item I bought first and keeping the higher quality item. For example, when I got my amazing Lane Boots, I finally decided to declutter out some boots I had from Payless (yes what a throwback) and I’ve never looked back!

Project 9: The Pantry

The pantry declutter is 2 parts: food and items.

For the food part go through and throw out any expired food items or dried out food.

For the items go through and get rid of random items in the pantry that you’ll never use again. Like random sprinkles you used for a specific event that you will never use again.

18 Easy Decluttering Projects: the ultimate declutter challenge

Project 10: Wires & Chargers

Old wires and charges can quickly clutter up a lot of spaces in your home so they are a very good project to declutter out of your home.

My biggest tip for this decluttering project is to go through your home and gather all of the wires and chargers in your home and bring them to one spot to go through them.

Make sure that you are only keeping charges that WORK and that you actually have a use for.

Project 11: Your Purse

Purse, briefcase, backpack- any bags that you use regularly need to be decluttered frequently.

Bags you regularly use can get filled with clutter pretty easily. So try to do this easy decluttering project frequently to keep these bags from getting too cluttered.

I found this purse organizer and I am beyond obsessed with it- so helpful for keeping your purse organized and decluttered.

Project 12: Socks

This is a pretty obvious one for what you need to do but it’s amazing, especially when you have a couple kids living in your home too, how quickly you can end up with a lot of mismatched socks.

Taking the time to match up socks and throw away any without a match or a holes every couple months is a good decluttering project to stay on top of.

Project 13: The Garage

Unlike socks the garage can be a really long decluttering project but it is completely essential and if you do it regularly it can be an easy project!

My biggest tip is to get your garage organized completely one time and then declutter and clean it regularly!

Project 14: Sentimental Items

Sentimental items does not mean donating your family heirlooms! It means going through hundreds of drawings clipped to the fridge and only keeping a couple and similar items.

Project 15: Craft Supplies

If you or anyone you live with are into crafting then you know how much craft supplies can get cluttered up in your house! So taking the hour or so to declutter craft supplies that no one uses and leftover pieces of past crafting projects.

It can help your craft area from getting as cluttered by keeping it all organized to begin with!

Project 16: Jewelry

Jewelry can get cluttered up with old seasonal pieces that you don’t wear anymore and thankfully this is an easy decluttering project!

I recommend donating any jewelry you haven’t worn in over a year.

Project 17: Office Supplies

Office supplies can easily get built up throughout your home. It is easy to end up with lots of random office supplies all around your home. So gather them all into one place and then donate any duplicate items and anything that you never use.

Project 18: Digital Declutter

This final project isn’t as obvious as the others so I created a whole guide on how to correctly do a digital declutter. Check it out here!

Looking for even more ideas for decluttering? Check out this list of 50 items you have to declutter out of your home! And remember to be patient with these 18 decluttering projects but you can also take it on head first and do this as a home declutter challenge by doing each decluttering project in 18 days straight!

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