6 Tips For How To Start Thinking For Yourself

Have you ever felt that everyone else was determining your life path? Whether that be family, friends, society, your school, etc. It can be so easy to feel overwhelmed when everyone around you is giving you way too much input and telling you how you should think and act. But it is so important for you to be able to get past all those opinions and work on thinking about what you truly believe and what you really want. Which is why today we are going to talk about these tips for how to start thinking for yourself.

Learning these tips will help you learn how to think for yourself. So you can get better in touch with your true wants in life. And start making decisions that will set you up for what you really want out of your life. If this all sounds like something that will help you and benefit you then keep reading for these tips on how to start thinking for yourself!

6 Tips For How To Start Thinking For Yourself

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6 Tips For How To Start Thinking For Yourself

Tips to help you think for yourself:

Tip 1: Start journaling.

Journaling is the first tip I want to chat about because it is so helpful for learning more about yourself. Which is an essential part of learning to think for yourself.

If you want to make your own decisions then you need to know what you want and where you are headed in life. And in my experience the best way to really learn that information about yourself is journaling.

There is something incredible powerful about taking the time to learn about yourself and getting those words down on paper. And you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks about your words because journaling is for your eyes only!

I have a few posts with journal prompts that you can follow to help with this tip:

Tip 2: Learn how to collect your own information.

A huge part of learning to think for yourself is learning to collect your own information.

If someone (usually a friend or family member) is feeding you the information you use to make decisions then that is still them thinking for you. So in order for you to work on thinking for yourself and making the best decisions and choices for your life it is essential for you to learn to collect your own information.

This can be a lengthy process to learn the necessary skills to help you collect your own information. The best way to start this process is to research anything that you are presented by others. Specifically those who are overly persuasive in your life. You will find with time the sources and best ways to start collecting the information on your own.

Tip 3: Spend time thinking about your values.

An important part of learning to think for yourself is to spend time thinking about your values.

You need to really get in touch with what you value and what you believe in. This is so helpful because getting those values on the front of your mind. Which can help you think for yourself and make your values a priority. Rather than making the values or interests of those who are trying to persuade you a priority.

A great way to work on this tip is to make a list of the things that you value and that are a priority to you. This is a simple idea but still a great way to start thinking for yourself.

 Tip 4: Write letters to yourself.

Writing letters to your past and future self is an amazing technique for practicing and experiencing self awareness which helps you start to think for yourself.

You can either write letters to yourself at different points in the past to reflect on your past self. Or you can write letters to your future self so you can really be truthful with yourself about what you want in the future. And knowing what you truly want is exactly what learning to think for yourself is all about.

I have a list of 52 letter to yourself prompts that you can follow linked here that you can try using for this prompt!

Tip 5: Make a list of your passions.

This next tip is so helpful for starting your personal growth journey and for learning to think for yourself.

It’s simple but can really get you in touch with what you really love and what is a priority to you. Just sit down and grab a notebook and just start making a brainstormed list of all of the things you are passionate about and what inspires you. 

Then you can go back over the list and evaluate which you believe are truly the most important to you. This will help you realize what you should focus on during your personal growth efforts. And it will help you stay in touch with your emotions and what you really want rather than what you may think you (or others) want to be a priority on the surface level.

Tip 6: Don’t give into others.

This final tip is arguably the hardest thing to work on.

The reason most people search to think for their self and start this journey is because they are making decisions for others and giving into their desires. Rather than doing what is best for yourself.

So to complete our discussion the next step is to work on not giving into others. If someone is pressuring you or you feel a ton of societal pressure then work on not giving into it. So you can work on yourself and becoming the best you that you can be. Not the you that others want you to be.


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