What You Don’t Actually Need To Be Happier In Life!

We talk a lot on here about the importance of making happiness a priority. As well as the steps you can take to start improving your mood and feeling happier. However, I don’t feel that we have chatted enough about the kind of “myths” out there about happiness. So today I want to share my thoughts on what you don’t actually need to be happier in life.

Before we jump fully into this post I want to remind you that this is just my experience! What I find doesn’t bring my happiness doesn’t mean it won’t bring it for you. However. I want to share these thoughts because I wish someone had told me sooner that these things are needed to be happier in life. Your happiness is totally individual to you and your life. But these are the lessons I have learned so just take that with a grain of salt!

That being said, let’s jump into the post so we can start discussing what I believe are happiness myths and you can hopefully learn about what you don’t need to be happy in life.

What You Don't Actually Need To Be Happier In Life! Need To Be Happier In Life

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What You Don’t Actually Need To Be Happier In Life!

The happiness myths you need to ignore:

1: Social Media

Social media is one of the most common places that we compare ourselves to others.

And as the expression goes- comparison is the thief of joy.

And that is so true! Which is goes back to why social media is not needed for a happier life.

Does that mean you need to get rid of social media? No! You can totally have social media and go on it regularly and still be a happy person and live a happy life. However, it probably won’t be adding any additional happiness to your life.

I strongly recommend doing a little journaling of how you feel after going on social media. If you feel inspired, motivated, entertained, etc then feel free to keep using social media however you want to.

But if you find yourself feeling sad, defeated, jealous, etc then it may be time for you to take a break from social media in order to be happier.

I have a post here on spending less time on your phone tips that may be helpful for you- linked here!

2: Control

This is probably the hardest thing to let go of on this list for me but it is also the most beneficial.

Feeling that you need to be in control of every element of your life is a quick way to constantly feel stressed. Which means it’s also harder for you to feel happier and live a happy life.

This is such a difficult thing to learn to let go of and its one we are often taught can help lead to happiness. And maybe it can for you! But for a lot of us it actually holds us back. So working on letting go of control can be essential for living a happy life.

3: Luxury items

This goes with the general idea that “money can’t buy you happiness”.

But it’s so true! Money and the luxury items that it can buy you are not (probably) going to immediately make you any happier.

There is a lot of research out there about this. But I wanted to specifically focus on luxury items because it’s not fair to say having money won’t make you any happier because not worrying and stressing about finances can definitely make you happier.

But the step beyond that and buying luxury items in my experience does not actually make your life any happier or better in general.

4: Constant optimism

Toxic optimism is real.

Feeling like you constantly have to be optimistic and only ever speak and think optimistic things is exhausting. And it is completely unrealistic.

And trying to force yourself to only think and feel optimistic can actually make your life feel fake. Which can lead to you feeling actually less happy!

Optimism and positivity is important for a happy life but it’s also necessary to feel your feelings and your feelings will not always be positive.

5: Recognition from others

Being encouraged by others can be an important tool for a better life.

However, depending on the recognition and praise from others will not help you be happier. That recognition needs to come from within!

If you are always looking for validation fro others then you are letting your happiness and general mental state depend heavily on their opinions. So when you catch yourself wondering something about what others think of you remember that they are not living your life and your opinion is the most important.

6: A “Dream” life

Everyone wants to have their best life.

Thats a lot of what my content focused on- how to create your best life.

However, there is a huge difference between your best life and a dream life.

A life that is unattainable yet you compare your current life to it all the time is going to steal from your happiness. Working on yourself and your life is important but letting yourself compare your life to… let’s say a celebrities life is probably not realistic and is going to ultimately make you sad and not living your best, happiest life.

Put that effort instead into bettering yourself including focusing on the things you need to do for a happy life and to be your best possible self.

7: Everyone to like you

This is a similar concept to the idea of not needing the recognition from others but it goes a bit more onto the personal and deeper side.

Not needing everyone to like you is one of the most influential things you can do for boosting your happiness. You can not possibly please everyone and as a result no matter how hard you try, not everyone will like you.

Which means that it’s not worth all the time, effort, and mental energy to try and make everyone like you.

So it’s so much better to focus on being a good person and taking care of yourself first and foremost. And the people who like who you are when you are your true self are your true friends.

What You Don't Actually Need To Be Happier In Life!  Need To Be Happier In Life

I hope this post on what you don’t actually need to be happier in life was helpful and inspirational.

I know it can be so hard to let go of these things. But when you start to it is so freeing and can be such vital steps for starting to have the happy life I know you want (we all do!).

If you did find this post helpful then make sure to keep scrolling so you can know when I have new content!


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